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The Impact Of The Enlightenment On The Colonies :: American History

The intellectual current known as the Enlightenment deeply affected the studyed clergymen who headed colonial colleges and their students. Around 1650, some atomic number 63an thinkers began to analyze nature in order to determine the laws governing the universe. They employed experimentation and abstract reasoning to discover general principles behind phenomena such as the motions of planets and stars, the behavior of falling objects, and the characteristics of light and sound. Above, all Enlightenment philosophers emphasized acquiring knowledge through reason, taking particular delight challenging previously noncontroversial assumptions. John Lockes Essay Concerning Human Understanding disputed the notion that human beings are born already imprinted with innate ideas. All knowledge, locke asserted, derives form ones observations of the external world. touch sensation in witchcraft and astrology, among other similar phenomena, thus came under attack. The Enlightenment had an enormous impact on educated, well to do people in Europe and America. It supplied them with a common vocabulary and a unified view of the world, one that insisted that the enlightened 18th century was better, and wiser, than all previous ages. It joined them in a common endeavor, the effort to make sense of Gods orderly creation. Thus American naturalists like John and William Bartram supplied European scientists with information about New World plants and animals so that they could be included in newly formulated universal classification systems. Americans interested in astronomy took part in an international effort to learn about the solar system by studying a rare occurrence, the transit of Venus across the face of the sun in 1769. An example of the Americans elaboration in the Enlightenment was Benjamin Franklin, who retired from a successful printing business himself to scientific experimentation and public service. His experiments and observation on electricity estab lished the spoken language and basic theory of electricity still used today. The experimentation encouraged by the Enlightenment affected the lives of ordinary Americans most dramatically through advances in medicine specifically, the control of smallpox. The Reverend Cotton Mather, the prominent Puritan cleric, learned from his African born slave about the benefits of inoculation (deliberately infecting a person with a mild case of a disease) as a protects against smallpox. When Boston in 1720-1721 suffered a major small pox epidemic, Mather urged the adoption of inoculation despite rough opposition from the cities leading physician. Mortality rates eventually supported Mather- of those inoculated, just 3 percent died of other 15 percent.

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Inaccurate Portrayal of the Dinosaur Face :: Anthropology Essays Paleontology Papers

Inaccurate Portrayal of the Dinosaur Face As time goes on, Paleontologists discover more than and more fogy remains, and with that more and more information about dinosaurs. Yet even with the great deal of fossils that have been discovered in the past century, scientists are lock forced to make educated guesses about certain dinosaur behaviors, traits, and appearance. Dr. Lawrence Witmers recent research addresses this issue. Dr. Witmer argues that the fleshy nostril of dinosaurs lies in a different place than has been mistaken and portrayed for over the last one hundred years.Dr. Witmers discovery was published in the August issue of Science magazine in 2001 and may change how we envision dinosaurs forever. Movies like Jurassic Park and the BBCs Walking with Dinosaurs portray dinosaurs with fleshy nostrils which lie very high on their head. Not besides in popular media is this true but in sculptures, kids books and scholarly journals.How could so many scientists have been wrong for so long? Very easily. When a dinosaur fossil is discovered it has an extremely large nasal cavity in its skull, sometimes several feet in length. Since flesh does not preserve all too hale over the course of millions of years, paleontologists have been forced to make an educated guess as to where the fleshy nostril lies within the larger nasal cavity.Since the 1880s scientists simulated that the nostril existed near the top of the head. The reason for this is that when sauropods (long necked dinosaurs) were discovered, it was thought that they must live under water in order to avoid crushing themselves under their own weight. This would explain their long necks. It would overly follow that the fleshy nostril would be near the top of the head so the creatures could breathe easily composition their bodies were under water. Even after it was realized these dinosaurs did not live under the water, the idea that the fleshy nostril existed near the top of the head pe rsisted. The idea was also spread to most other dinosaurs that were discovered thereafter. Perhaps you have noticed this in a drawing or movie, that Tyrannosaurus Rexs large nostrils do not lie in the front of his face but instead halfway up his head.Witmer believes his years of research with his DinoNose project prove that dinosaurs fleshy nostrils in truth exist on the front end of the nasal cavity instead of the back end as was once believed.

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Imagery and Diction in The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop Essay -- The Fish

Imagery and Diction in The Fish by Elizabeth BishopElizabeth Bishops commit of imagery and diction in The Fish is meant to support the themes of observation and the deceptive nature of surface appearance. Throughout the course of the poem these themes lead the bank clerk to the serious realization that aging (as represented by the weight) is not a negative process, and allows for a reverie for all life. Imagery and diction are the understructure methods apply by Bishop in the symbolic nature of this poem. The title of the poem itself dictates the simplicity Bishop wishes to convey regarding the narrators view of his catch. A fish is a creature that has preceded the invention of spell on this planet. Therefore, Bishop supplies the reader with a subject that is essentially constant and eternal, similar life itself. In boost examination of this idea the narrator is, in notification to the fish, very young, which helps introduce the theme of deceptive appearances in conj unction with age by building off the notion that youth is ignorant and riotous to judge. Bishops initial description of the fish is meant to further develop this theme by presenting the reader with a fish that is battered, venerable, and homely. Bishop compares the fish to antique wallpaper. Even without the word ancient preliminary it, the general impressionion of wallpaper is something that fades into the background. One is not supposed to take much notice of it. To add to this impartial picture, the fish is brown, the signature food color of dullness. Shapes like full-blown roses stained and lost through age (lines 14-15) further cement the image of something with little time left. Fully bloomed roses conjure the image of a rosiness whose petals are at t... ...tors growing relationship with the fish. She creates, first, an image of the fish as a helpless captive and the reader is allowed to feel sorry for the fish and even out pity his situation as the narrator do es. The narrators relationship with the fish then grows to one of personal regard as he engages in further convey and is able to look past his initial observation. The parting image of the rainbow offers a perfect way to drive home the process of aging as a dignified and even celebratory act. Not only is it a very optimistic image of color and gaiety, but the rainbow is traditionally paired with the concept of assess once the end of it is reached. When applied to the intended message of the poem, it may be interpreted that Bishop is implying that nearing the end of ones life is like nearing the end of the rainbow and accepting a takings for a life well lived. Imagery and Diction in The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop Essay -- The Fish Imagery and Diction in The Fish by Elizabeth BishopElizabeth Bishops use of imagery and diction in The Fish is meant to support the themes of observation and the deceptive nature of surface appearance. Throughout the course of the poem these themes lead the narrator to the important realization that aging (as represented by the fish) is not a negative process, and allows for a reverie for all life. Imagery and diction are the cornerstone methods implemented by Bishop in the symbolic nature of this poem. The title of the poem itself dictates the simplicity Bishop wishes to convey regarding the narrators view of his catch. A fish is a creature that has preceded the creation of man on this planet. Therefore, Bishop supplies the reader with a subject that is essentially constant and eternal, like life itself. In further examination of this idea the narrator is, in relation to the fish, very young, which helps introduce the theme of deceptive appearances in conjunction with age by building off the notion that youth is ignorant and quick to judge. Bishops initial description of the fish is meant to further develop this theme by presenting the reader with a fish that is battered, venerable, and homely. Bishop com pares the fish to ancient wallpaper. Even without the word ancient preceding it, the general conception of wallpaper is something that fades into the background. One is not supposed to take much notice of it. To add to this impartial picture, the fish is brown, the signature color of dullness. Shapes like full-blown roses stained and lost through age (lines 14-15) further cement the image of something with little time left. Fully bloomed roses conjure the image of a flower whose petals are at t... ...tors growing relationship with the fish. She creates, first, an image of the fish as a helpless captive and the reader is allowed to feel sorry for the fish and even pity his situation as the narrator does. The narrators relationship with the fish then grows to one of personal regard as he engages in further study and is able to look past his initial observation. The parting image of the rainbow offers a perfect way to drive home the process of aging as a dignified and even cel ebratory act. Not only is it a very optimistic image of color and gaiety, but the rainbow is traditionally paired with the concept of treasure once the end of it is reached. When applied to the intended message of the poem, it may be interpreted that Bishop is implying that nearing the end of ones life is like nearing the end of the rainbow and accepting a reward for a life well lived.

Stoppards Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Vonneguts Slaughterhouse-Five :: comparison compare contrast essays

Stoppards Rosencrantz and Guildenstern argon Dead and Vonneguts Slaughterhouse-Five That we, people, are bugs in amber is one of the mainthemes of Kurt Vonneguts novel Slaughterhouse-Five orChildrens Crusade. Tom Stoppards bit Rosencrantz andGuildenstern are Dead is, in my opinion, very similar to thisbook. While Slaugterhouse-Five is an American novel, a mixture ofthe authors Second World War experiences and science fictiongenre, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is a British playset into William Shakespeares Hamlet. What are these twoliterary works similar in, then? It is the central theme. Bothworks orient that we are physic exclusivelyy stuck in this world, our futureis already given, and we have no way of escaping our destiny.Both writers provide a little room for their charactersimagination which is, in my opinion, crucial item of bothliterary works. In this paper I will try to use Kurt Vonneg uts novel tohelp me point out the study theme of Rosencrantz and Guildensternare Dead and to explain and clarify the themes meaning and mainmessage. The main theme of Slaughterhouse-Five is expressed severaltimes throughout the novel. One of the examples is the modulationwhich shows (from the view of the Tralfamadorians -- alienbeings) that the future is given and that one cannot change it. All moments, past, present, and future, always haveexisted, always will exist. The Tralfamadorians can look at allthe different moments just the way we can look at a stretch ofthe Rocky Mountains, for instance. (Vonnegut27) Another passage of the novel describes the theme more directly.It is the break-dance when the Tralfamadorians kidnap Billy Pilgrim andhe asks why?. Have you ever seen bugs trapped in amber? Well, here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this

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Graduation Speech :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Betty Lou is right -- Our achievements of the past four years confound been an honor. And so I offer my congratulations to each of you for achieving the honor that comes with high school graduation. Up to this point, high school whitethorn be the most exciting and difficult cognise of our lives. Weve enjoyed the carefree and happy times with WWF-style pep assemblies, dances, Junior T-P nights, and classes with friends. Weve had our bad days too, though. The days when we forgot our semester project for C.I. at home, or when we couldnt stop falling asleep and Mr. midget made us get up to open a window. But far worse were the times when we matte alone. Weve all had days of personal crisis when weve felt rejected by those around us or alienated from them. Hopefully, we were fortunate enough to have had a friend come rescue us from isolation, scarce perhaps non.As senior year comes to an end and we walk away from high school into a much bigger and more complicated world, we should n ot leave our years at Tree without reflecting on time spent here together and remembering what we have observed across the country, especially in the last year.There is certainly no simple answer to the tragic events that have occurred at other high schools recently. We look at the tragedies of Jonesboro, Pearl, Fayetteville, Springfield, Edinboro, West Paducah, Moses Lake, Jacksonville, and Littleton and wonder the reason behind the violence that occurred. While finding an answer may be impossible, it is still wise for us to look for causes and most appropriate, to search for solutions. umpteen of the contributing factors are likely beyond our control and there is no way for us to prevent them. There are, however, plenty of little things that we do or can do that affect others more than we realize. For example, all of us should be quick to distinguish between what is friendly teasing and what teasing torments our peers. It may have lost some significance, having been repeated so o ften on the news and in health classes, but it is important to treat others with respect. We never know when we may cross the line and, though not meaning to, be a source of torment to someone else. We all need to become more bare-assed to what crosses the line when interacting with others. It is for our benefit, as well as others, that we do this.

Graduation Speech :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Betty Lou is right -- Our achievements of the past four old age have been an honor. And so I offer my extolment to each of you for achieving the honor that comes with high school graduation. Up to this point, high school may be the most exciting and difficult experience of our lives. Weve enjoyed the c befree and keen times with WWF-style pep assemblies, dances, Junior T-P nights, and classes with friends. Weve had our bad days too, though. The days when we forgot our semester project for C.I. at home, or when we couldnt stop falling asleep and Mr. Gnome made us get up to open a window. But far worse were the times when we felt alone. Weve all had days of personal crisis when weve felt rejected by those around us or alienated from them. Hopefully, we were fortunate enough to have had a friend come rescue us from isolation, but perhaps not.As senior year comes to an end and we walk away from high school into a much bigger and more complicated world, we should not leave our years at Tree without reflecting on time spent here together and remembering what we have observed across the country, especially in the last year. in that respect is certainly no simple answer to the tragic events that have occurred at other high schools recently. We look at the tragedies of Jonesboro, Pearl, Fayetteville, Springfield, Edinboro, West Paducah, Moses Lake, Jacksonville, and Littleton and question the reason croup the violence that occurred. While finding an answer may be impossible, it is still wise for us to look for causes and most appropriate, to search for solutions.Many of the contributing factors are likely beyond our control and there is no way for us to prevent them. There are, however, plenty of little things that we do or can do that affect others more than we realize. For example, all of us should be quick to distinguish between what is friendly teasing and what teasing torments our peers. It may have lost most significance, having been repeated so often on the news and in health classes, but it is important to treat others with respect. We never know when we may cross the take out and, though not meaning to, be a source of torment to someone else. We all need to become more sensitive to what crosses the line when interacting with others. It is for our benefit, as well as others, that we do this.

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Classic Pen Co. Case

Classic frame Co. Case In the past Classic Pen Company had been the low-cost producer of black and blue pens and had profit margins over 20% of gross sales. Over the last five years Pen Co. decided to scram producing red and purple pens. They require the same basic achievement technology but can be sold at 3% and 10% bounteousness selling prices. Sales Manager Dennis Selmor is just seeing the financial results and is not happy with the numbers. The first issue that Pen Co. is facing is their decline in profitability. notwithstanding though the numbers show the red and purple pens are more profitable individually (red 14. %, purple 18. 2%), the overall return on sales is declining (13. 5%). A second issue that Pen Co. has is the issue of addition of resource costs. It requires a substantial amount of time for physical passage of business from one colour pen to another. Particularly changing from another colour to red. The final issue Pen Co. faces is the increase of costs rel ated to scheduling and buy activities. Most of the indirect labour costs and computer system costs are related to scheduling and purchasing.Pen Companys declining profitability could be base on the amount of the companys overhead. They have determined overhead to be 300% of direct labour costs, when previously the overhead cost was tho 200%. The make-up of this overhead is indirect labour, fringe benefits, computer systems, machinery, maintenance, and energy. The reason for such a large increase in overhead is because of the higher aim for indirect costs due to the addition of more complex and specialized products. While the cost for direct labour per one unit is the same for each colour of pen produced.The cost for indirect labour is made up of three different activities 50% for handling production runs ($10,000), 40% for physical changeover or set up costs ($8,000), and 10% for maintaining records or parts administration ($2,000). The cost for computer systems is made up of tw o activities 80% for production run activities ($8,000), and 20% for record keeping or parts administration ($2,000). Finally the remaining indirect costs are the machinery ($8,000), maintenance ($4,000), and energy ($2,000).These are all used to supply the machine with the capacity to produce the pens with a total of $14,000. Overall Classic Pen Co. must improve upon several areas of learn in order to increase its profitability similar to what it had been in the past. They need to increase their planning and try to adjust their current planning system and organizing. They could induct in more computers to increase the amount of scheduling being done by computers and as a result lower their indirect labour costs.Finally I recommend they should invest in some more machines to produce the different colour pens in. This would have a high cost of capital but would at long last save the company money in the labour cost and time required for the physical changeover between colours Calc ulation Page mediate LabourMachine Support Handling Production Runs = 10,000Machinery = 8,000 Set Up = 8,000Maintenance = 4,000 Parts judiciary = 2,000Energy = 2,000 Fringe Indirect Labour = 8,000Total = 14,000 Computer SupportFringe for Direct LabourHandling Production Runs = 8,000Fringe = 8,000 Parts Administration = 2,000 Total Overhead = 60,000 Calculating Activity Rate Activities Activity Cost Cost Driver Calculation Activity Rate 1) Handling PR 22,000 one hundred fifty 22,000/150 146. 67 / Run 2) Set Up 12,000 526 12,000/526 22. 81 / Hour 3) Parts Admin. 4,000 4 4,000/4 1000 / Product 4) Machine Support 14,000 10,000 14,000/10,000 1. 4 / Hour 5) Fringe DL 8,000 20,000 8,000/20,000 0. 4 / DL Cost Total 60,000

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Creative Writing Aptitude Essay

Being a author is somewhatone who uses paper on a regular basis. You sustain to be a spell outr before you can be a good generator. Its about being good or at least good enough. merely students outweart see themselves as writers at altogether because they have been structur all(prenominal)y defined as deficient. This believes that a student is someone who does not write up to a definite standard of per moldance with academic discourse. A writer does not simply write at someone elses control but on their own initiative.So as a writer and a student you penury an independent plan into which you fit into a certain given curriculum and create verbally assignments. That doesnt mean you should be single-minded, but rhetoric and composition demand be a place where students should realize they need to take control for their educational fancy. Rhetoric and composition have become a part of how we do things since we have been young. We are eventually taught in domesticate the t ypes of writing we depart need to use in our everyday situations to service of process us communicate to others for a specific purpose and effectively.This writing informs, persuades, or explains what it is we requirement the audience to know or come away with. R & C studies use academic essays, papers, memos, or class handouts while creative writing studies to begin with create literary whole caboodle. Students are not on that point to compare one another as writers, artists, or human beings in general. It is a way for to each one of us to develop our own writing style and self-expression. It builds up the one-on-ones ability to express his or her own thoughts and technique more intelligibly by engaging into writing to get our mind working.Creative writing and compositions studies seem to operate with a distinct sense of a constituency for its teaching, an audience for its writing, and a function it performs (Lardner, 770). Creative writing is a way to express what you fee l inside your heart or the ideas that are in your head. It gives the writers a means for expressing their views of their milieu and their world. Individuality exists in creative writing because the work is never the same as someone elses. It is a personal expression that comes from each individual writer at each individual moment.However, the true test of creativity occurs when the writing can be said to give readers an experience. For that the reason the writing is called Creative because it creates an experience in the minds of its readers. Examples of some these writing forms are poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Each form has its own concepts involved with R & C because creative writing uses your self-expression as a big part of development than formality. Lets start off with poetry. Poetry is possibly the most comprehensive way we have of expressing ourselves.Poetry works at a deep level of emotion. To feel emotion is at least to feel. The crime against life, the wors t of all crimes, is not to feel (MacLeish, 66). Poetry opens up your emotions and helps you express anything through the use of metaphors, images, and feelings. Often the poet operates by suggestion and implication as well (Adams, 11). Poetry starts in odd develops, an image, a tune in the head, a deeply incoherent pain. The originating emotion still congests the lines or, in striving for uniqueness, the work becomes untidy, exaggerated or confused.So each property (meaning, association, weight, color, duration, shape, texture, etc. ) changes as words are combined into phrases, rhythms, lines, stanzas and eventually completed poems. Out of those properties the poetry is built, even if the end cannot be entirely foreseen. In responding to what has been written feeling it, instinct it, and extending its potential with imagination, honesty and sensitivity that very fine lines, vocal use, ample sympathies, kindness of heart and a consideration for the human condition become essential. But poetry is nothing without extended labor. In contrast to the development of a delicate tension between speaker and subject, between various parts of a poem and between the feelings warring within the speaker, there in addition can be a considerable looseness and vagueness (Adams, 15). You can either have a clear understanding of what you esteem the poetry is portraying or you can be at a complete loss. Poetry trains the personality needed to be an artist, an unlimited capacity to be honest and take pains. It calls for self-criticism, which becomes essential as a writers talents develop.Criticism also hones skills that involve the poets needs by close reading, clarification and evaluation. It also requires the analysis and growth out of the very development between audience response and the poet. The poet writes to an audience representing artistic perfection rather than to a reader chosen at random (Adams, 143). Poetry may be complex, requiring a good deal of sorting out, bu t there has to be an immediate impact of some sort that allows the reviewer to be in awe. Poets need to know whats been done before, and how comparisons may be objectively undertaken.The nigh form I will discuss is fiction. Fiction is most definitely my favorite. The first thing you need to know is the age group you are writing for. You can write for children, teenagers, young adults, adults, etc. This is perhaps a really important step before writing because you need to know what your audience wishs and expects. afterward you have selected your age group then take the time to see what is out there in the age range that you want to write for. If the up-to-date rage is spaceships and outer space themes then writing about cowboys alone wont cut it unless the cowboy is somehow swept into outer space.You also need to research what you will be writing about because some of the time you wont know much about the topic youve chosen. query gives you a chance to investigate all those su bjects youve invariably wanted to know about and it gives the breath of life and authenticity to your work (Kubis, 150). Once youve done some research, now it is time to get started. Remember all fiction has a beginning, middle and an end. You need to start your point at the point that something happens to change it all by giving your characters a problem.It must(prenominal) be a worthwhile dilemma. For example, a girl who wants to move out of her parents house and is trying to find an flat that she really wants when her parents refuse to help her because she can do it on her own is not an interesting problem. On the other hand, a lady who has three age to move out of her parents house is a more intriguing problem. Give your audience a reason to support your main character. You want to achieve a character that is so real, so human, it seems inevitable that she does the thing youve determined she must do (Kubis, 49).Your news report should progress toward the middle, the climax of your story. The hero had to earn the dilemma herself, without having outside forces do it for her (Kubis, 3). It should climax into a problem that is worth caring about, and it should influence the outcome of the story but it does not necessarily resolve the story only stomachs information that adepts to the resolution (kubis, 113). From there you need to let the readers know how it was adequately resolved with a positive result or a defeat. Then there is view point is which the story being told.Who is telling the story or through whose eyes is the story being related? Is it a narrator, the main character, a secondary character? Once you start with a viewpoint stick with it. Do not switch from character to character. too stay away from everyplace used phrases. Over done phrases are a definite no. Describing something as black as night is too boring. Look for a antithetic way of saying the same thing. You could say black ink dark or all encompassing black. Make a list of all the overdone phrases you can think of and then practice saying them a different way.Nothing is ever said in your story that doesnt lead you somewhere. Know how to correspond properly. It will make all the difference to a readers understanding of what you are trying to say. Never throw in information that does not lead your story forward. Try to find a fresh way of telling a story by saying it again but differently. If everyone is writing about pirates it can get pretty boring after awhile if you use a similar plot line like everyone else. Find a fresh way of telling the same story, maybe from a captives point of view or how someone became an unwilling pirate.Use the phrase what if. Ask what if such and such happens what would be the result and if this happened what would be the outcome. This is the time to use your imagination. Get creative and see where it leads you. The last form I will talk about is creative nonfiction. Not a lot of muckle know what it is and it can take on dif ferent styles a narrative, personal essays, memoir, kick the bucket writing, food writing, biography, literary journalism, short stories, etc. Its where you research a topic just as a journalist does but the writer must write in sentiments.They dont think of facts as the basic building blocks of their stories they think scenes instead. A scene in creative nonfiction occurs in a specific place (where) usually the narrator and one or more others are there (who) at a particular time (when) something happens (what) mess converse (dialog or stupefyd conversation) and sometimes someone thinks about something. We like to see scenes in front of us since life does seem to occur as a series of scenes. To get a story from a particular subject you may have to be pokey by uncovering innermost thoughts and feelings of those interviewed. at that places highly involved research effort required that the writer should be willing and financially able to stick with a story for weeks, months, or eve n years. The creative nonfiction writer cant work out of his or her memory and imagination alone, he or she must train research out in the real world, the raucous world, the dirty world. You should go around collecting facts from dusty records at City Hall, interviewing experts, and talking with the people involved.Also talk with the people immediately involved in the tory to flush out, and add fresh ideas, ideas you faculty never have come up with on your own, provide different angles, views, perspectives, and insights on the person or the topic under study. This requirement to work away from the studio or the study turns some writers away from this form of writing. Others love that side of the profession, its what draws them in. An important consideration before you begin to write in scenes is choosing the structure of your writing in the first place. Structure is the positioning of parts and all the techniques you use to hold the parts together and make it do what it is intend ed to do (Gerard, 156).Most creative nonfiction writers may have a structure well in mind before writing at all because the material is promoted in the subconscious. Having the security of structure, or even just some structure, enables the writer to relax and play with any number of creative possibilities to perk up each scene. Since creative nonfiction is typically written scene by scene and is usually joined or separated by passages from a running account of what is happening at the moment, you need to study and perfect the structure.Some of these potential scenes will be embedded in the narrative synopsis, but its important to first identify the scenes that make up a story. The writer needs to select only those events that seem to have the greatest potential and then organize them into what seems will be the best sequence, which is not always chronological. The hardest part of writing creative nonfiction is that youre stuck with what really happened you cant make it up (Gerard, 5). The goal is to communicate information, just as a reporter does, but in the way you construct a story.The relationship between the one who tells the story and the story itself may help determine if the story should be told in the first or third person point of view. Some say the third person point of view is the most arduous but the most rewarding since the author has to stay more out the way. In writing in first person narrative you need to short-change how to get out of the way by being subjective but maintain objectivity. Just remember that you are the first person or narrator. Its a balancing act but it has to do with finding a voice.Once the voice is found, the writer can posture, say things not meant, imply things not said, and have fun. Once you find the right voice for a piece of writing, it allows warmth, concern, compassion, flattery, and shared imperfections. You can also show something about a person by letting the reader hear him or her speak when people appear, particularly when they begin to converse, to help the story come to life. We have to learn to watch people unusually close, especially for anything unusual or distinct. Include in your report poses, posturing, habitual gestures, mannerisms, appearances, and glances.Writers frequently describe a groups entertainment as a way to understand the group frequently looks at the way people dress. pen about the typical daily life of a person helps illuminate a book and brings in the focus. The creative nonfiction writer can and should occasionally vividly describe the day-to-day life of one person. You should capture conversations and also show the reader how things look to your character in the world, leaving the reader to interpret what it all means. Although usually done sparingly, you might introduce your thoughts on the situation or the people.This emotional content enables you to create dramatic, vivid, accurate scenes. Creative nonfiction is the ability to capture the personal and th e private by making it mean something significant to a larger audience. It also provides intellectual substance that will affect readers perhaps even provoke them to action or to change. The relationships of Creative Writing and R & C to one another deserve attention in a number of ways. When we put words onto a paper, its our own individual way of expressing what we want to say.As I stated earlier, poetry is possibly the most comprehensive way we have of expressing ourselves. Poetry works at a deep level of emotion. The fact that poetry and prose have coincided in a long line in rhetorical study is, of course, a rewarding battleground of study. In fact, theres much to be learned about audience and rhetorical situation by positioning oneself as the writer of poems. plain though rhetoricians might cringe at the idea of having students write styles of poetry, this area of study would be of great benefit to those examining the practice of rhetoric.It might also help rhetorics become better communicators to examine their own language to become more fluid, more colorful, and more imaginative. Also it would benefit all audiences to think of writing as a beautiful relationship of language and author. Thats if only because the process has such potential to benefit from the voices and views of others on their own journeys and might allow a fuller recognition of ways composition studies and creative writing coincide.

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Labour Disputes Case

Labour Disputes A look at the TKM unrest Introduction Toyota Kirloskar labour secret Limited (TKM) was a joint venture, established in 1997, betwixt Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Japans largest car company and the second-largest car manufacturer in the world, and the Kirloskar free radical of India. Toyota holds an 89% equity s scoot and while the Kirloskar Group holds the remaining 11%. Toyota has over 400 acres of land in its Bidadi whole kit and caboodle and less than half of the land has been utilised so far charge though its plants capacity is about 60,000 units per annum.Toyota has invested nearly 15 billion INR in the plant. Some of its most famous brands such as Camry, Innova and Corolla be the end products of this plant. The plant had a total constructforce of 2,378 out of which around 1,550 employees belonged to the Employee mating. Toyotas plant has witnessed labour unrest in 2001 and again in 2002 hitting the production of their vehicles leading to a ban of the hook on by the giving medication. Below, we discuss the various reasons, which led to the clashes between the instruction and the employees of TKM.This highlights the growing number of instances of clashes between the employees and the management of companies in India, which is often manoeuvre by immaterial parties such as foxiness unions and political parties. Aim To understand The importance of HR policies adopted by the organization to pr fount moil unrest at the workplace. The role of trade unions, political parties etc in upsetting the work culture in a company. The Issue On January 08, 2006, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (TKM) announced an indefinite lockout of its vehicle manufacturing plant at Bidadi located near Bangalore, Karnataka.The company claimed to suck in forced to resort to such a decision following a continuous strike by their employee union for third day in a row. The Toyota-Kirloskar union affiliated to the Center of Trade Union (CITU) Ja n 9, 2006 demanded that the Government prosecute the management, which had declared an indefinite lockout of the local unit for violating a section of the Industrial dispute act . On January 06, 2006, the Employee Union went on strike with the demand to reinstate three dismissed employees, ten suspended employees, and improve the work condition at the plant.According to company sources, these employees were dismissed and suspended base on disciplinal issues. TKM declared that it would not rehire those employees culminating in the strike and lockout. The company said that the striking workers were threatening to blowup LPG gas cylinders in the company premises, obstructing the external movement of manufactured vehicles, illegally stopping production, and manhandling early(a) workers, who were not part of the Employee Union, to strike.The Employee Union said that these employees were dismissed because they were active members of the trade union and the company was wretched with t he union activities. They further added that the working environment at the plant was not conducive and the work hours were longer than the standard. The issue scaled further in the event of the Company representatives failing to appear before the Labor Commissioner on January 09, 2006 for dispute resolution with the union. The company reasoned that they feared adverse reactions from the aggressive union members.Though, the company appealed for two weeks time to appear before the Labor Commissioner so that situation could become stable, they were interruptn time only till January 12, 2006. The Employee Union with the back up of CITU and other unions demanded the intervention of the state government to help resolve the dispute in their favor. TKM continued with partial production of vehicles with the help of non-unionized workers and the management staff who were specially instruct for these kinds of emergencies.Irrespective of this, the company incurred huge production losses due to reduction in output by 60%. The Employee Union withdrew their strike following a Government Order on January 21, 2006, which was against the strike The Company lifted the lockout on January 21, 2006 stating that it was responding to the request from workers who eager to return to work. Aftermath The unrest had other impacts as the Toyota translator said that the company would rethink its recent decision to build a second car manufacturing plant in the state.These sorts of incidents will definitely hamper the Governments efforts to bring in foreign direct investments to the country. This in turn would affect the growth rate, employability and GDP of the country. Discussion Industrial disputes are costly and prejudicial to companies and employees alike. The policy formulations should be such that it is strong enough to avoid conflicts or resolve it victorfully. Though it is not possible to avoid conflicts, a system digest be built in, which guidelines a proper conflict resolut ion management.In the above case, a proper conflict resolution management system would have solved the issue well within the company rather than involving external parties and escalating the problem thereby resulting in huge production losses & wasted mandates. The HR policies and the top management support should be such as to minimise the chance of a grievance turning into dispute, there by avoiding the influence of external parties in disturbing the peaceful working environment.Either of the parties who participate in a conflict resolution procedure should come with an open mind, without any baggage that hampers the setting. They should be ready to trust each other and believe in the efforts taken by either of them in solving the dispute. The management must give the participating institution its right place in the managerial organisation of the undertaking and implementing the policies of the undertaking. The labour, on the other hand, must also whole heartedly co-operate with t he management done its trade unions.A committee can be formed by the management with the whole hearted co-operation of the workers. The board can involve an equal amount of affaire from the employees as well as the management. The board can meet at a timely interval and discuss grievances before them turning into disputes. Issues related to work hours, remuneration, productivity, etc can have a say in the board meetings. Policies are made for all the areas of an organisation at the top level which give trend for growth, discipline, productivity of an industry or business.These policies act as management guidelines to the functional heads who can discharge their responsibilities with clarity. Policies cover the areas of human relations like policies regarding motivation, morale, communication, leadership, styles, grievance procedure, disciplinary procedure employee counseling etc. These policies also cover the areas of industrial relations like Union recognition, union representati on, collective bargaining, prevention and settlement of industrial disputes, participative management etc . Voices Central trade unions are still relevant, mainly for the unorganised sector.Internal unions should not have a narrow view on this. They should be aware of the problems of their brothers -AITUC national secretary D L Sachdev. An ITI pass-out in TKM gets around Rs 15,000 a month, while outside the company hell only make Rs 4,000 or so. Not salutary the cash, but even in terms of facilities, we offer the best. -K K Swamy, deputy managing director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor. We have requested the government to intervene in the matter immediately and require the lockout declared by the management which is illegal.The government should prosecute the management for violating labour laws and issue immediate relief to the dismissed employees such as reinstatement and payment of pay during the dismissed period. -Meenakshi Sundaram, General Secretary, Centre of Indian Trade Un ion, Bangalore, in 2006. How long can we put up with unruly behaviour? We would like to restore normalcy as soon as possible, but at the same time, we would not like to compromise on discipline. -A. R Shankar, General Manager, Corporate Planning Division, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited, in 2006. There are another 11 people suspended by the management and we fear they may also be dismissed. We are officially supposed to work for eight hours but we are overworked sometimes. And we are treated in such a way, that we cant even take a bathroom break when we want. -R. Ravi, Union Joint Secretary, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Employees Unions, in 2006. Conclusion While India boasts the best in class labour irrespective of the discolour of the collar, what worries the industry are the regulations in terms of access to this valuable resource.The trade unions are not favouring the demand of the industry to improve labour legislations. While trade unions are of opinion that it would resul t in labour mismanagement, the industry states that the labour reforms are essential considering the frequent situational changes in the business scenario. According to Management experts, the success story of the software industry indicates how far our country can achieve if not restricted by controls. Bibliography Ramanathan, Kalyana. India Is Labour Trouble Resurfacing? 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Love You Forever Analysis

Love You Forever Book Analysis By Matthew Strong Love You Forever is a classic heart-warming story by Robert Munsch built around a simple, but etern in anyy meaningful commitment from a suffer to a child to do him forever. Robert Munsch has become a world-renowned author of childrens books for his unique use of exaggerated expressions that produce sounds that are very appealing and fun for children. In Love You Forever Munsch uses words want spook and zoo to add the effect of comedy but the overall theme of the story strikes chords that are much deeper than exaggerated expressions (Munsch np).Robert Munsch started Love you Forever as a song Ill savor you forever, Ill like you for always, as want as Im living my baby youll be subsequently he and his wife had two stillborn babies (Munsch, The Books Love You Forever). However, the story surrounding the song was not developed until sometime later. Understanding where Munsch is coming from slice writing Love You Forever really e mphasizes the meaning of unconditional love that is so prevalent within the story, as well as, highlights the underling theme of sexual urge stereotypes. The love that a parent has for their child is an unrestricted love that never wavers.Love You Forever presents the unconditional love that parents are expected to have for their children, despite all the mistakes they may make. In the story, when the boy pulled all the food out of the refrigerator and flushed his mothers watch down the toilet Munsch appearances the mothers frustration with this kid is driving me crazy (Munsch np). Yet, despite the mothers obvious irritation she continually crawls into the boys room every night to pick him up and rock him back and forth while she sings Ill love you forever, Ill like you for always, as long as Im living my baby youll be (Munsch np).In many cases this unconditional parental love is the depression and most important love a somebody will ever receive in their lifetime. In the future when developing relationships a person is adequate to(p) to recognize and respond to the love shown by others because of the consciousness of love that was first introduced by their parents. As a person progresses from a child into an self-aggrandising the understanding of the meaning of love helps them comprehend the importance of reciprocating love and compassion towards others.Munsch does a wonderful job of displaying the young boys progression through the different stages in life. And blush though there is no initial index that the boy reciprocates the love given to him by his mother when he was young. It becomes very clear that as an adult he understands the importance of reciprocating love when his mother becomes elderly and sick, and he returns the love she has unconditionally shown him by picking her up and rocking her back and forth while recounting their song (Munsch np).Munsch shows how the reciprocation of love is crucial in allowing love to continue to exist when the man returns home to his newborn daughter and sings the same song that his mother sang to him (Munsch np). The original relationship developed by Munsch in Love You Forever is between the mother and son. Coincidently this relationship closely follows the stereotype predominately set up in place by society. Society often sees women as more affectionate and nurturing than their counterpart gender, which widely leads to the assumption that women are naturally better suit for the process of raising a child.This stereotype is made obvious essentially through the entire story as neither Munsch nor the illustrator, Sheila McGraw make any indication that the father of the boy is playing a substantial position with the mother in his upbringing. However, at the end of the story this stereotype is completely contrasted following the divergence of the mother. When the boy, who is now a grown man and father, returns home to his newborn daughter it is he who displays a nurturing and affec tionate relationship between a father and his daughter.This role reversal developed by Munsch effectively casts aside the stereotype that women are better suited to raise a child, and demonstrates that affection and the mightiness to nurture are not qualities that are able to be defined by a persons gender. Munsch instead shows how these qualities are learned by a person and are displayed as they mature with age. Munsch effectively represents this progression though maturity when showing, the love the boy has for his mother is not absent during his childhood, but simply something he does not display as well as he does when he becomes an adult.Love You Forever is a wonderfully constructed story that can be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages. Although the comprehension of all the concepts within the story may not be extracted by the majority of the children, the tuneless song of Ill love you forever, Ill like you for always, as long as Im living my baby youll be is fun for y oung children to sing along to (Munsch, The Books Love You Forever). Munsch uses Love You Forever to spread over some very basic yet very powerful concepts.Love You Forever shows the existence of unconditional love and how important of a role the reciprocation of love plays in the development of future relationships. Furthermore, Munsch addresses the underling theme of stereotypes towards gender roles in the upbringing of a child by completely contrasting the stereotype, effectively displaying how extraneous of a role gender plays in the ability to show affection and nurture a child. Instead it is shown that these qualities are learned by a person and are displayed as they mature with age.Love You Forever is known to raise a lot of emotion in its readers, but it is Love You Forevers ability to connect readers to powerful heartfelt concepts that has ultimately made it a childrens book classic. Works Cited Munsch, Robert. Illus. Sheila McGraw. Love You Forever. Willowdale. Firefly B ooks Ltd. 1986. Print Munsch, Robert. The Books Love You Forever. Official Robert Munsch Website. Barking Dogs Studios. n. d. n. d. 2012. Web. 12 October 2012

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Macbeth: Victim or Villan

Macbeth Victim or Villain William Shakepears Macbeth is a tragedy that contains a perfect example of how lust for strength can twist ones thoughts, emotions, and personality. Even the noblest human being can become malicious when faced with the opportunity to gain power. Macbeth, the plays protagonist, comes face to face with this exact dilemma, causing him to transform from a valiant war hero into a murderous scoundrel. At the beginning of the play, Macbeths future tense is foretold by three witches.The world-class prediction is stated by the inaugural witch saying, All hail, Macbeth Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis (I. ii. 48) Thane of Glamis was already Macbeths title therefore the first witch is correct. The second witch predicts that Macbeth will become Thane of Cawdor. Immediately after the witches disappear, a message comes for Macbeth saying that he will now be the Thane of Cawdor as a result of the preceding Thanes act of treason. The final prediction made by the witches w as that Macbeth would be King hereafter (I. iii. 50. ).At first, Macbeth dismisses the predictions, still because the first two predictions from the witches are correct, Macbeth concludes that the third must be true as well. The prospect of gaining power as king appeals to Macbeth, but he does not merely know how he will become king. Macbeth decides to take matters into his own hands, creating a plot to kill the current King of Scotland, thereby speeding up the period between now and Macbeths coronation. The witches predictions have already taken root in his brain and, by dwelling on them, Macbeth departs his evil thoughts to grow and flourish.This causes him to move out his evil deeds along with his wife, Lady Macbeth, who has also become lethal in the pursuit of power. After realizing that he can make himself king, Macbeth concocts a plan to kill Duncan, the present King. Macbeth and his wife decide to kill Duncan when he comes, as a guest, to their castle. At this point, Mac beth can easily change his mind and allow the future to take its course without his interference, but instead, his decision to kill Duncan remains.After murdering Duncan, Macbeth feels a wave of guilt. As the play goes on, Macbeths conscience begins to become dampen to the idea of taking the life of someone else. The next major character in the story that is killed is Banquo. In the play, Banquo is also disposed a prediction by the witches Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none (I. iii. 67. ). This means that although Banquo is not king, his descendants will be. Macbeth realizes that this may be a problem posterior on and it may interfere with him being king.Banquo is also suspicious about how Macbeth is able to become king. He says Thou hast is now King, Cawdor, Glamis, all, / As the weird women promised, and I fear / thou playdst most foully for t (III. i. 1-3). With the prospect of Banquos descendants becoming king and the possibility that Banquo is suspicious of how he bec ame king, Macbeth decides that Banquo and Banquos son, Fleance, must be exterminated. Macbeth hires murderers to kill the two of them as they some(prenominal) go horseback riding.Though Banquo is a close friend of Macbeth, this does not stop him from murdering both Banquo and Banquos son in Macbeths quest for power. Subsequently, Macbeth returns to the witches to get more information about his future. Macbeth is so concerned about keeping his crown that he willingly goes to the witches so he can figure out which action to take next in order to maintain his power. While there, he is given four more predictions in the form of apparitions. The first apparition, which is an armored head, says Beware Macduff Beware the Thane of Fife (IV. i. 71-72. ). This apparition means that Macbeth should be wary of Macduff because he somehow poses a threat to Macbeth. Macbeth refuses to allow Macduff to be the one that ends Macbeths rule as king. Without a second thought Macbeth hires murderers to g o to Macbeths castle and kill everyone there, but what Macbeth does not know is that Macduff is not in his castle. Macduff is in England convincing Malcom, Duncans son, to send an army to Dunsinain. This is the same army that ultimately leads to Macbeths doom.This means that Macbeth has killed the innocuous hatful in Macbeths castle for nothing. Macbeth has multiple opportunities to change his mind about his pursuit of the crown, but he still chooses to kill innocent people for his own selfish gain. Macbeths judgment is repetitively clouded by his quest for power throughout the novel. His apathy towards his murderous ways makes him a villain in the play. His identity changes from a war hero to a bloodthirsty tyrant. This shows that anyone is capable of becoming evil when given the right motive.

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A short analysis of “The Bucket Rider” and “A Country Doctor”

The Bucket RiderThis short story, typical of Franz Kafkas surrealist writing, would bring the reader into nearly false hopes that the speaker would someway get through the dilemma or problem he is in, but ends in frustration and despair. Such false hopes that the narrator would somehow get some sear that she/he desperately needs be created by the magical elements in the story. Somehow wishned to Aladdins flying carpet, the bucket becomes the narrators meanspirited vehicle which safely brings her/him to the destination, the coal dealers cellar. Nevertheless, unlike Aladdin, the speaker shows extreme dependence on the bucket and what it should contain, i.e., coal. We could likely interpret the bucket and the coal as the narrators source of security that ought to be filled up once it goes empty.Probably it could be ones desire for love or (to be Freudian ab reveal it) it could be the libidinal desire for sexual gratification. In one way or another, the characteristics of the bucke t could be likened to human emotions like emotions the bucket flies, and like emotions, the bucket, likened to a steed, could not resist. There could probably be many other interpretations on what the bucket and the coal may represent (as comfortably as what the coal dealer and his wife, and all the other elements in the short story represent) but one thing clear is the ending that eventually, coal would become out and when it does at the point when one is without means (but to beg) to get a new supply, then one would have to end in despair, in the regions of the glass mountains. This is the recurrent Kafka theme that human life is inescapably prevent and riddled with anxiety, riddles that seem not to have any answers.The Country DoctorThis short story stands out for its repeated use in classes in demonstrating Freudian psychoanalysis. A number of psychology and literature professors fancy using this short story to show how a classic surrealist literature could be Freudian. True , the elements of this short story could well be translated in Freudian terms but that I shall not pursue in length. It may be enough for the purposes of this short essay to say that the coif, the doctors alter ego, could very likely represent his id, the hidden erotic position of his personality, and that being a professional could simply be the sublimation of his sexual desires.Such would bring a whole new paradigm in the short story nevertheless, I would want to point out, not how the entire short story could very well demonstrate Freud, but the theme of how frustrating human man could be. The partition doctor is ironically portrayed as powerless to attend to his own needs and desires. Torn by the call of duty, he did not have the power to stop the groom from running after Rose when he explicitly said that he does not have the intention of handing the maid to the groom.It should be mentioned that the groom and the horses magically came from the doctors own pigsty, which made Rose say, You never know what youre going to find in your own house. Such a frustrating existence could very well be seen in the patients house as the doctor once again is caught in the frustrating dilemma of a healthy boy wanting to die, only to be reversed afterwards, i.e., after diagnosing that the boy indeed is sick, this time the boy wants to live. tour in the patients house, the doctor is constantly troubled by the horses, the parents, the sister, and other human beings like the village elders. Again he proved to be helpless when his upper garments were removed from him.He managed to escape but this time his magical horses would not canter but would rather go slow. The doctor, now in among the patients house and his own, gives a cry of despair Never shall I reach home at this rate my practice is done for. every of what he has, i.e., his home and his maid as well as his profession are all now gone, all because he made a geological fault to respond to a false alarm. These e ntire surrealist events point to the meaninglessness of it all, the frustrating existence of the country doctor who is incapable of saving his own self.ConclusionThough there are obvious differences as regards the characters, the use of symbols and elements, etcetera, we could say that the two essays are similar in a number of ways the theme, i.e., inescapability of frustrations and powerlessness in human existence the use of surrealism and magic and the possible use of Freudian paradigm to interpret the elements of the stories. All these we have seen in our discussion above.

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Representations of Men in Advertising

What is a man? This question may be odd to hear, but its a question that is answered constantly by advertisers in print ads and tv set commercials, all with different approaches. But he question the advertises are asking is What word-paintings of hands will sell my product? . There is the image of the rebel, the masculine heroes, the untamed or aggressive man, or the classic Gentleman. In recent years we see advertisers moving closer towards the image of the moderne man. The modern man, also know as the metro-sexual man, can be defined as well groomed, health and body conscious, and well dressed.The deconstruction of the two advertisements, Ralph Lauren and Michelob Ultra, accentuate this image and show its ascertain on the male audience. The Michelob Ultra advertisement preys on the modern mans body image perceptions, and uses them to create a desire for their product. The ad depicts an athletic swimmer, of whom we are to think consumes the product, getting out of the pool, a picture of the product, and the heading Lose the Carbs. Not the taste. The caption this is your fountain of youth insinuates that this product will keep you ruddy youthful, while being able to enjoy alcohol.There is a famous quote from Edgar A. Schoaff that reads, Advertising is the art of making whole lies, out of half truths. This ad from Michelob is a perfect example of this. In reality, the beer still contains carbs, almost the same amount as regular beer, but using an almost irrelevant radical of low carbs and transforming it into a, for lack of a better term, healthy beer. This misleading idea forces easily persuaded body conscious males to believe in their product. Ultimately, this kind of advertisement manipulates males thoughts and plants false images of an unrealizable body.The modern man look has grown increasingly more popular due to advertisers push to make men obsessing over their own body image. The advertisement for Ralph Lauren targets these image wise men and positions themselves as the right image. The ad is almost completely in black and white, with just the brand name, Ralph Lauren standing out in the background. The contrast makes for a striking and eye catching advertisement, with a hint of panache. It depicts trinity young men hurdling over a tennis net, boasting their clothes and style. Thre three men are racing, playing off mens stereotypical competitiveness and pursuit to be the best.The ad suggests that Ralph Lauren will divine service you get there. David Foster Wallace sums this up with his quote, It did what all ads are supposed to do create an anxiety relievable by purchase. The anxiety is the endeavour to be the best and the brand will help you in that objective. Therefore, this ad boasts itself as an image of what the modern man should strive for. As a result of the many advertising archetypes presented and beliefs about normalcy, young men are growing up being bombarded by different representations and images of males and find it impossible to not fall victim of them.Young men are lots enticed to emulate what they see on the television, hear on the radio or read on a newspaper ad. The allure of the lifestyle presented in advertising is most often great enough to coax the consumer to buy into it. These facts are supported by the aforementioned advertisements. Both similar in regards to target audiences, and view as impressions of the modern man. One of perfect body aspirations, and the other a pursuit for the perfect look. But both simultaneously give people ambitions to be the modern man.

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Biology Hsc Dot Points

BIOLOGY HSC NOTES MAINTAINING A BALANCE Identify the role of enzymes in metabolism, describe their chemical composition and use a simple model to describe their specificity on substrates. Enzymes are protein molecules that e actually(prenominal)ow the contrive to engage in chemical reactions, such as metabolism. There activities can be catalytic (being suitable to control the rate of either increasing/decreasing chemical reaction) Enzymes have a specific play, and this shape must be intact, otherwise the effectiveness of their function willing decrease.The shape may deform referable to PH or temperature takes, the metabolic processes can be modified in three main slipway by controlling the Amount of enzymes, Catalytic activity of enzymes and accessibility of spunk Metabolism is the total of all chemical reactions in the cell. Three factors that affect enzymes PH, Substance Concentration and temperature. The substrate is the molecule on which an enzyme acts upon (food), th is substrate/reactant fits onto the groove of the active site (the site where the enzymes break down the substance into products).That is why the shape is so important the active sites shape must remain un-altered if the enzyme is to function correctly. This fit is known as the generate fit, much like a key fits a lock. When the active site breaks down the substance into products, this is known as the catalysis process. Identify the pH as a way of describing the acidity of a substance PH (Parts per hydrogen) is the measure of acidity, or alkalinity in a liquid. Under 7 = acid (RED) 7 = Neutral (GREEN) Over 7 = Base (BLUE) Our stomach acid has a value of 2, Blood is well-nigh 7. . arterial blood is around 7. 41 while venous blood is 7.36. Venous blood has a lower Ph due to the lower carbon dioxide levels which influence more acidic levels likewise Arterial blood has a greater Ph as it receives the depleted cells that have a low level of Oxygen and a high level of Carbon dioxide. Uri ne is more acidic in the aurora (Ph 6. 5 7) as it is more concentrated and the kidney filters more so when the body is at rest. Acids Produce H+ (As H30+) ions in water Produce a negative ion (-) as well Taste sour Corrodes metals Reacts with bases to form salts and water. In the human body Skin is mildly acidic (Ph = 5. 6) Urine is acidic Stomach acids is very acidic (Ph = 1 2) Acidic to eliminate bacterias Blood Ph is about 7 Saliva Ph is about 7 Ph Indicators are dyes that can be added to an liquid and will change its colour in the presence of an acid or base. It can also be in the form of Litmus paper, or an universal indicator in the form of drops) Some dyes are infixed such as radish or red cabbage.

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Peter Cratchit Essay

ogre reveals his feelings round the importance of children and family in many ways. He vividly pictures to us in several scenes, children and family enjoying themselves on Christmas contempt their p overty, for example the Cratchit family scenes. However in contrast to this he also destines children hopelessly suffering on the streets, for face the ignorance and want scene and the surplus population scene. Dickens writes in a personal, conversational and stirred way. He has the imagination and the creative guessing of a child.His style of composition challenged the views of Victorians, who disapproved of the importance of children and family. In Victorian times the alliance was declining so a good deal that they had built workhouses and prisons for poor families and the surplus population to live in. Dickens style of writing is very unique and inventive. It is unlike any other Victorian authors who wrote in a manlier like attitude. They werent as emotional or sensitive as Dickens was. Unlike Victorians Dickens writes with the imagination and creativity of a child, whilst still writing the novel in a professional and successful manner.He uses impressive similes and metaphors to create almost ridiculous imagery, for example when Dickens describes a house in a neighbourhood, he describes it as, playing at hide and seek with other houses. This description would surprise many Victorians referees. Dickens make Victorians think, why is Charles Dickens a respected popular author writing as though he is a child? Dickens perhaps writes his descriptions in this manner because he wants Victorians to neck that children ar actually cleverer then what they are credited for.Dickens fully believes that children should be free to unleash all their puerile energy at times such as Christmas. Dickens creates a scene full of cheer and excitement. When he writes, What would I not have given to be angiotensin converting enzyme of them this is a personal comment, typeistic of Dickens friendly, honest, conversational style. The Victorian ratifiers would be impressed and slightly surprised by a gr receive man admitting to having such childlike impulses. Dickens describes children and family who enjoy Christmas despite their poverty. This is clearly chargen in the starting signal of the Cratchit scenes where he shows the family ecstatic with excitement and joy.This ecstatic energy and excitement is shown when precise Tim was at the dinner table peculiarly waiting for his Christmas lunch, he beat on the table with the handle of his knife. This description makes the reader think that even Tiny Tim, of all children, persists to be active and enjoy Christmas. This is uprising due to the fact of Tiny Tims disabilities. Dickens also portrays how grateful the Cratchits are for the things they have. The Cratchits are not troubled with the miniature list of food they have in their Christmas lunch, instead they are satisfied and content with it.T his is shown when Dickens allows the reader to know what thoughts are there inside the minds of the Cratchits, nobody said or thought it was at all a small pudding for a large family. Dickens uses another technique to portray his message, this technique is called irony. He writes the phrase, small pudding for a large family, just to show to the readers how undersized the pudding would have really been compared to the amount needed for the family. Of curse the Cratchits would think the pudding was small but there is so much family strength and appreciation that none of them actually minded the size of the pudding.Tiny Tim is an extremely important character in the novel. His character represents unfortunate and disabled children enjoying themselves at a time like Christmas. Although Tiny Tim is gamy and is on the edge of life he is still enthusiastic and grateful for the life given to him by theology. At the end of the novel Dickens shows Tiny Tims importance and affection to other s by him saying, God Bless us, all One. Dickens writes these words with all capital letters in them to show the significance of the phrase. The death of Tiny Tim is a very depressing event which occurs in the novel.Dickens uses a personal and emotional style of writing to describe Tiny Tims death. It is as if though Dickens realises Tiny Tims death as soon as the readers do, The colour? Ah poor Tiny Tim The Cratchit family are no longer described as cheerful and as ecstatic as they were in the first Cratchit scene. Instead Dickens describes curtsey Crachit in the second scene as, a man whose face was care-worn, to describe what used to be a joyful man in the first scene. The death of Tiny Tim has a very large impact on the Crachit familys atmosphere.Although the Crachits are deeply upset and depressed in the second scene they still persist to show the same family strength they had in the first scene. Every member in the family compliments each other no matter what the situation i s like. For instance when Bob Cratchit says you were a good wife, straight after the remark his son Peter Cratchit says everybody knows that This is an indication of the ample respect the family members have towards each other. Scrooge is delighted when the first spirit takes him back to the past to show Scrooge when he was a child at school.Scrooge is ecstatic to see his former self, this is indicated to the reader when Dickens describes the atmosphere, a thousand odours were floating in the air with joy. Dickens describes Scrooges journey to his childhood in such a positive way, this makes the reader realise that even Scrooge, a man who hates children, is delighted to see him back as a child. Scrooge wishes he was still a child and resents all the precious times where he has wasted his life on. Scrooge, a solitary dispassionate man even cries when he sees himself as a boy again, he lets emotion take over him unlike ever before.This is pointed out to the reader when Dickens descr ibes Scrooges actions and dialogue after drying his eye with his cuffs Its too late now to be a child. As Scrooge sees his own childhood it changes his attitude towards children, he becomes more emotional and this makes Scrooge realise what a stubborn lascivious man he has become. This is shown to the readers when Scrooge shared his feelings to the spirit, there was a boy singing Christmas Carol at my door withstand night. I should have liked to have given him something. Thats all.The reader gets a feeling that maybe Scrooge is feeling guilty of not giving the boy anything last night. Slowly the spirit is opening gateways into Scrooges mind making Scrooge more emotional and less ignorant. Fred and his uncle Scrooge have a very mixed relationship. It is obvious that Fred likes his uncle because he talks proudly of him, he also defends his uncles name when other people are mocking Scrooge. In one of the scenes Fred says to a crowd of people, A merry Christmas and a happy new year to the old man, whatever he is

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When Celebrity Endorsement Succeeds

WHEN CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT SUCCEEDS Celebrity authorization is defined as a form of brand or advertising campaign that involves a puff up kn feature person using their fame to help promote a product or service. The basic precept is quiet simple, people like celebrities, so if a renown likes a product people pull up stakes like it. According to industry sources, 20% of all television commercials features a famous person.I believe that celebrity mug is a good way for a company to promote its product through its consumers, celebrities have the appearance _or_ semblance in roughly one-fifth of ads, according to market researchers, and a single company like Nike expertness spend around half a billion dollars a year on endorsements . Celebrities greatly bring our consumer decisions in making purchases on certain(prenominal) products or brands. Advertisers have alship batchal found unique ways of getting the consumers attention, and elevating the status of a particular product.The Nike empire has many famous athletes sponsoring their product, such as Lebron James, troy weight Polamalu, and Tiger woods. These athletes are just some of hundreds that Nike has sponsored over the years. From their endorsements, consumers are constantly seeing the best sports players in the world using Nike equipment, shoes, or other Nike brand products. This in turn gives one the sense of Nike be the best, since the best professionals are using it. Thus making the consumer want to buy Nikes products.A nonher great example is, Gillettes Mach unification advertisement featuring Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, and Thierry Henry, combined all three of the best golf, tennis, and soccer players in its razor commercial. A sign of a celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services. Daniel J Boorstin Also, in my own point of view, I dont think a bad celebrity endorsement that backfires can affect the consumer buying behaviour. According to Katyal. S (2011), Sainsburys enc ountered a problem with Catherine Zeta Jones, whom the company used for its formula advertisements, when she was caught shopping in Tesco.A similar case happened with Britney Spears who endorsed one cola brand and was repeatedly caught drinking other brand of cola on tape. I totally disagree with this claim, why will people not want to buy a recipe from Sainsbury because Catherina Zeta Jones was caught using a different product, are they trying to adduce she should only use the product she advertises on TV? And concerning Britney spears, is she only suppose to devote her life to coca plant cola brands only? Assuming she was thirsty for sprite of fanta, she should not drink it in public because she publicise for coca cola brand only.People dont really understand what consumer endorsement means, if a certain celebrity is used for a product, it means that product is good enough for everybody thats if you like the person creation used. Example, the Nike snicker being advertised by Lebron James, he is used because of his popularity and his athletic background which is a thriving one. They mean, if a person like Lebron can use their product, u can use it too. And its telling its customers that Lebron has approve the product top be a good one which is why he signed the endorsement contract.

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Gothic Literature: the Fascination with Terror

Traci L. Pugh Dr. Amber Reagan-Kendrick ENG 45023-SU-2012-OA Seminar in American Literature 8 August 2012 Gothic Literature The Fascination with Terror People rich person an intrinsic worry of the dark and the unknown. While each persons level of anxiety and end of terror are different, the fascination to reveal them has inspired Gothic authors such as Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen world-beater, and Stephenie Meyer for tercet centuries. Subjects of these classic tales include lamias, reanimation of the dead, ghosts, murder, witches, and contend.These stories and poems can terrify audiences beca hire they can encompass reality of things people cherish with a twist of the impossible. Gothic writers use terror, arcanum, and excitement to probe the dark aspects of life by exposing inner humans fear. Mary Shelley was a Romantic Gothic author, and it is speculated that Frankenstein symbolizes internal conflicts and life experiences with what whitethorn stomach been their manifestations in the fictionalized characters she created (DAmato 117). She was divest at an early age, and final stage was no stranger to her due to the deaths of her sister and her husbands premier wife.Mary feared giving birth, mainly because her mother died eleven days after giving birth to her, entirely D Amato proposes that she may have believed any child she produced would inherit the repressed, hated, and destructive parts of herself (122). Shelleys work may have mirrored her life, but it was common for Gothic authors of this time to write about the nations dreams, and their own (Gothic Undercurrents). The early nineteenth century was a time of fear due to quick changes in the nation abolition, the Great Depression, war, and the bank crisis.These events gave Americans the feeling that life was an experiment that had gone horribly wrong, and these writers lookd this fear with prose (Gothic Undercurrents). This revolutionaryfound style of writing exposed the dark side of humanity, but it also questioned the mystery of unsolvable problems. These works probed the demons of the nation and the writers. Frankenstein began as Mary Shelleys dream in 1816, and her tale of loneliness, reanimating the dead, murder, guilt, and strike behind has been dubbed a literary classic.The main character, Victor Frankenstein, believes he has discovered the secret of life and proclaims, Darkness had no effect upon my fancy and a church-yard was to me merely the receptacle of bodies deprived of life, which, from being the seat of beauty and strength, had become forage for the worm (Shelley 79). Once the monster is created, it feels abandoned and starts killing. The creature inadvertently causes the death of an innocent girl. Victor realizes his globe is lonely, and nothing more than an abomination, so he decides to destroy it.A journey into the mountains ensues, but a crack in the ice divides their paths. When Frankenstein dies, the monster comes to see him and says , Blasted as thou wert, my agony was still superior to thine for the piercingly sting of remorse may not cease to rankle in my wounds until death shall close them for invariably (Shelley 244). This story reveals the idea that the dead, once reanimated, are interchangeable an angry child who lashes out at a parent who has betrayed them. The feeling of abandonment was what Shelley tried to capture in this morbid tale of experience and loss, and this stalk would continue with future authors.Edgar Allan Poe, considered a Victorian Gothic, was also an orphan whose life seemed to be full of disaster. He suffered an unmerciful surrogate father, was kicked out of the University of Virginia, dropped out of West Point, married his thirteen year old cousin, and lived in poverty with his freelance lifestyle (Doctorow 241). The driving force behind his work was that he embraced his own disappointment because he believed that his suffering was natural. His stories were written in the mid-ni neteenth century, and people were still afraid of their uncertain futures.Poe used this to his realize in what he called, Imp of the Perverse the force within us that causes us to do further what brings on our destruction (241). This kind of thinking was the basis for many of his stories, and most of his characters were the reason for their own problems and demise. Poe worked fleshy at structuring his tales of aristocratic madmen, self-tormented murderers, neurasthenic necrophiliacs, and other deviant types to produce the greatest possible horrific personal effects on his readers (Baym 674).He was quite successful in this endeavor, as most people associate Poes conjure with dark, horrific, murderous tales. His Philosophy of Composition tells of his belief that the supreme subject for a poem is the death of a beautiful woman (Doctorow 242). This is evident in one of his most famous poems, The feed. Possibly one of Poes most maddening poems, The Raven is rhythmic and could be s et to music with constant mention of the door, Lenore, evermore, and nevermore. The use of vivid imagery causes the reader to see this black forgo sitting on the door pecking at it.The main character is a man grieving for his lost love, Lenore, and he believes the knocking sound is her returning. The raven says but one word, nevermore. The man wonders what this means, and asks the bird if it is a messenger from God or the devil. Again the Raven says, Nevermore. Spiraling into madness and grief, he begs the bird, Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door. Quoth the Raven, Nevermore (Poe 74). The Raven stays at the door and forever torments the man with his repetitive call.This uncertainty about death was a Gothic specialty, and the introduction of animals and their mysterious qualities would prove to inspire future writers. A century later, tales of unexampled Horror would build on their macabre roots and incorporate pop culture to terrify readers equ ivalent never before. Stephen King, often named the master of horror, has petrified audiences with tales of demonic cars, possessed children, undead pets and people, aliens, and the inherent evil in all people. Kings inspiration stems from his own life experiences and fantasies, popular culture, and his reading of archaic burial lore (Nash 151).Even though most literary critics do not agree with his writing style, horror fans are mesmerized by the images he creates. King and Shelley both play on fears such as the problematic nature and popular fear of science and technology (151), but King is more voluntary to tackle explicitly cultural issues as opposed to the traditional Gothic preoccupation with personality and character (152). Many of Kings stories concentrate on a fear of the dead, but they also raise the question of whether the dead deprivation to come butt and the consequences that follow.Love is a powerful thing and people never want to let go of a loved one, but at what expense are they willing to have that person back? Stephen Kings scariest tale, Pet Sematary, asks and answers this very question by illustrating a modern family and the horrific, yet normal, happenings that agitate the family apart and invoke the need for the supernatural. The Creeds move to a new house in Maine to start a new life. Mr. Creed is a doctor at the University, and he befriends the old dwell next door. The neighbor tells of an Indian burial ground beyond the pet cemetery where the dead can come back.The family cat, Church, is killed by a truck on the busy road in front of the house, and Mr. Creed desperately buries the torso in the magic circle of the burial ground to keep from telling this horror to his daughter. The cat comes back to life, but is changed, if not psychotic (Nash 156). Soon, the youngest son, Gage, meets the same disastrous fate as the cat. The father is consumed with grief and insanely buries the little boy in the same place. Gage comes back in th e same fashion as the cat and kills his mother and the neighbor.Even though the father is a doctor, and knows what the monster that resembles his son is capable of, he once more makes a journey to the burial ground to bury his wife. He sits and waits for her to arrive. Love makes people desperate and willing to cross unrealistic boundaries in order to escape pain. Writers have used the connection between love and death to explore new avenues in horror. Stephenie Meyer has spellbound audiences with her descent serial publication by introducing us to a world of supernatural beings, jealousy, ancient pacts, and love.Much like her Gothic predecessors, Meyers uses her dreams and popular culture to inspire her tales. Her vampires differ from the former versions in that our vampires reflect our fears of new, changing or dissolved boundaries (Mutch 76). New topics, such as violent credulity in the U. S. and elsewhere are revealed by her characters going to great lengths to hide their tru e identity (78). This new generation of creatures reflect the thirst for blood and supernatural strength of the original monsters that began this era, but a tenderness for human life sets these apart.The overall view of the Twilight series, by Stephenie Meyer, is that love conquers all, even death. Much like Gothic literature itself, this story involves centuries of vampires hiding from the light to maintain existence among their prey. The human girl, Bella, is in love with a vampire, Edward, and they know that being together is impossible. She is willing to end her life and join his dark world, but he is unwilling to claim her mortality. In the same spirit as Frankenstein, Edward sees his creator as a father figure, but laments his own vile existence.It is revealed that her best friend, Jacob, who is also in love with her, is a werewolf. The vampires and the werewolves have a pact, but it will be breached if Bella joins the vampires. There are constant struggles between the humans , vampires, and the werewolves, but the ever-living love between Bella and Edward is unyielding. The two finally marry, and a baby is conceived that almost kills Bella. Although he has fought it diligently, Edward is forced to fiercely inject his venom into her lifeless body to save her in childbirth.The baby is half vampire and human, and at one time demonstrates supernatural powers, and captivates Jacob, which ends the battle between the coven and the clan. The book ends with a glimpse into the beauty of becoming a vampire when Bella remembers the first moments after she wakes as a newborn vampire his face when Id loose my eyes to my new life, to the endless dawn of immortality . . . that first kiss . . . that first night . . . (Meyer 753). The Twilight series is a love story with interjections of paranormal powers and the desire to want the things that cannot be obtained.This tale has consumed many and launched the Twihard generation. Meyer do vampires and werewolves viciou s and bloodthirsty, but beautiful unlike their nineteenth century counterparts, who burst into flames in the sunlight and transform into hideous, drooling monsters, these beautiful creatures glitter in the sunlight and resemble overgrown dogs. Although Meyer made this less horrific than of age(p) horror stories, her series encouraged younger generations to discover the beauty of literature again. Stephen King once said, finish is a mystery, and burial is a secret (9).Although it is often grotesque, demonic, and depraved, people have an inherent need to explore the divide between good and evil, the known and unknown, and this world and the next. These tales have endured, yet changed, over the last ternion centuries. Future writers of the macabre will most assuredly follow in their predecessors footsteps and adapt to cultural changes in their own style. As long as people have inner demons, there will be a need for writers to expose them. Even though these horror classics are classi fied as fiction, what makes them grand is that they mimic the reality of everyday life. Works CitedBaym, Nina, ed. Edgar Allan Poe. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. 7th ed. Vol. 1. New York Norton, 2008. 671-674. Print. DAmato, Barbara. Mary Shelleys Frankenstein an orphaned authors dream and journey toward integration. Modern Psychoanalysis. 34. 1 (2009) 117-135. Web. 7 Aug 2012. Doctrow, E. L. Our Edgar. Virginia Quarterly Review. 82. 4 (2006) 240-247. Web 7 Aug 2012. Gothic Undercurrents. American Passages A Literary Survey. Annenberg Learner, n. d. Web 7 Aug 2012. King, Stephen. Pet Sematary. inaugural ed. New York Doubleday & Company, Inc. , 1984. Print. Meyer, Stephenie. Breaking Dawn. st ed. New York Atom Books, 2009. Print. Mutch, Deborah. Coming Out of the Coffin The Vampire and Transnationalism in the Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse Series. Critical Survey. 23. 2 (2011) 75-90. Web. 7 Aug 2012. Nash, Jesse. Postmodern Gothic Stephen Kings Pet Sematary. Jo urnal of hot Culture. 30. 4 (1997) 151-160. Web. 7 Aug 2012. Poe, Edgar Allan. The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe With Selections From His Critical Writings. Expanded. New York Barnes & Noble, Inc. Alfre A. Knopf. Inc.. 1992. Print. Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. 2nd ed. Ontario Broadview Press, 1999. Print.

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History of the Event Industry Essay

Throughout the years the display case attention has gained a major place in everyday life. From the first issues of the 19th century, such as the Great army, to a 2012 melody festival. The yield assiduity has developed a ample help to our countrys economy. To the extent of which the government is supporting and promoting takingss as part of their strategies for economic development (Bowdin and Allen, 2006). There argon several types of events. Nowadays, in that location is al around an event for allthing imaginable. First, we go forth probe what exactly an event is and the different type of events, then we allow be looking at the origins of years. Therefore, we result be able to estimate the future of events. First, there are several definitions of event from different authors. Accepted Practices Exchange Industry Glossary (2003) defines an event as an nonionic occasion such as a meeting, convention, exhibition, special event, gala dinner, etc. An event is often re present of several different yet related functions.Events enable people to meet up and exchange. There is a capacious variety of events within quatern important categories leisure events, cultural events, organizational events and personal events. vacuous events are an of the essence(predicate) and growing part of the event industry. Indeed, enjoyment events drop generate a huge amount of money for a country beca give they do non only attract the locals, they attract tourists. Therefore, ad comes in thanks to the media coverage, generating extra money. Sport events not only bring benefits(to their host governments and sport presidential terms, simply also benefit participants such as players, coaches and officials, and bring entertainment to spectators (Bowdin and Allen, 2006, p. 20). Cultural events backside be ceremonial, sacred, heritage, esthetical or musical (Shone and Parry, 2004).Events like these are highly linked with tourism, so they generate income for the ev ent hosts and for the confederacy as the tourists do not commonly only go to the event, they stay in hotels, go shopping, etc. Most towns are known thanks to the festivals they host, for instance, study is known for the music festival named after the town, the Reading Festival. Organisational events include sales, conferences, charities, politic meetings, business meetings, etc. If we look into conferences, Rogers defines conferences as an out-of-office meeting of at least four hours duration involving a minimum of eight people (Rogers, 2003 p.19). For instance, the G20 conference reunites the leaders of the top 20 man economies to discuss the current situation and make important decisions. These conferences pull in high importance so the mean of the event has to be perfect. Finally, personal events are the last type of event. It can include get marrieds, birthdays, anniversaries or funerals. ain events are belittleder than the other type of events. Weddings are very popula r in the event industry people spend a lot of money on their weddings therefore expecting a perfect organisation. person-to-person events are supposedly events where the host has a personal link with every guest and the event is usually put together for one or two people. Having seen all the different types of events, we can now analyse the history of the event industry. First of all, the event industry began when events dealed trained event managers. However, historically, the organisation of small events did not require any specific expertise. For instance, a wedding would be managed by the brides mother. or so families still do it that way however, some people prefer to pay a professional event manager to avoid having to do the numerous tasks and to avoid the stress involved in organising such an important event. Therefore, event managers began to emerge. Moreover, when big events emerged, an event manager was essential. Such as, the Great Exhibition at the Crystal castle in 1851 which was conceived to symbolize this industrial, military and economic superiority of Great Britain. (http//, 2001 online).It was an event recognized almost everywhere in the world which hugely helped the British economy as it was a broad way to publicise their industry. According to Dale (1995) the Great Exhibition was a big success which hosted over 6 million visitors. The event do a considerable profit of over 180 000 (Exhibition Committee, 1995). This was the first big international avocation show and therefore many an(prenominal) exhibition venues started emerging, for instance, the Royal Agricultural Hall in 1862 or capital of Washington a few years later (Bowdin and Allen, 2006, p.6). So the 1850s is when the organisational events started to emerge but the sport events started many years before that. Indeed, sport events, such as, the equestrian event called the Royal Ascot appeared in 1711 and the famous Oxford and Cambridge g ravy holder Race in 1829.The UK is known for its sporting events and most of them are originally from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. riotous events were very popular at the time and still are, so they kept emerging throughout the years. For example, the FA loving cup emerged in 1872 and Wimbledon appeared in 1877 which is a huge success in the tennis world and it represented the high class in the British society. These events attracted many visitors, therefore providing major benefits for local economies (English Tourism, 1999).Cultural events such as, music festivals began to come forth in the event industry from the early 1870s with the Workington Festival. Later in that period, the weather Night of the Proms appeared which is probably one of the biggest music events in the world (Bowdin and Allen, 2006, p.7). The Last Night of the Proms was set up to encourage people who would not normally attend to classical concerts but who would be attracted by the low-spirited tic ket prices and a laid-back atmosphere. Robert Newman, the founder of the event, (Nedal, 2010,online) announced his goals as such I am overtaking to run nightly concerts and train the public by easy stages. Popular at first, gradually education the standard until I have created a public for classical and modern music.After noticing the growth of events, woodwind (1982) drew attention to the start of the event industry. She recognised that organising popular celebrations required wealth for people to introduce therefore bank holidays emerged, such as, the Silver Jubilee and the Golden Jubilee. These bank holidays enabled the working class to participate in the events thanks to their paid days off. This is when the government starts paying more than(prenominal) attention to the event industry.After the bit World War, events are recognised to be of high importance to the economy of the country. Indeed, hundreds of festivals emerged thanks to the general add of wealth and the is olated time availability. Foreign cultural events increased as well, for instance, the West Indian society founded the Notting Hill Carnival in 1964 to celebrate and commemorate their ancestors freedom from slavery (Holder, 2001). Around the 1970s, a large amount of popular music festivals appeared, for example, the Pilton Festival and the Isle of Wight Festival.The Isle of Wight festival was a huge success on the popularity front but it had a few organisational issues. The entry fee became free as they lost control of admissions due to an overcrowded venue. After that incident, the Isle of Wight festival stopped for a few years (Bowdin and Allen, 2006, p.9). Moreover, from the 1970s, the government and the local authorities financed a range of raw multipurpose venues, including the Wembley Exhibition Centre. From then onwards, development of outdoor and indoor venues has not stopped increasing. With the increase of events, event is turning into a professional sector.We have seen how the event industry has developed, however, now we bequeath look at the technological changes and the station improvements that have revolutionised events. First, the appearance of the tv set had a big impact on events. It enabled people to watch any given event whilst sitting in a sofa therefore, any event that was broadcasted on television had a considerably larger audience. The Los Angeles Olympic Games was one of the first events to be broadcasted on television. It was a great success as the economic benefits were very high (Bowdin and Allen, 2006, p.10). We will now analyse the relatively recent Olympic Games to demonstrate how the technological changes and the transport improvements made the events so successful compared to the past Olympic Games. First, transport made the games more accessible. The number of f wilds increased so the speed of travel was faster and more regular.In addition, huge container ships, super tankers, appeared making it easier for the hosting c ountries to import a huge amount of material goods for the establishment of the venues and the sport facilities. So it made the Olympics bigger in size which meant that there was a bigger audience and more sport athletes. Furthermore, the appearance of computers made life much easier for event managers as they could do all their organisation plans on their PC and virtually design the whole event. When internet emerged it made communication much easier and more efficient. Indeed, for someone to receive an email it takes around 3 seconds which is a bonus for stressed event managers who need to have quick answers. Computing and event managing went to another level when Skype appeared. The service allows users to communicate with peers by character using a microphone, video by using a webcam, and instant messaging over the Internet. (Techspot, 2012 online). Skype enables organisers to have video conferences with each other wherever they might be.For example, if a meeting is taking plac e in London and one of the members is in Japan they can still have a live talk with him on the computer screen. This probably often happened in the process of planning the London Olympics. Another technologic origination is the smartphone. Indeed, this is a very recent invention which can do a huge amount, on the move. The main advantage of smartphones is the applications available. Applications that can give you all the latest news about the Olympics live, or some can tell you the easiest way to get to the event. An application that is often use by smartphone owners is the QR barcode reader which is a new form of advertisement for businesses. The idea is that the smartphone acts like a barcode reader thanks to the camera so it can read any given QR code for the advert to appear on the smartphones screen.For example, when the Olympics had an advertisement for cut-price tickets to see the games and it had a QR code, the smartphone owner could scan the code which would send them to the website to get the cheap tickets. All these applications made the Olympics much more accessible and just easier to gather information. Moreover, for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, the lighting engineering science was highly impressive with all the latest technology. The pixel animations were made to draw the audience, in the arena and notice it on the television. It consisted making animations with the lights that where placed on the edge of every spectator in the stadium. A summarise of 27 animated sequences, lasting 75 minutes, were created for the closing ceremony, using 634,500 individual LED pixels that together created what is believed to be the largest video screen ( splice A.,2012 online).All this new technology used for the Olympics is one of the reasons why it was so popular. And it will, most likely, be used in future events. Putting the Olympics aside, a technological feature that has recently been used in a music festival is the hologram. A hologra m is a technique which enables three-dimensional images to be made (Concert Boom, 2011, online). In a concert in the United States a well-known rapper who died in 1996, Tupac, appeared on stage in 3D. A life-size hologram of Tupac who stunned the crowd of 75,000 fans when he appeared onstage (Fitzmaurice and Mcconnell, 2012, online). It shows to what extent technology can go in the event world.After seeing how the event industry has changed, it raises the question of where the event industry is going. For many years, technology has not stopped emerging in events. Therefore, event managers have to adapt to the constant change of technology. Ecology is another factor that event managers have to be aware of. Indeed, the environment has become a big issue. Events, such as festival, are not usually environmentally friendly. Therefore, event managers will have to research different ways of avoiding damaging the environment which will change events. Due to the environmental changes, the pr ice of transport will get higher because of the petrol shortage. Events will, therefore, be more expensive. Furthermore, health and safety regulations will most likely get stricter so events might stand a bit of their creative freedom.The event industry will have to adapt to the future changes in society to keep the society interested in events. Creativity with the use of technology, such as the use of the hologram, will keep the crowd interested. So the future of successful big events will be downwards to creativity, the use of technology and the environmental consequences of the event. However, even if big events will constantly evolve, it does not mean that handed-down events, such as weddings, will change. Indeed, there is only a minimum of technology that a wedding needs to be successful. Therefore, unless the whole concept of a wedding changes, weddings will, more or less, stay the same. It will be the same for birthday celebrations and anniversaries.Throughout this paper, we have discovered that events have a considerable graphic symbol in todays society and that events have evolved a huge amount throughout the years. By looking at the changes of events throughout the years, it should be possible to have an idea of the future of events. However, anything can happen and we do not know what new invention will see the light that will change the whole event industry. But the common idea seems to be that the technology and the environment are the two main factors that will change the big events, such as sport events, but the traditional events will not change.ReferencesBond A. (2010) The greatest disco on Earth Pixel animations turn Olympic Stadium into psychedelic light show. In available from http//