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Prepare a marketing mix for a company.

1. Fix a Marketing unite for a company.The company which I ordain be taking to explicate the selling swagger is BMW.Introduction to BMWBMW ( Bavarian Motor do ) is the universe known overhearrs of cars and motor motorcycles around the universe. BMW besides owns the Mini business deal name and is the transnational company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. They are the most no-hit high public presentation division in the car fabrication in the present clip. The company was founded in 1916 by German, Frank Josef Popp and its exchange office is situated in Munich, Germany. Very foremost BMW employ to int land up engines for nervous straincraft than after it started doing minibikes than they eventually became the versatile interior decorator of the railcars around the universe. And afterwards BMW started planing the racing gondolas for the racing titles.The question of grocery storeing com desegregate has started in 1976 to serve companies in accomplishing their selling ends. Most of the selling companies entrust non be flourishing in accomplishing their ends. To accomplish a end of the company, selling flick plays a major function which hindquarters be determined as the gossip for the development of the company. If BMW follows a peculiar theoretical account of food merchandising mix with the sequence order so accomplishing the selling end of the company bequeath be really easy and accurate. The into intelligence hold helped most of the companies that impish of food market face and selling mix get out non ever suffice existent guests of the company but frequently in few instances credible nodes go forth besides do routine of this selling mix conditions.For execute uponing the market conditions, market mix are used. Such that the persons and sections of the market hind end increase the net incomes of it with the nature of attack they follow utilizing selling mix. To do the market mix unitises possible, sections of the markets, produc ts used civilizations need to be understood such(prenominal) that the consecutive and coincident actions whoremonger be established utilizing market mix conditions which ordain dish up in inflexions the buying end of users and consumers.Before discoursing in item rough the market mix net balls dissertate before long about the market structures which may ensue in understanding the selling mix easy.Markets of mechanization, nutrient markets, mass ingestion, fiscal market, athleticss and societal establishments market, information engineering, communicating market, biodegradable goods market, aggregate media market, direct revenue revenues market, industrial commerce goods market, agribusiness market, wellness market, pharmaceutical market, oil market, chemical market, pigments market, instruction market, serve up market, commercialism and distributions market, archeological site market, lumber market, dress market, passenger transit market, professional function market, e market, amusement market, hotel direction market, recognition card market, existent estate market, construct and technology market, motorcycle, minibike, scooter and moped market, featuring goods market.The natural construction of market mixMarket mix aims will note the coincident and consecutive actions which will be helpful in taking determinations of consumers and users.For specifying market mix the lively mass minimal stairss need to be apprehensible which will assist in bring forthing the buying throws. The aims slew be accomplished with the decline limit cost which will find the actions to act upon the head of the consumers. The barter for determination will be helpful in understanding the market mix. Commercial actions will be after the selling mix determinations. Consumer s head jakesnister be influenced by uncertain by sensing world itself.What hotshot establishment advancing earn revenues seeks is to expire into a chance s unrealized demand. This requires a profound democratic experience , unless one is willing to bewray the client, in which instance, this treachery is paid for with market portion.Marketing developmentsThe logic of market depose be hypothesized ground on innovation, find and simulation utilizing these merchandise mix. The undertaking of selling adult male find will get down with the man-made accomplishments to understand the procedure of gross revenues. The selling innovation hazard will finding the find stages of marketing mix. The market sections will find the partial behavior of markets.The market construction understanding will assist to analyse the selling mixTo make so we would wish to get down by presenting the construct of variable managed in markets. Philip Kotler described them without giving them a logical sense. However, he did managing director to comprehend the kernel of the selling mix. The variables are as followsDistributionMerchandiseCommunicationMonetary prizePromotionPeoplesTopographic poin tLogical kind merchantman be profoundly analyzed found on the selling mix constituents of the company which we have taken ( BMW ) . Let s discourse briefly about all the selling mix constituents of BMW.1.DistributionBringing productions closer to the client is considered as Distribution. Distribution can be practical and physical. Merchandise can be brought closer to the client for accessing that production to the client is the existent end of distribution. at that place are dickens diverse constituents of distribution. They areThe dialogue of the trade name can be sustained and the freedom of commercialisation is found on the trade name attributes.The demand, the efficient of distribution and the shutting gross revenues of the satisfaction better demands of the client.2.CommunicationProperties and benefits of swap and function of the company will be in organize to the client utilizing the communicating constituent. on that point are two dissimilar signifiers of communi cating. Communication has an expensive facet which is called as advertisement utilizing the communicating constituent. The tending of the client can be drawn utilizing advertisement component. A kindred can be aroused establish on the intended relationship of the involvement which is to be aroused to buy the rational inducements and which can be stimulated ground on the urge getd by the company.In several(predicate) instances the marks can be advertised found on the left(p) hemisphere prospect that can be aimed to whilst of the right hemisphere to be aimed. For m of advancement can be taken from the communicating nation ground on the pleasance intent of each country. A ware can be experienced based on the way of publicity such that the integrating of belonging can be done from the client even without being purchase the product. For advancing the trade in an involvement should be shown such that the swop can be extremely trader based on the contents and inducements of t he merchandises.3.ProductFor fulfilling the demands of every client, merchandise and go plays an of write function. Products and services are the elements which place an of implication function in bring forthing two dissimilar types of relationships with the chance which can be a contact one or the usable chance.The usage nourish of the merchandises can be referred based on the relationship of the maps. The utility of the merchandise is called as use lever . The benefits will be utile for bearing the relationship with the mensurating facets of objects and topics. The usage cling to of the merchandise is the cardinal which will be helpful in determination devising procedure to buy the concluding phase of merchandise.The definition of the merchandise can be linked with the merchandise based on the gratuitous relation with the client and itself. There are can be functional type complimentary relationship and personal type complimentary relationship. There are can be predomin ately subjective data link which has to be formed with the latter aims of the merchandise. An single involvement is based on the footing of nexus within in the merchandise and if there is no sensed nexus so there is no involvement for a peculiar merchandise.A merchandise is considered as the touchable and physical entity for many different fretting companies which can be used for the procedure of purchasing and merchandising. For representative if a new auto is bought so that can be the new merchandise merely or possibly non a merchandise. For purchasing a auto sometimes the things can be more complex in the auto and will non be identical as aforesaid(prenominal) expected, this specifies the merchandise demand. There are three different degrees of a merchandise which will research the nature of the merchandise.The nucleus merchandiseThe existent merchandiseThe augmented merchandiseLet s discourse briefly about all the different degrees of merchandise.The nucleus merchandisesThe nucleus merchandise will non be considered as the touchable or physical merchandise. Core merchandise can non be touched because the benefit of the merchandise will be considered as the nucleus merchandise which makes the repute to the merchandise. Just like for illustration auto can be the convenient benefit such that it will assist us to travel anyplace and whenever and the another benefit which can be accessed by the auto is the velocity with which anywhere can be travelled comparatively speedy.The existent merchandiseAn existent merchandise can be considered as the physical merchandise or the touchable merchandise. unlike people can do usage of existent merchandise. For illustration Lashkar-e-Taiba s take the same illustration of auto where the auto can be test thrust so bought and so collected.Augmented merchandiseThis merchandise is considered as the non-physical merchandise portion. Augmented merchandise has different determine based on which tribute can be accessed. For i llustration whenever a auto is bought it will come with a kind of guarantee, fabricating offer of the company, client service and different services of the gross revenues.The different selling tool which BMW can be accessed is for the rating can be the usage of merchandise heart rhythm and client service life rhythm.4.PriceFor buying, a monetary value is considered as the conditioning component. In general the trade goods can be exceeding and the there can be conditional monetary value and it is non determined. Goods and services can be the pecuniary value along with the conditions of stipend which can do the entree to the goods in conformity with the income of the buyer.The merchandise can be chosen sing the monetary value and merchandise conditions, the staple fibre pick can be the coveted pick which should nt be friendly and the following 1 can be the replaced based on merchandise conditions to get the better of the monetary value barrier within the usable footings and the c oncluding phase can be the action of purchase to make.A merchandise can be priced in many different ways. Lashkar-e-taibas discuss briefly about all the set policies and schemes based on different state of affairss.Premium determinePremium monetary value specifies to utilize a high monetary value where there is a singularity of merchandise. premium determine is used where of all time competitory advantage exists. mettlesome monetary values can be charged for different lavishness things like, sails of canard, 5 star hotels, Concord flights etc. keenness pricingFor deriving the portion of the market monetary values of the merchandises are unnaturally changed low and when these merchandises starts acquiring furbish up so the merchandise monetary value will be increase. Penetration pricing will be made usage of Sky TV and France TelecomEconomy pricingThis is considered as low monetary value low frills. The merchandise monetary value wil be set to minimum based on the selling cost and fabrication merchandises. Especially supermarkets will do usage of this pricing system based on economic system trade names like soups, sphagetti etc.Physiological pricingWhen client is made to response based on rational and emotional footing of market wants so this pricing strategy is used.Product line pricingBenefits of parts of the merchandise runing reflect the benefits of the merchandise line pricing. This pricing strategy will be used in different little fortunes of work like auto rinsing which has different monetary value at different topographic points.Optional merchandise pricingWhenever new merchandises will be launched and based on the purchasing of the merchandises from the clients, so the monetary value of the merchandises will be increased utilizing optional merchandise pricing. The merchandises monetary values and services of the merchandise will be increased based on the optional extras like monetary values of the air hoses will be increased based on some over supply optional monetary values like row of seats arriere pensee etc.Captive merchandise pricingA premium monetary value will be charged by the company when the there is complement merchandises with the same battalion. When the old stock should be served this merchandise bundle pricing strategy is used. For illustration pictures and Cadmiums can be sold in package and attacks.Promotional pricingAs the name specifies, publicity pricing will be used to advance the freshly launched merchandises. Promotional pricing can be purchase one get one free strategy or versatile different strategies based on the topographic point and merchandises.geographic pricingGeographic pricing strategy will be used when there will be different pricing for different merchandises based on the diaphanous and fluctuation of the merchandises all over the universe merely like the value of rareness where monetary value will be increased based on transporting cost.Value pricingFor external factors pricing this strategy is used. Like the recession period or increasing force of competition companies. Gross saless and services of the merchandises will be provided based on value merchandises like values repasts provided by different nutrient eating houses.5.PromotionPromotion is one among the of import tool which determines the communications of market. As said by marketing mix of H.Borden, promotion mix will be at that place for every communicating of market merely like the mix of bar in which there will all the basic ingredients will be same and if the ingredients of the bar alterations so concluding result of the bar will be alterations same applies to publicity. Promotion mix integrating can be the pertinacious run signifier. The procedure of communicating can be illustrated by marketing messages. A publicity lies based on the publicity mix. Let s separately know about all constituents of publicity mix.Personal merchandisingPromotion of gross revenuesPublic relationDirect mailExhibitio ns and exclusively tradesAdSponsorships6.PeopleFor every experience or service elements, people play an of import function. For every minute services need to be consumed and produced. The client service facets should be altered which will be helpful in run intoing the demands of the persons of the devouring individual.7.PlaceTopographic point is one of the of import component of marketing mix. Topographic point can besides be known as intermediary, channel. Goods and services can be mechanised based on the services of consumers and users. There are six basic determinations of the channelWhich sort of bring will be used direct conduct of indirect take? For illustration, with the consumer straight or with the jobber indirectlyMultiple channels or individual channelsMultiple channels of cumulative lengthsIntermediary typeEach channel degree of intermediaryIntra channel struggles can be avoided based on the mediators i.e. distributers local in battles between them

Airtel Marketing Strategy

Integrated market communicatings Group-8, Sec-C Ajit, Anuj, Prateek, Rohit, Vaibhav AIRTEL Evolution ? ? ? ? Founded seventh July 1995 First bustling ph ane federation in the world to source each(prenominal)thing except marketing and sales and finance operates in 20 countries crossways South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands The largest cellular service provider in India 4P+2P+3P for AIRTEL ? 4Ps ? proceeds Airtel is the fifth largest telecommunication operator in the world with to the naughtyest level 230. 8 million subscribers across 19 countries ? It provides mobile, fixed telephony as well as broadband and subscription television service Airtel won 3G licenses in 13 telecom circles of India ? Product differentiation is limited so principal(prenominal) USP is uninterrupted run and troubleshooting support ? ? Price Price in the telecomm industry argon close to similar, hence main focus is on customized defrayment plans ? User is rationalise to choose between plans which favor cheaper SMS? s or calls ? Pay-per-second of usage v/s Pay-per-minute of usage is the latest attraction ? 4P+2P+3P for AIRTEL ? 4Ps ? Promotion ? Promotions argon usually in multiple formats as discussed bring forward in slides Main focus is connectivity, customized plans as well as unattackable network ? Place ? Airtel has se scoreate plans for each of the regions ? rustic nodes get more than support and focus is on basic services ? Urban customers are main targets for value added services and accordingly Airtel designs its product offerings and conference plans 4P+2P+3P for AIRTEL ? 2Ps ? People ? Involvement of raft with Airtel has increased with contracts identical har ek dost zaroori hota hai ? Final offerings are likewise passing customized to friend group rebates and so on ? adopt Design Pack design is kept red to re-inforce Airtel Brand ? definition of Plans is also evident 4P+2P+3P for AIRTEL ? 3Ps ? Peer -to-peer ? High rate of communication to inc rease peer-to-peer interaction and reviews especially in recent stages ? Personalization ? Personalization is constantly on rise especially with value- added-services ? Participation ? Airtel has tried to conduct contest every now and then to maximize customer participation but due to risque brand clutter it is difficult Media Vehicles ? ? ? ? ? ? Above the line ad ? Television ? Radio scrape Media ? Out-of-home ? Cinema Below the line publicise ? Trade Scheme ? Consumer offer ? In-shop and shop-front activities Direct Marketing Events bombilate digital Communication Ad Agencies ? Creative Agency- JWT India ? ? ? ? Airtel ended its 15-year-long relationship with creative agency, Rediffusion Y&R on Aug, 2010. Rediffusion has handled the brand since its inception in 1995 The Airtel account is worth(predicate) Rs 400 crore in terms of ad spends This also led to wobble in their logo Madison Media handles ? ? The media duties for Airtel for more than five years nowIt also handle s out-of-home and digital for the brand too Airtel TV Commercials TV Ad Campaigns by Airtel ? Har ek friend zaroori hota hai ? Purpose ? The commercial for Airtel aims to limit the brand trendier for the youth, while attempting non to alienate its older target reference set ? To position Airtel as a brand that embodies friendship, and patrons all sorts of friends connect with unitary an some opposite ? TV Advertisement analysis ? The commercial depicts different kinds of friends one has, and how the presence of each one is necessary in some way or the other ?A jingle penned by film lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya, makes use of Hinglish and frequent youth lingo, and has the story of different categories of friends, much(prenominal) as the one who wakes one up during the wee hours for help, or another who may give you company during your financial crunch days ? The jingle ends with Har ek friend zaroori hota hai, and with the message that Airtel keeps one connected to their frie nds TV Ad campaigns by Airtel ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Dil jo chaahe paas laaye Baat karne se hi baat banti hai Do airtel bajenge to tarakki main char chand fall back jaenge Dil jo chahe pass laye Kuch bandhan atoot hote hain, jaise Airtel ka network Airtel internet 3G par Express yourself Har ek friend zaroori hota hai Ad Do airtel bajenge to tarakki main char chand lag jaenge Ad Dil jo chahe pass laye Ad ATL-TV ? ? ? It gets Pervasiveness, allows Airtel to be in the eyes of the sense of hearing all the time Even though the audience is not make to pay heed to the advertisements, the high creativity quotient of the Airtel Ads makes it virtually impossible for the audience to turn a blind eye to them The Ads are very high on the use of imagery and medical specialty ATL-TV ? ? ? The genius of the Oscar winning music director A.R. Rahman is the man behind the catchy tune Airtel advertises more on its brand and its values than its products and services Most ads just establish the value and b eliefs of Airtel than establishing its services like mobile, telephone, or broadband ATL-TV ? ? The likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan, A R Rahman attain all been brand ambassadors of Airtel at some point or the other One of the key reasons for the lasting impact of the Airtel ads is the reinvention of the content displayed TV (Sponsorship) ? ? principal garter of Kaun Banega Crorepati Airtel subscribers were given a special chance to directly land KBC ? Participation to the learn was only restricted to the Airtel subscribers and BSNL/MTNL landline users for the first span of seasons. Sponsor of Indian Idol ? Airtel subscribers got an exclusive chance to enter the show TV (Sponsorship) ? ? BCCI has awarded the series sponsorship rights of all international play matches played in India to Bharti Airtel for the period 2010-2013 On 9 May 2009, Airtel gestural a major deal with Manchester United Football Club TV (Sponsorship) ? ? In 2009, Airtel had signed a three-year deal orth Rs 150 crore with official tournament broadcaster ESPN pencil lead Sports for the title sponsorship of the T20 league. Airtel signed a deal to be title sponsor the inaugural Formula One Indian Grand Prix during the 2011 season Print Media Radio ? Bharti Airtel is among the top two advertiser on radio in India (1% share) ? Promotional ads released by Airtel on radio ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Mobile recharge malt whisky kya hua? Aaj ka kya plan hai? EMI Airtel World Cup Pack Airtel happy recharge Airtel Minimum Recharge Marathon Airtel radio ad jingle Consumer gross revenue Promotions ? ? ? ? ? Friendz pre-paid plan for youth Ladies Special plan Seniors plan for discounts to senior citizens executive director Corporate Plans Family Celebrations offer Special discounts in Call rates & SMS services Promotional Campaigns ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Airtel Jai Hind AD Campaign Leadership campaign prize Time Campaign Magic Dalo Say Hello put up campaign Magic Hai to Mumkin Hai campaign Call Karo Sona Jeeto campaign Promotions health Campaigns ? ? ? ? Airtel and Wockhardt hospitals unitedly launched a Good Health campaign to mark World Health Day on April 7 Comprised two health check-ups at discount of 75% Post-paid subscribers of Airtel could avail theWockhardt master health check up at Rs 799 against a original cost of Rs 3200 Also available as part of the campaign was the Wockhardt Heart Check at Rs 499, aginst Rs 2400 Grameen Mobile Puratchi Rural Markets ? ? ? This scheme was for more than 45 lakh night club members of IKSCL (IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Coopreative ltd) Farmers had five free Value Added Services under this scheme. The farmers had five free voice messages on mandi prices, farming techniques, weather forecasts, dairy farming, animal husbandry, rural health initiatives on a daily basis The pack for farmers ranged between Rs 1299 andRs 4000 along with the mobile phone. Direct Marketing ? Direct marketing techniques used ? Email Marketing ? Display Ads, tender Media sites ? Location based marketing tools, QR Codes ? Telemarketing to customers Events (1/2) ? To extend their target audiences, Airtel has sponsored mixed TV programmes like ? Big Boss ? Indian Idol ? Super Singer ? Indian Sangeet awards ? Bol Baby Bol Events (2/2) ? Airtel has sponsored various events like ? Indian Grand Prix 2011 ? Champions League T20 ? Delhi Half Marathon ? Border-Gavaskar Trophy, other cricket tours ? Indian Fantasy League ? Indian Golf festival Buzz ? ? ?Launch of Blackberry, tie up with RIM Indian Grand Prix 2011 Social Networking sites ? Facebook, ? Twitter Airtel Simulator Challenge Airtel Out of house Advertising Hoardings ? ? ? ? Launching 360 degree campaign, spread over 43 days, rolled out in metros, miniskirt metros in association with Madison media plus group Want to make the brand the part of every day life of costumer. Depict Airtel as youthful, vibrant &dynamic brand Gantries, bus shelters pole, ne ons, job timers, unipoles, dropdowns, public expediency branding, station branding etc are the form of advertisements involved Airtel Out of Home Advertising Transit Medium,Street Furniture ? ? ? ? To communicate from door to door attempt more attention of the customer Key nodal points of market and high traffic points, TG dwelling and the concentration area Sky ballon branding, boat branding, Cycle branding, Airtel Product Placement Months before the announcement of the August 22nd iPhone launch, fanatics in India were howler for their shot at iPhone 3G mania. You would think from the crowds in the photo that the Airtel iPhone launch in Mumbai, India was a raging success. Think again One cult of iPhone colleague present at Airtels testical festival knows otherwise.Airtel Branded Entertainment ? ? ? Way to create buzz The ads can be flashed in between the various highly watched TV serials or can be sponsors of some big movies play matches, Super star awards, Dance, singing co mpetitions Airtel Sensory Branding ? Through its mite tune ? Its unique color and logo ? Having celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and A. R. Rahman digital Communication Web 2. 0 Digital Communication Web 2. 0 Digital Communication Web 2. 0 Digital Communication Web 2. 0 CSR Initiatives ? ? ? Initiative of opening Airtel Ashiana for underprivileged children at the Mohali office of AirtelTied up with an nongovernmental organization to distribute daily surplus food to needy children Airtel Experience pump by Access MO for the benefit of visually impaired people as well as people from deprived section of society CSR Initiatives ? ? Bharti launchation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises was established in 2000 with a vision to help underprivileged children and young people of our country realise their potential In the process of setting up a 1000 Satya Bharti Schools to deliver high quality education to underprivileged children in the deepest rural pockets The First removal firm Advantage 1.Electronic recharge 2. Hello Tunes 3. Airtel Live 4. Portfolio Manager 5. Song backstop 6. Easy Music 7. Black berry handsets 8. M-cheques Airtel- Retail Media ? ? ? ? Presence of recharging excerptions by an extensive network of small stores/big retail stores/small or big retail shops/pan shops etc Easy way to recharge option by keeping a specific number digit for a particular type of recharge option Availability of new sim cards free of cost to increase the customer base at various outlets Airtel owned stores and Airtel galleries present in every district to address customer queries more responsiblySocial, Ethical & Legal Issues ? ? VAS Fraud ? There has been plentifulness of criticism about Airtel for its unauthorized VAS activation ? Many of its services were activated automatically according to a complaint ? Several thousands of users were incorrectly billed ? In return Airtel launched STOP/START 121 services for such issues ? Alternatively, one can sign up on the Do non Disturb list to avoid all telemarketing calls and SMS Controversy ? Bharti Airtel(India) was issued notices by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India(TRAI) for violation of Mobile number portability(MNP) Regulations. fit in to TRAI, it had received complains from customers regarding wrong rejection of porting requests by telecom operators Social, Ethical & Legal Issues ? ? Silcon plan has dragged Airtel to the Federal High Court over allegedly making a publication to the claimant? s customers and subscriber by means of voice call, schoolbook messages or SMS informing them that the claimant is a band of fraudster (Oct, 2010) The CCC of ASCI has concluded that Airtel? s advertisement (campaign Dil Titli) is misleading, as the viewer of the TV commercial is led to think that Airtel Digital TV has superior picture uality because of MPEG4 or DVBS2 technology (Jan, 2010) Dil Titlicampaign Social, Ethical & Legal Issues ? ? ? The AIRTEL Digital TV advertisement offering lay off Regional Pack for life was accused of being misleading as the DTH licence was valid only up to May 2018 (Feb, 2010) The CCC of ASCI found the claim made in the SMS ad that Airtel Digital TV recording equipment is High Definition capable as misleading BSNL has accused Airtel of inequitable trade practices over the private operators claim that it is the only mobile telecom service provider in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) (Dec, 2004) Thank You

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Multicultural Case Study

MCE Problem Solving Case written report Section 1 Problem Identification The problem identified is sexuality bias that staminate person pupils have towards female instructors. The conflict is many male disciplinechilds do non make for to female teachers the same right smart they respond to male teachers. These school-age childs retrieveing that they do not have to follow directions/ instructions from female teachers and tot tout ensembleyow for not complete assignments prone without constant reminders. virile students who disposition this type of bias to female teachers be either from a single parent home, one where the female role is not respected, culture of the student, or even a more affluent home.These students are not held responsible for their actions at home and feel that they are not accountable at school for their behaviours. Male students who come from single parent homes normally carry more responsibility at home and will attempt to carry this role over into the classroom. He feels that he is the more overriding member of the household and that he is al offices in fancy. This student will not always complete assignments taken home because of his responsibilities and whitethorn or may not do well on quizzes and tests.He may feel that these assignments have no bearing on his current situation because he is more focuses on survival for to twenty-four hour period and slight worried about the future. The male students who come from a home where the female role is not respected will carry this attitude over into the classroom. When he is presented a classroom situation with a male teacher he is respectful, alone when pose a classroom with a female teacher he acts out or refuses to give her the proper respect. He feels that he supreme to her and does not have to listen to her.Socialization of the student could also play a role in gender bias against a female teacher. The vocal male student will always catch the attention of the teacher where as the quite soft female student will be overlooked. This attention corporation cause the male student to continue to act out in that teachers class. A male student who comes from a more affluent home, the parenting comes in the form of money or gift giving. These students will hold a sense of entitlement in all situations causing them to feel that they are not responsible for their actions or behaviours.Even if rectify or punished at school they know that they will generate no punishment at home. They also realize that this provides a way out of that specific teachers class for a day or more. Section 2 Perspectives The first group viewed by this problem is female teachers. These teachers vex to feel less confident in their teaching and begin to second guess themselves. It threatens the teacher ascendancy direct in the classroom when one student continues to disrespect, because it shows other students that they too nates get away with it.After continual d efiance or disrespect from students, teachers can begin to over react to situations that could be hampered with patience. Also, this disruption can prevent the teacher from accomplishing that days lesson because she is constantly enlightening behaviors. Along with threatening a teachers authority these students can also cause concern in teachers. The next group affected is the male students. One moment could be the over generalization of all male students being placed into the same category as the unmanageable male students.This bring ins tension in the midst of the teacher and the entire male classroom population. This can also create a hierarchy between the males in the class by allowing the loud, defiant male to become the defacto leader, part the others follow. This action causes the teacher to lose restrainer of the classroom, allowing that male to take control. The third group affected is the female students. The quiet, soft-spoken female will often be overlooked, wh ile the dominant male will receive all the attention in the class.When the female students do well, they still do not receive the positive reinforcement they are due. After being exposed to this type of behavior the female students may begin to act out or defy authority figures because they feel that would gain more attention from the teacher. Also, seeing female teachers treated this way in the classroom can cause the female students to view this behavior as acceptable in everyday society. This can carry over into their lives, present and future. The fourth group affected by this problem is the parents of the students in the classroom.As a parent, you expect your child to receive an adequate education while in school, but if your childs class is constantly break off they are not receiving an adequate education. The teacher may not be able to cover all curriculum scheduled for that allotted term because of student(s) being disruptive in the classroom. Also, if your child sees this behavior on a daily basis, he or she may begin to think that it is tolerate and may begin to mimic the behaviors. The last group affected is the school.First, if the teacher is unable to cover the necessary temporal or teach the material effectively the schools test scores may begin to drop and will cause them to not reach their Adequate per year Progress. The administration will have to focus more on compensate issues rather than on the positive aspects of the school. The effect may also be seen with other teachers and their view of that specific teacher or classroom. Section 3 Challenges and Opportunities One challenge for the teacher, parents, and school is the agreed upon level of reinforcement given to that student, whether it be positive or negative.A challenge to the teacher is not allowing that students behavior to effect her attitude towards the rest of the male population in her current class and in future in classes. other challenge to the teacher is attempting to m ake up lost instructional succession that was given up when dealing with the disruptive/disrespectful student. This can ensnare stress on her and the other students. A challenge presented to the male student, is that if allowed to continually disrespect female teachers in school it will negatively affect his relationship with all female authority figures, police officers, bosses, and significant other, in his crowing life.One challenge presented to the female student is to be acknowledged and apprehended for doing the right thing in and out of class. This can also accept to male students who respect the female teacher and her authority. An opportunity for the teacher would be for her to learn how to effectively manage her classroom and diffuse hostile situations. It allows the teacher to grow professionally in both the science and the art of teaching. either students have the opportunity to learn what acceptable behavior is in the school setting and this behavior will hopefull y carry over into their adult lives.The school has the opportunity to create a culture of acceptable behavior and to create a learning environment that provides an adequate education to all students. It also allows the school to create a precedent for future problems that may arise because of similar behavior issues. Section 4 Strategies Teacher could join with other female teachers in order to get ideas about how to grip these situations. Do not ignore the problem, even if it seems small at that time. find rule and expectations from day one. Let the students know that you are in control of the classroom. Develop a rewards system to reward student for positive behaviors. issue notice of successes in school or extracurricular activities. Give the student a daily job, in which he feels that he is essential and is relied on. pick out as many alfresco parties as possible to help correct or improve behaviors. These parties could be parents, other teachers or coaches. Create a mentoring style program to provide the student with a positive causa from an older student. The teacher may have to get administration composite if the behavior(s) a level beyond that teachers control.Section 5 Solutions The etymon can be divided into three separate and distinct stages 1. proactive 2. Constructive 3. Reactive In the proactive stage, the teacher must show that she is in control of the room from day one and assert this authority to insure that the students understand the rules, policies, and expectations. She must have confidence in her abilities as a teacher. In this stage, she must also have her approaches and tools needed to administer violations of rules, policies, and expectations clearly defined.She must be consistent in the enforcement of the rules, policies, and expectations in the classroom. In the constructive stage, the teacher must respond quickly to any demonstrations of rude(a) or disrespectful behavior and must be consistent in recognizing these behaviors. The teacher should respond to the student with positive feedback, provide guidance or correction for more appropriate. In the reactive stage, the teacher could first cooperate with other teachers and determine methods to prevent the behavior from occurring. She needs to also fictionalise the rules, policies, and expectations of the class.Next, she could develop a rewards system to acknowledge positive behaviors from that student in her class. One possible reward could be for the student to have a daily task. This task could be handing out papers or fetching the attendance to the front office. The task should make the student feel important and noticed by that teacher. Once it reaches the level where the teacher is unable to look at discipline in class, she needs to involve as many outside parties as possible. These can include coaches, parents, other teachers, and/or administration. Section 6 ExpectedThe solution gives each party impacted by the problem a fair and equ itable opportunity to learn, teach, and be successful. The students are provided a safe and consistent learning environment, while being provided the rules, policies, and expectations of the classroom. This also provides the teacher with less stressful atmosphere that facilitates student learning. Section 7 Reflections Section 8 References Jana Bernhardt (2012). Am I Buggin Ya Yet? Dealing With Difficult Student Behaviors. ONLINE getable at HTTP//thisisjustforfun. com/uploads/5227_NADE%20presentation. ppt25 Feb. 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Reaction time Essay

How fast a response bathroom be made formerly he need has been recognised. By improving my reaction time I ordain be able to play my racket into the correct postal service to return my opp wholenessnts shots much fast. I would in like manner be able to move my body into the correct position on the correct much quicker which would stop the need for over reach for the shuttle which sometimes causes me urbane injuries. This would make my play much more successful within both doubles and singles.After examining each health and skill related circumstances of seaworthiness and evaluating how well I did in the fittingness auditions I halt decided to center my exercise plan round improving my knock-down(a) endurance and cardio-vascular fitness. I have chosen these because I believe that out front I ameliorate any skill related component of fitness I must have solid health related components of fitness. This is because normally health related components are directly linked wit h how easily a person is able to develop skilled components. For example without good tendinous strength a person cannot be powerful.Muscular endurance and cardio-vascular fitness are the two that need improving foremost as I already sort of a good player and therefore lie with up against many players which are equally matched to myself, therefore the duration of games is unremarkably quite long and endurance is important. Relevant fitness essays to support my aims. Multi arcdegree fitness test = this is a bleep test which participants communicate among two points which are 20m apart, the bleeps tell the person when to start quarterning and when they should sift the other point. As the levels increase the beeps get closer together.This test will determine how good my powerful endurance is and whether I can run at increasing speeds with increasing tiredness. As one of my master(prenominal) aims is to advance my muscular endurance this test is vital to highlight any progr ess made by implementing my face-to-face exercise plan. I could not adjudge on after level eight I felt this was quite good but not excellent. I would like to, with the help of my personal exercise plan, be able to achieve level 10. Pull ups = this test reasonable involves how many times I can lift my constitutional body weight to lift my head above the bar.This is a germane(predicate) test as it measures the strength of my arms which is actually important in the game of badminton. The strong my arms the more power I can put into my shots and the further and faster the shuttle can travel. I managed just three pull ups. This result is just below average. Improving my muscular strength would be an advantage however this is not one of my main aims of my personal exercise plan. Reaction time = this test involves putting a ruler against a wall and getting another person to stay fresh it. I would then put my strong hand at the 50cm mark.My friend would then drop the ruler and I wo uld have to bugger off it. The test of my reaction time is how far down the ruler I catch it. In badminton reaction time is also very important as reacting to the shuttles direction quickly is vital. Reaction time is very difficult to improve however nationally I scored excellent so this isnt a major concern for improvement. Illinois Agility Test = this test is rather multiform but a great test of agility. It involves lying on the stage until the timer starts, once it has started I must stand up and run following the arrows on the diagram, each circle is a cone.This test accesses the powerfulness to change direction at speed and the transference of weight at speed. The game of badminton can be very fast and therefore ever-changing direction at speed can be essential. The test took me 43seconds this is also just above average. Balance = this test involves a static eternal rest which is timed. This is to see how long I can balance on one leg with my eyes closed. Balance in badmin ton is important as when stretching to reach the shuttle I need to keep my balance so not to fall. I managed to stay balanced for 20seconds this being nationally very good.

Prostate Cancer in African American Men Essay

malignant neoplastic disease has always been one of the roughly dreaded diseases of humans. This incurable disease has garbled the hearts and spirits of many, and has continuously left an indelible mark in its patients lives. One of the crabby person lawsuits associated with men is prostate gland gland gland malignant neoplastic disease. The National pubic louse demonst regulate website defined prostate crabmeat as the type of cancer occurring in the male reproductive system, to a greater extent specifically in the prostate tissues. This type of cancer is conventionly triggered in older men (n.d.). In assenting to this, the disease in admittance reiterates that genetically mutated cells, known as cancer cells, ar present in the prostate. The prostate Disease website also added that tumors argon formed, bedcover to the different atomic number 18as in the body. The spread of the said cells ca practices permanent damage to the normal functions to the different organ s (2006). A placement from the fact that cancer is genetically transmitted, the rudimentary causes of prostate cancer are still undecipherable. The profile of an individual medical prognosis for prostate cancer is commonly taken into consideration. Since males are the only ones with prostates, the women are fortunately exempted from acquiring this disease. Race is an different factor affected. The Intercultural Cancer Council website give tongue to that Prostate Cancer affects 37% of African American men (Baylor College of Medicine, 2007). It was also stated that the percentage rate of men afflicted with prostate cancer is relatively higher in Europe and in North America, as compared to Asia, Africa, and South America. Diet is one of the most unrecognizable causes of prostate cancer. take in of victuals rich in carcinogens can increase the cancer rate in the body. According to the National Prostate Coalition website, African American males are afflicted by Prostate Cancer far more than the opposite types of cancer. In an estimation made by the same website, on that point were 4,240 prostate cancer deaths in 2007. The chances of genetically acquiring the disease are very big for African Americans. For a close relative afflicted with the disease, the individual has a one out of trio chance of acquiring the cancer. For those who have deuce relatives afflicted with prostate cancer, the chances increase, with an 83% possibility. Worse, if there were three or more members afflicted, the achievable acquisition of the disease is 97% (NPCC, 2007). sort of disappointing, but true. The early stages of prostate cancer inhibit the patient from experiencing and eyesight the symptoms. This is primarily due to the fact that these symptoms whitethorn also be ca apply by the presence of other diseases. Such symptoms may include frequent urination, urinary incontinence, presence of blood in the semen and in urine, erection difficulties, and anguish ejaculation. P resence of at least deuce of the above mentioned should be generous basis for the patient to consult an oncologist or urologist at the soonest possible time (Marks, 2003). Biopsy is one of the most reliable tests done in the diagnosing of prostate cancer. With the presence of a Urologist, a tissue sample is harvested from the patient using a needle. The sample is then forwarded to the Pathologist for extensive trial that could lead to the possible detection of prostate cancer. Several other tests are also performed after biopsy that act as the other opinions in proving the presence of cancer cells. Some of the tests include a CT scan, bone scan, and an magnetic resonance imaging (Strum, Pogliano, 2005). With the rampant upgrades in technology, several give-and-take methods have been available for prostate cancer. According to the website of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the tumor spread of prostate cancer plays an important role in the type of treatment used (2008). The most common treatments used were Radical Prostatectomy, radiotherapy Therapy, Cyrotherapy, and Active Surveillance. One of the used surgeries is Radical Prostatectomy. This shape focuses on the extraction of the prostate gland and the nigh tissues from the body. This surgery requires the patient to allow a general anesthesia, so as to block the unbearable pain that can be felt during surgery. As replacement, a catheter is placed through the penis so that urination may be facilitated while the wounds are healing (Blasko, Grim, Sylvester, 2003) . Undergoing Prostatectomy is one of the most indisputable treatments for prostate cancer. The removal of the prostate and its nearby tissues inhibits the spread of the cancer cells to the other parts of the body. This also gives the doctor firsthand information of the results, giving them comely evidence as to whether the cancer will spread or not. Radiation Therapy on the other hand, does not involve any surgery. Instead, the proce dure makes use of x-rays whose energy is high enough to kill cancer cells. For this specific disease, two types can be used. These are the External fall and the Internal. The External beam uses a machine that beams ray of light from the outside of the body. The target of the beam is the prostate, fashioning sure that radiation is exposed on the pelvis and in the prostate. The side effects for this treatment include diarrhea, rectal irritation, bleeding and painful urination. Sometimes, this therapy may also cause impotence. Internal radiation therapy, as compared to the external beam, emits radiation seeds that were implanted on the prostate. These seeds are powerful enough to kill cancer cells, but may be very painful. Cryotherapy, according to the Prostate Cancer Institute website, is one of the newest therapies discovered in the 1990s. The treatment utilizes the freezing of the prostate gland, destroying the whole organ, including the cancer cells that may be incorporated in t he sue. The process requires the patient to undergo general anesthesia, and is over in about two hours. The side effects experienced by the patient are usually treated after a few weeks. These may include urinary incontinence, pains in the pelvis, and swelling in the scrotum (2006). Active surveillance, on the other hand, is yet the most simple among all treatments. The patient does not undergo a specific treatment, and instead is in close communication with the physician. This process includes regular tests and exams that monitor the health of the patients (2006). Having to bear the pain of prostate cancer and the thought of actually dealing with the disease is heartbreaking for anyone. The best affair to avoid such heartbreaks is to try and avoid contacting the disease. According to the WebMD website, the consumption of food rich in fiber can be very practiced in the prevention of the disease. These include the consumption of tomatoes, vegetables, and soy products. In addition t o this, researches are being conducted in finding the correct preventive measures of prostate cancer. Some of these researches include the fact that the administration of a Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory do drugs (NSAID) helps in the protection of men from having prostate cancer. Another is the fact that swallow red wine also helps in the prevention of prostate cancer (July 24, 2006). Regardless of what the effects of prostate cancer are, what is important is the fact that people, cannot avoid such disease. May they be Caucasians, Asians, or even African Americans no one is exempted from having such. We all just have to take good fretfulness of our bodies, and of our lives.References(24 July 2006). Prostate cancer health center Prostate Cancer-Prevention. Retrieved March 20, 2008 from http// American Academy of Family Physicians. (2008). Prostate Cancer Treatment Options. Retrieved March 20, 2008 from http//familydoct crime syndicate/common/cancer/treatment/264.htmlIntercultural Cancer Council. (2007). African Americans & Cancer. Retrieved March 20, 2008 from http//, S.B., & Pogliano, D.L. (2005). A primer on prostate cancer The empowered patients guide. Life Extension Media.National Cancer Institute. (n.d.). Prostate Cancer. Retrieved March 20, 2008, from http//, Sheldon. (2003). Prostate and cancer A family guide to diagnosis, treatment and survival. Perseus Books Group.Grimm, P., Blasko, J., Sylvester, J. (2003). The prostate cancer treatment book. Contemporary Books.Prostate Disease. (2006). Prostate Cancer. Retrieved March 20, 2008 from http// Disease. (2006). Prostate Cancer- Causes and Risk Factors. Retrieved March 20, 2008 from http// Cancer Institute . (2006). Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer. Retrieved March 20, 2008 from http// treatment/cryosurgery.html

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Environmental Scan Paper Essay

A business environs is made up of both subjective and external factors. The environment of a business moldiness be scanned to be open to determine what factors the companionship can use of goods and services to determine the development and forecasts that ordain help in the success of the business. The description of environmental Scanning, as per, is the possession and utilization of information about occasions, patterns, trends, and relationships within an organizations internal and external environment. Scanning is utilise to identify the threats and opportunities that exist in the business environment. Some of the internal environment factors that a company must observe include employee interaction with individu tout ensembley other(a), with management, manager interaction with other managers, and manager interaction with manageholders, brand aw argonness, organizational structure and the main staff (, 2012).The company w hitethorn use other resources to gain this information as in group discussions, surveys and interviews. This information than may be used to identify the strengths and helplessnesses of the company. External environment plays an important component part as a company exercises to become more competitive and changes start to occur. As these changes start to occur, it becomes essential for the company to identify what their competitors are doing. These changes may also affect the internal environment, so it is important that the company modify its core competencies as per the external environment.Because external environments are endlessly changing, the company should be ready at all times to be able to accept and adjust to the environmental changes. External monitoring could include the pilot burner forecasts of raw materials, which may affect the credibility of the original source. This bequeath absorb the company to be more focused on scanning, forecasting and psychoanal ysis to wee-wee a more trustworthy prediction and the input be (, 2012). The external environment scan should include three areas immediate/ patience environment, national environment, and the broader socio-economic environment/macro-environment.CompaniesThe two companies that will be used in this paper will be orchard apple tree and intent. Both of these companies obligate survived a tough economy over the years by having to adjust to some external and internal environmental factors. apple, as nigh of us know, is a successful producer of computer hardware and software. bearing, is one of the largest retail companies, rightly behind Wal-Mart, in the U.S. The environmental scan is used to evaluate the threats, opportunities, strengths and weakness of both orchard apple tree and Target. This will help identify external and internal areas that may need help and the areas that have been successful.StrengthsThere are some(prenominal) strengths that have made orchard apple tree a success. apple is kn possess to plead superior products such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod and many others. They control both the manufacturing of its products as well as its operating system (http//, 2012). apple also produces its own internal components for the core of their products. They also set a high bill for the look of their products to make sealed that the customer is extremely satisfied. Apple is al commissions evolving and creating new and updated products. Apple has a very loyal customer ancestor that will buy the new and updated product regardless of what it costs. The company rail line is also the highest in their personal history.Target is a monster of a company as well. As of 2011, the diversification of its store chain was at 1,750 stores. The stores are big anywhere between 95,000 to 135,000 square feet is size. As of 2011, Target has a presence in all states except Vermont. Due to the competitor with Wal-Mart to obligate their product costs low, Target has seen increases in gross year afterwards year, with their 2011 revenue equaling $67 billion. Target has adapted to their specific demographic locations and volunteer three different types of stores Target Green Lands, Super Target, and their urban stores. And most important, Target offers a wide variety of goods clothing, electronics, beauty, and home furnishings to just telephone a few.WeaknessesAs cosmos the leader in the electronic industry, Apple is faced with having to ensure their product is consistent and quality is number one. not all of Apples products are without flaws. With their competitors making similar devices, Apple must continue to invest in research and development, to make sure any flaws dont hamper hereafter success. With Apple being a financial stable company, any wish of debt could be seen as a weakness for their infrastructure as it may pose a risk for stock acquisition by other companies (http//, 2012). As for Target, their lack of an internal presence is a weakness. Though their products are considered low cost, the quality of their product is better than Wal-Mart, which makes Targets products a higher price than their competitor. Employee wages have also been considered low, forcing some employees to look for work elsewhere.ThreatsWith Apple products saturating the market, Microsoft has still be able to hold a consistent share of the market as well. Within the industry, there are many competitors that magic spell to the economic conscience. Companies such as HP and Dell are oblation low-budget computers that are appealing to customers that cannot afford the Apple product. Apple must be able to produce their products and set a financial standard so they do not lose out on a certain market of people.Target has their threats as well. Kmart and Wal-Mart both offer similar products but at a refuse cost. With todays economy, customers may sacrifice the quality of a product to get a lower price. Target may have to restructure their product base to keep from losing out to the competition.OpportunityWith Apple being a technological leader, they are known for their originality and innovative thinking. iLife is a new product that allows users to link up multiple programs through one central application. Apple has found a way to simplify a persons life, by consolidating what that person needs into one little package. That is innovation at its finest. Apple will continue to develop new opportunities through innovation and shift new ground in different markets.Target introduced that the company will expand into Canada, this being the first step into the international market. The company will focus on reducing operational cost and increasing their revenue ratio. Target will continue to push the private labled products to customers, to focus on low cost products. These companies are creating valu e by offering a product that is made up of tangible and intangible attributes that the customer values. These companies are able to obtain money for the costs which then generates benefits that it values. Apple and Target create products that offer many solutions for their customer. This creates a competitive advantage for these companies. original advantage is the advantage that a company has over its competitors, allowing it to generate great sales or margins and/or retains more customers than its competition (, 2012). Both companies have shown that they offer a product that has been superior to their competition, which in turn has generated greater sales for these companies. The mission statement of a company is a way to evaluate how a company may measure their effectiveness. Apple states, Apple computer is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers and the global communities where we operate.We get along that by integ rating sound environmental, health and safety management practices into all aspects of our business, we can offer technologically innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations. Apple strives for continuous improvement in our environmental, health and safety management systems and in the environmental quality of our products, processes and services. Target states, Our mission is to make Target your preferred shopping destination in all conduct by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences by consistently fulfilling our Expect More. Pay Less. brand promise. Both Apple and Target have shown continued success, both following their mission to create a better experience for their customers.ReferencesAnswers, W. (2012). Answers. Retrieved October 08, 2012, from http// (2012). Competitive Advantage. Retrieved October 08, 2012, from http// (2008-2012). Environmental Scanning-Internal & External Analysis of Environment. Retrieved October 08, 2012, from http//, M. (2012). Targer fig up Analysis. Retrieved October 08, 2012, from http// Brands, I. (2012). Mission & Values. Retrieved October 08, 2012, from http// (2012). Retrieved October 08, 2012, from SWOT Analysis for Apple http//

Missing Children

INTRODUCTION Over the days our country, Malaysia has been bombarded with abundance of wanting(p) children/ children abduction cases. A statistic released by police of Malaysia, stated that a total of 3223 children below 18 went missing between 2008 and April last year (2012). Of this figure, only close to grand cases were solved. From the statistic, its cl premature shown that, over 3223 cases inform 2223 cases still unsolved. The questions atomic number 18, how does it happen? Who should be blamed? What the impact of this scenario? And what be the best ways to prevent children from missing?Thus, in this essay, the priority will be given to the causes, the effects and few suggestions to overcome missing children cases. THE CAUSES OF MISSING CHILDREN Figure 1 The Causes Of Missing Children Family Problems This is the bounteous causes of the missing children cases happened non just in Malaysia but to a fault close to the globe. M whatever people agree with it as basi call u py, p atomic number 18nts play an important spot on how to nurture the family, to treat the children and to solve some(prenominal) enigmas happen to the members of the family.Family problems spate be included in term of pecuniary problem, misunderstanding among family members and insufficiency of intention and in attend of emancipation. When a certain family is having some financial problems, it will slightly affect the children because children actually are still unripe to know any problems related to the financial status of their family. So, parents should aware about this problem, never reveal or expose any financial problem to your children. Apart from that, children study intention from their family.They are still young and at these ages (below 18) they really need the intention from their family or parents negligence. If they do non start out the full intention from the family, they might be in influenced in much(prenominal) bad behaviour like vandalism, gangsteri sm and they might tend to run remote from home. Hence, ever Picture 1 parents have to play an important reference in raising up the children. Peer Influence When the children do not get the full intention from their parents, they tend to share their problems with their friends. They share or so e genuinelything with their friends from trail issues to their feelings.Some clocks the missing of children happens because of love matter. At these ages they are easily travel in love with some system. This is because those children feel that their lover mass give them freedom and better life. Picture 2 peers have the ability to influence the children to be good or bad Job Opportunities Lastly, the cause that leads to children missing is the stage line of credit opportunities. It usually happens to the children that dont like to go for education at school. They think that education is just wasting their time, so they quit their school and start working.However, parents usually proh ibit them from working because this is not a time for them to obtain silver and work. Then, when the children dont be given the chance to work, they decide to run away from home and work. THE EFFECTS OF MISSING CHILDREN Penalising errant Parents People argue that we need to blame the parents first because of the missing children cases. It is because they are the whizs who close to their children more than anyone else. It is therefore, not surprising that more and more constituent are being raised in favour of penalising errant parents.According to the law, these errant parents will be penalised under arm 33 of the Child present 2001 that result them to be liable to a bewitching not portentous RM 5000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding devil years or both. Section 33 of the Child Act 2001 Provides that any person who, being a parent, guardian or person with unorthodox care of a child, leave that child * Without making reasonable cooking for the supervision and care of the child * For a period which is unreasonable having look at to all the circumstances or * Under conditions which are unreasonable having strike to all the circumstances. Commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding RM 5000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both. Figure 2 Section 33 of the Child Act 2001 The Missing Children Life And Safety ar Not Guaranteed. In some cases, not all missing children reported that they are running away from home. It is because they might be missing collectable to the kidnap. Those children who are kidnaped by the criminals might live in a breakneck and awful life. Some of them are kidnaped to be slaves of criminals helping the criminals to mention money just like what is happening in our countries.These children are forced to go beggars and ask donation from the public. In some other cases, we may start out that those children are forced to become prostitutes. This happens mostly in nerve center Eastern Countries. The world we live in is no stranger to one of the biggest reasons many of our children disappear without a trace. Many children are abducted and sold for body parts throughout the United States, Central America, South America and Europe. The profit has become one of the greatest sources of business and the organized underground business is one of the most successful businesses anyplace in the world.Can you imagine having the need of life and searching the Internet and finding a broker who can find you the organ of your choice? Here in the U. S. A. , in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, anywhere in Central, North and South America, anywhere for a price you can pay for and get the organ of your choice. If you dont believe it, search the net right here right now in orange County, late York or anyplace in the world. Many missing children are abducted and sold for these body parts. This is a multi-million dollar a year business. Be careful when your chi ld is talking to a friendly little girlfriend in a chatter room.The Internet is worldwide and sometimes deceptive. The chat room your child uses could be somewhere in Mexico or New York, India, The Middle east or Korea. Your child could be talking to anyone, anywhere with the touch of a button, so close. SUGGESTIONS TO PREVENT CHILDREN FROM GOING MISSING. * Do not leave children unsupervised in public places. Children oddly in early ages between 4 to 9 years old cannot handle themselves very well. They need someone to confide on. So, never leave your children unsupervised especially in public places because they dont know what to do and to whom they should rely on. get a line children to be suspicious of strangers and not be lured by them. It is a good technique that every parent should implement to their children, teach your children to be suspicious of strangers and not to be lured by them. We cannot simply believe in strangers that we meet. Maybe they are bad people that int end to kidnap your children. * Teach children how to respond in knockout situations. Next, parents should teach their children to respond in dangerous situation. So, when it comes to any dangerous situations they will be able to react and find the solution. * Make sure children prevent a note with emergency touch on numbers.Furthermore, good parents are them who always make sure that their children memorize and keep a note with emergency contact number especially the prescribed contact number of police. So, when it comes to the dangerous situation, your children will be able to call for help. * Society should be alert to, and help, children seen to be planetal around alone. Here, the high spot will be the society. We should never rely on parents only. Society also has to play their role in preventing children from going missing. When we see any children wandering around alone, we need to take action by helping them to find their home.CONCLUSION All in all, we can conclude that missing children is not a case that we should not pay attention. This issue has been discussed around the year for years and still happen in many countries. We need to aware that children are the asset of the country, they are precious and we need keep them safe from any harm. Ultimately, each of us including parents, teachers and society has to play an important role to capture children missing. We need to cooperate together to find solutions of this issue. Together we can bring out a better life and place for our children.

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Barilla Spa Case Study Essay

1. Diagnose the underlie causes of the difficulties that the JITD syllabus was created to solve. What atomic number 18 the benefits and drawbacks of this program? One of the underlying causes of the difficulties that the JITD program was created to solve was the effects of inconsistent demand that came from barillas distributors. The extreme demand variation strained kalis manufacturing and logistics, and made very operose for kelpwort to meet that demand.For example, as observe on the case the particular sequence of pasta intersectionion necessitated by the tight heat and humidity specifications in the tunnel kiln made it difficult to quickly produce a particular pasta that had been sold out due to unexpectedly towering demand (Barilla SpA). One of the benefits of implementing the JITD is to subvert the manufacturing cost. As Brando Vitali then Barillas director of logistics explained we could try to reduce our own distribution costs, inventory levels, and at long last o ur manufacturing costs if we didnt understand believe to respond to the volatile demand patterns of the distributors this meant JITD result help reduce the costs associated with distribution channels, likewise distributors would not hire to stock inventory that exceeds their real demand, and intern help them reduce their cost. both(prenominal) other benefit is that JITD will help improve Barillas visibility with passel and make the distributors much dependent on Barillas. As Vitali express I think JITD should be considered a selling tool, rather than a threat to gross sales. Were offering the customer additional service at no extra cost. In addition, the program will improve Barillas visibility with the trade and make distributors to a greater extent dependent on us-it should improve the relationships between Barilla and the distributors rather than harm them. Though this would select daily sales information input from distributers on products they shipped out from their storage warehouse to retailers during previous day and their current stock level, this would help barillas own prefigure and would be just one step behind the retailers sell-through information.JITD might overly help the relationship between Barilla and its distributors, since Barilla wont need to use pressure on distributors to hold more immaculate products than necessary. While the JITD program has m some(prenominal) beneficial it also has its drawbacks. One of them is the knowledge that the power will be transferred to Barilla, as one of the distributors was quoted we would be fine-looking Barilla the power to push product into our warehouses just so Barilla can reduce its costs. Another drawback is that some(a) of the distributors are not cosy or willing to share their warehouse data, which is a vital found in order for JITD program to work. Furthermore, it might be hard for some retailers to report daily sales simply because they might not have the point-of-sale technol ogy at their stores.2. What conflicts or internal barriers to Barilla has JITD created? What causes these conflicts? How would you muckle with them? JITD created lot of internal barriers to Barilla while some of the concerns are leisurely to overcome others would need more convincing. For example, the sales department, sales representatives receive more on their compensation through commission from their sales. JITD would cut or reduce to zero most of sales people responsibilities, which in turn will squeeze their commission, as one sale man said Our sales levels would flatten if we put this program in place.As noted in the case most of the sales come from the promotions or incentives that marketing department advertises or promotes, JITD program would heavily affect the marketing department, and would make their job almost an obsolete. As one marketing representative quoted we wouldnt be able to run trade promotions with JITD, how can we get the trade to push Barilla product to retailers if we dont offer some sort of incentive? These conflicts are mostly caused by fear of losing jobs. Since these are legitimate concerns and a very possible outcome if JITD is implemented, from my opinion at that place are only two options either retrain all the employees that would be affected in a different positions or get discharge of the JITD program all together and if it was up to me I would scrub the self-coloured program all together.3. As one of Barillas customers, what would your chemical reaction to JIDT be? This would depend on whether I am a self-aggrandising retail store or a distributer. As a Barillas Distributor, my response to JIDT would be, why would I share my sales data to a supplier who also supplies the same products to my competitors? In addition, what makes Barillas management think that they can do superior job by making a better demand forecast then I do. I would think that Barillas is only looking after their interest by trying to reduce thei r inventory cost and as result fling their product on me. On the other hand if am a big retailer the JITD program would help me reduce my overhead that comes from safe harboring a weeks of supply from Barilla in my store, and if there are any measure gaps between when product is out and when new comes in I can use the shelf to move other quick retrogression products.4. How would you proceed?I would cancel the whole JITD program all together. Although the program has some benefits, its draw back and difficulties to implement out weight more than the benefits. The main problem that Barilla has is there average lead clipping which is 10 days and their distributors would prefer three days lead time this was caused mainly by Barillas production line and machines as noted previously in the case, the specifications of each pasta and the time it takes in the tunnel kiln made it hard for Barilla to quickly produce and keep up with the demand. Barilla should look ways to improve the produ ction line, whether by adding more lines to the production or building a smaller factories allocated strategically in the country, since, most of the Barillas products is consumed with in Italy, and depending on the neighbourhood north or south, each consumes more type of Barilla product than the other.

Macbeth in context Essay

Macbeth is a flipper act tragic coquette, which was written by William Shakespeargon for King James I in1607. It took the world by storm and today it is one of the best cognize trage evanesces available. Since it is so worthy of praise, in this essay, I am going to do a character analysis of Macbeth, the protagonist in this play. I on the wholeow for be evaluating how Macbeths ambition and determination to be king, even offtually drags him to his downfall.Despite, he is the hero the main character Macbeth is not introduced in the first twain flicks. As William Shakespeare uses this as a internal representation device to create hesitation and arouse curiosity in the sense of hearing. He does this by introducing other characters in these two scenes always speak about Macbeth. For example, one of the witches says, There to abide with Macbeth. This makes the audience curious about what they are going to do to him. furthermore they make the King and bleeding sergeant speak of his bravery and skill, make him liked already.The dramatist Shakespeare additionally uses mythological language to glorify Macbeth. For font the Bleeding Sergeant describes Macbeth by calling him valors minion and Bellonas bride groom. Since Bellona is the Roman Goddess of war, Shakespeare is saying that Macbeth is a lover of war and is thereof a good soldier. Valour is courage and by calling him Valours minion he shows that he is fearless and courageous.The hero, Macbeth, was a victim of circumstance. He is firstly influenced by the three witches in act one scene three. They convince Macbeth that he has the right traits to become a king. This is exceedingly square as this sets the path for Macbeths downfall. Another main influence on Macbeth is none other than his dearly love Lady Macbeth. She does this by skeptical his manhood in act one scene seven, and lives a coward in thine own esteem. Moreover when Macbeth asks her to do it, she convinces him to murder King Duncan by s aying why she cannot do it as he reminds her of her own father.During quantify that the play Macbeth was written, the king was considered a delegate of God. The point that Shakespeare uses King Duncan as a theatrical device is worthy of get down. King Duncan description of Macbeth, earlier his introduction, as, worthy gentleman and valiant cousin, shows that even God is on his side. Getting praise from a demi-god shows the importance of Macbeth in that society and he may even be a role model for pot at that time.One main character in the play that shows Macbeths real psycheality is Lady Macbeth. The first time in the play that she does this is when she receives his letter, Tis too full of the milk of human kindnesses. By doing this she shows that under all the heroic traits he is also kind and gentle. So, the audience feel even more amazed at him. Being his closest person, she always knows how to advocate him to do something. She shows this when she convinces him to kill King Duncan. Although this may seem to some batch like she is the vamp in play, she is in fact only sentiment for the betterment of her husband. This shows she is a loyal wife and thus shows how worthy Macbeth would mother to be to get such a devoted partner.As each(prenominal) tragic hero, Macbeth has one human flaw, which in his case is his vaulting ambition. This shows that every person has a flaw, even a hero. For, if it was not for his ambition to be king, then none of the tragedies would have occurred. This gives the audience the moral lesson, which is that too untold ambition can in turn harm a person rather than benefit them, but the right amount is good as was shown before when Macbeth was considered good.Even though Macbeth is considered a villain by the audience towards the end of the play, he redeems his honour and pride when he goes to fight, He let off dies a hero. His redemption starts when he calls for his armour and says, At least we shall die with our harness on our backs. The point that even when all odds are against him, he still acts like a true soldier by trying to fight of the army, which is obviously worthy of praise. It is also worthy to note that at this point in time, when he is near his death, he begins to expiate for all he has done, and this means that the audience now feels sorry for him and this is how he regained their respect.To conclude, my analysis, I would to praise William Shakespeare for his fine use of descriptive language and theatrical devices, which are expertly thought out to please the audience at the time, and also to glorify his hero, even on his death.

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Mba 1st Sem, Principle and Practice of Management

IIBM Institute of business circumspection Semester 1 Principle and Practice of management Answer Sheet region A Part One 1. A plan is a freeze laid to capture the FUTURE. 2. STAFFING is the function of employing suitable person for the enterprise. 3. DEPARTMENTATION means stem of activities & employees into department. 4. ACCEPTANCE THEORY states that confidence is the power that is original by spurter(a)s. 5. DECENTRALIZATION means dispersal of decision- do power to the lower aim of the organization. 6.MASTER CHART is the basic document of the organizational structure. 7. Communication which flow from the splendid to subordinates with the stand by of scalar fibril is known as DOWNWARD conversation . 8. Needs for belongingness, friendship, love, affection, attention & social acceptance ar fond NEEDS. 9. A management function which ensure jobs to be filled with the redress people, with the right knowledge, skills & attitude is STAFFING DEFINED. 10. COUNSELIN G is a cover that enables a person to sort off issues and r individually to a decision bear upon their life. Part Two 1). The difference between management & memorial tablet argon that-Administration is the function in industry concerned with the determination of the incorporated polity, the co-ordination of finance, production and distri saveion whereas Management is the function concerned with the execution of policy within the limits setup by administration. Thus, administration is formulation of policies and is a determinant function maculation management is execution of policies and is an executive function. Administration involves the boilers suit setting of major objectives determination ofpolicies, identifying of general purposes laying down all-embracing programmes etc. hile management is the active direction of human efforts with a assimilate to getting this done. 2). The common drawbacks of the classical and the neo classical theories of management are list ed below- i) Both the theories had certain unrealistic assumptions and hence were non relevant to the plaque at a later date. ii) Both the theories had limited application, the formats and structures of organisations are non universal in both the theories. There is no finicky structure which may serve the purpose of all the organisations.They also put down few of the environmental constraints which coach-and-fours sack upnot ignore and this lapse accomplishs the practicability of the opening limited. iii) lack of Unified Approach The theories lack the unified approach of an organisation. 3). Line institution is the middle-agedest form of an organisation. This is known by dissimilar means, i. e. , military, vertical, scalar and departmental. All separate types of organisation structure have mostly been modifications of the extr do organisation. The concept of the line organisation holds that in any(prenominal) organisation derived from a scalar performance, on tha t master intelligence must be a single head who commands it.Although an executive can delegate self-confidence, he has ultimate responsibility for results. According to some generator Line structure consists of the direct vertical relationship which connect the positions and tasks of each level with those above and below it, and some others ordinate organisationally, the line is the chain of command that extends from the board of directors through the various delegations and re-delegations of authority and responsibility to the point where the primary activities of the enterprise are performed. 4).Acceptance theory is a theory which states that authority is the power that is accepted by others. Formal authority is reduced to titulary authority if it is not accepted by the subordinates. The subordinates accept the authority if the advantages to be derived by its acceptance exceed the disadvantages resulting from its refusal. The subordinates give obedience to the mangers beca pr actice session they visualise the quest advantages- i) Receipt of financial incentives. ii) Contri neverthelession in attaining the objectives of the enterprise. iii) Fulfilment of responsibilities. v) Appreciation from colleagues. v) backcloth of an example for others. vi) Responsibility to leadership of superior. vii) Moral obligation because of regard for old age, experience, competence, etc. According to acceptance theory, authority flows from bottom to top. A manager has authority if he gets obedience from the subordinates. Subordinates obey the managers because of the fear of losing financial rewards. This theory emphasises sanctions that a manager can use and overlooks the influence of social institutions wish well trade unions. Section B- Case let 1Q1) Critically decompose Mr. Vincents causal agencying. Ans Mr. Vincent was a good and successful manager but he followed the traditional type of management skills, and that is why he was not unsuccessful. But when he was t aught of many other ways of managements he started to commemorate that he should precisely know it for the test because he was confident sen convictionnt that whatever he knows is becoming as he was successful, but he was wrong because with other skills applications he could have not whole been successful but could also grow his organisation and take it to the top of his competitors.He could film an increase in the profit of his organisation and save the wastes as some(prenominal) as possible. Being an manager he should have always been innovative in his ideas of management but he was going the other way, eventide though his professor was teaching him new thought he was lodge in thinking that he will stick to his old way of planning, organising and lordly approach to manage his store. Q2) If you were the professor and you knew what was going through Vincents mind, what would you say to Vincent?Ans If I was the professor and knew what was going through Vincents mind then I would have explained him the concept again but this age the other way giving him his own example and then make him feel the lacking part of his successful management career qualification him feel that his thought were also correct put old enough and needed to be updated according to the needs of the environment today.I would have told him that with modernisation he should become innovative too and that not only planning, organising and coercive are steps of successful management but it could also be thought of as quantitative models, system theory and analysis, and even something called possibility relationship, so that he could implement many other theories and method actings in his process of managing his job, so that he should not only be successful but Also that his organisation should grow and give good competition to the other organisations around him and so that he could make good and proper use of his available resources.Case Let 2 Q1). Diagnose the line and enumerat e the reason for the failure of DCuhna? Ans DCuhna was a good master key executive but being good and equal sometimes energy go against ones self only.The problem with DCuhna was that he was going to quickly in his work and not giving others time to catch up, everyone knew that he was selected because of his experience, minimize and abilities but he should also go through that he was the part of an organisation which was new and not even fully trained for the work so how could they work at his speed and expectations, the problem with DCuhna was that he being an old executive should know that in an organisation there human beings and that they are emotional in temper so he should not treat everyone i. . male and female staffs in the same manner, he had no right to scold someone on account of others pending work, because it was his duty to see that if someone is on loathsome leave he should replace that position temporarily, but DCuhna did not do so and went on to scold the fem ale staff. When he was regulate answered by the female staff for the first time then only he should have understood her emotional nature and talked to the higher authority for suggestions. Q2). What could DCuhna have done to avoid the situation in which he found himself?Ans If at the very beginning only DCuhna had looked into the matter as why the female clerk was submitting nil returns and aft(prenominal) knowing it if he would have filled the vacant officers place with a temporary staff then the matter would not have been raised higher, later when the lady clerk was cross respond him then instead of firing her and scolding her if DCuhna had gone and talk to the higher authorities regarding the matter then planned and taken any step to solve the problem and then taken any stringent action then also DCuhna could have found himself out of this botheration.Even after all this had happened if DCuhna had apologised to the lady staff and then explained her politely then also some fortuitys were there for him to get out of this trouble which he had created for himself, as ladies are very emotional in nature and like politeness. But after all what had been done and finally the only option for him to get out of all this was to quit as he did. Section C Q1) What is grooming? Explain the different method of training?Ans procreation is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a busy job, traditionally training had focused on technical and mechanical skills. Training has to focus also on interpersonal and social skills, on listening, on control over body language, on communication and presentation skills, etc. The different method of training is as follows- i) Case rule This method can be said to be midway between register by doing and learn by listening. In this method the trainees get a descriptive record in the form of a case. The participants, have chance to see themselves as one or another person in the case ii) Incident Process Unlike the case method the possibility is also a brief statement of an event or a situation. Additional data is event or a situation. Additional data is made available in response to specific questions from the participants. iii) Lecture Method This is a very popular method. The lecture is actively involved while the participants are largely passive. v) Business games In business games, the participants may form into groups of three or four, each groups would be given data well-nigh plant capacities, material costs, availability of materials, cost of carrying inventories, etc. and based on the fact provided to the participants they have to make decisions simulating situations which arise in business organisation form time to time. v) Role Playing In this method different participants are given details and fact of a character about its past and are told to act like it. Q2) Explain Decision make Process of an organization?Ans Decision-making Management process involves deci sion making at all levels. Decision-making describes the process by which a course of action is selected as the way to deal with a specific problem. If there is only one alternative, the question of decision making does not arise. The quality of alternatives which a manger selects determines the organizations performance, and the future of the organization. The decision making process of an organization are listed below- * Setting objectives Rational decision-making involves a cover goal of objectives.So the first step in decision-making is to know ones objectives. * Perception of the problem Perception involves defining and recognising the problem in a clear-cut manner. * Analysing the problem After defining the problem, the nigh step in decision-making is analysing it. The problem should be thoroughly analysed to find out adequate background information and data relating to the situation. * Developing alternative solutions After analysing a problem, with the help of relevant inf ormation, the decision-maker should formulate several alternative solutions for the problem. Screening the alternatives After evolution various alternatives, the next stepshould be to judge and evaluate them through some decision criteria. * Selecting the best solution After evaluation of various alternatives, the nextstep is the pickaxe of the best solution. * Implementing the decision After taking the final decision the next problem isto put decision into effect. * Feedback and Control The last step in the process of a right decision is to follow up the decision.

Technology and Communication

We realize that communicating is primary(prenominal) in every fail of our brisks and technology is invariably changing the different trends we ar able to communicate. Beca affair technology is perpetu only in aloney being advanced the way people communicate in the lamentable justice remains must evolve to keep up with the underway trends. It is important that we keep up with the changing technology in regards to communion because effective communication is the direct result of a successful investigation. The communication capabilities of specialized selective reading bases within the criminal justice schema make believe been affected in a huge way by technology. several(prenominal) of the current technologies used in the criminal justice system straightaway ar mobile data terminals, automated reproduce identification system (AFIS), live s butt, nervus facialis intelligence, and iris scan. The two modern technologies that will be discussed ar the automated fing erprint identification system and facial ac receiptledgment. The confident(p) and ostracise do of AFIS and facial recognition will also be discussed. Fingerprints and facial characteristics make water been used by the criminal justice system to indentify criminals for several years.The patterns found on a persons fingers and eccentric features found on their face have several distinguishing characteristics that separate them from the informality of society. These two systems, though effective have been known to take hours or even days to come up with results. Because time is so worthful to the criminal justice system these comparisons need to be done expeditiously because in m any cases the time it has taken to match a assemble of fingerprints to a single person has been the difference between life and ending for the accused.Modern technology has helped in a huge way to despatch up this comparison process and has resulted in the setting free of wrongly accused persons and the locking away of the guilty party. Lets let out these two systems down starting with AFIS. AFIS is basically a database where mass amounts of fingerprint images have been stored after being lay in from several different sources. at that place be two different fibers of sources, known and unknown. Known sources are fingerprints that have been collected from law offenders, military personnel, police officers, banks, and more.These fingerprints are normally collected when a person is hired by a company or agency that requires a background check as a part of the hiring process. The near common unknown source is those prints collected at a crime scene to be compared with known samples, also known as latent prints. Each set of fingerprints have their own distinct patterns which are determined by a technician that enters them into the database. Each fingerprint image is filed ground on its pattern type. (Ridges and Furrows. 2004. Par. ) By doing this it speeds up the process be cause it helps to eliminate all the prints that do not have a similar pattern type in comparison to the sample. Once the matches are do victimization the database they are reviewed one more time doing it manually and if a match is made those prints are used to tar wank individuals. It is very important that the matches found by the computer database are manually reviewed to operate an exact match. Facial recognition is also a very important aspect of communication in the criminal justice system.Facial recognition is known as the automated recognition of a person using distinguishing traits. (Woodward et al. 2003. P. 1) Criminal justice professionals profane photographs into computers and use these photographs to compare facial characteristics in an effort to make electric capability matches. There are also those who have acquired the talent of creating sketches of suspects from a comment given by a witness. These sketches are then used in place of a photograph to obtain a p ositive match. The firstly step in this process is to capture the image either by camera or sketches.The second and third steps are to identify the face seen in the image and extract several features to create a template that can be used to make a match. The stern step is to take the templates and make comparisons that will eventually lead to potential matches. There are several features found on and or good-nigh the face that make it likely to make a positive match. around of these features are possible to change and others are not. Those features that are not likely to change are scars, moles, burns, and bone structure. There are also those features that could mayhap change, one of which is tattoos.The only real similarity between the use of facial recognition and finger prints is that they must be manually compared to obtain the highest constituent of accuracy. Using both the database and the naked eye will eliminate all chances of misreading the results in most cases. As beneficial as these advanced technologies are there are alship canal positive and negative effects to every liaison in life. The biggest positive effect that AFIS and Facial Recognition have on the criminal justice system is that they save enlarged amounts of time during an investigation.Technicians are able to save large amounts of information to these databases so that when they process a search for comparison the computer does most of the work by eliminating all of the samples that are far from being the correct match and leaving only those samples that could possibly be the correct one. These databases also reduce the amount of serviceman error that can occur when trying to make a match. The line of merchandise of operating these databases can be extremely stressful and technicians tend to get rushed as a result of this stress and overlook amours that may have lead to the result they were looking for to begin with.Now lets go into the negative effects of these technologies . We know that as humanity we are imperfect and anything created by humans has the potential to fail at any given time. It is also widely known that computers and servers use large amounts of electricity and have the potential to heat up very fast. If these data bases exceed the al get-goed temperature at any given time they will go down and this will result in the slowing down of any investigation that may be going on at the time. other negative is the fact that these databases do not come with all of the information already installed. Uploading all of the samples takes a substantial amount of time and use of funds that could be used for the completion of other very important tasks. One last negative is the fact that these systems not only apostrophize money to buy and operate, but people must be skilful and paid to keep these databases up and running at all quantify so that progress does not stop in any form. Having well trained technicians is the most efficient way avoids havi ng to deal with any of these negative effects.If the decision had to be made as to which one of these two databases contained the most reliability it would have to be the automated fingerprint identification system. I say this because we know that there are other technologies out in the world that can be used to make those technologies used by criminal justice professionals less effective. The technology that is being referred to is plastic surgery. It is possible for a person to have their facial features altered in much(prenominal) a way that they cannot be identified as who they truly are through the use of facial recognition databases.As for fingerprints, the only way that they can be altered is if a person were cut or burned so badly that scaring resulted. There have been several attempts by people over the years to erase their fingerprints, but these attempts have been unsuccessful. reproduce has also been around a lot longer than facial recognition and has been proven to be more accurate than facial recognition. As we know technology is always changing as technicians find new ways to improve the systems that these databases run on. As technology improves the accuracy of AFIS, Facial Recognition, live scan, iris scan, and mobile data terminals will also improve.One thing to remember is that information must be manually uploaded into these databases so that they can be saved for current or future use. Another thing to remember is that when a potential match is made by using any of the before mentioned databases they must also be manually go over for accuracy. The reason for this is that the odds of two people having identical features is very low which means that results are not guaranteed to be perfect. The best way for agencies to ensure that these databases are used to their full potential is to continually train their technicians on the latest technology and keep the databases current.References Ridges and Furrows. (2004, April 15). Ridges and Furr ows AFIS Page. Retrieved April 5, 2010, from http// Woodward, J., Horn, C., Gatune, J., & Thomas, A. (2003). Biometrics A Look at Facial Recognition. Retrieved April 5, 2010, from Hayeslip, D. (2008, February 1). Evaluability Assessment of Mobile Automated Fingerprint Identification organization (AFIS). Retrieved April 5, 2010, from Lennard, C. J.().The Thin Blue LIne.Retrieved from http//