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Morality and Humanity In Kants View Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Morality and Humanity In Kants View - Essay ExampleSecond, recast that apothegm as a universal law of nature governing all sharp agents, and so as guardianship that all must, by natural law, act as you yourself propose to act in these circumstances. Third, consider whether your maxim is even conceivable in a sphere governed by this law of nature. If it is, then, fourth, ask yourself whether you would, or could, rationally will to act on your maxim in such a world. If you could, then your action is chastely permissible. Through come to the fore his moral constructs, Kant returns time and again to the question of the method moral philosophy should employ when pursue these aims. A basic theme of these discussions is that the fundamental philosophical issues must be addressed a priori, that is, without displace on observations of human beings and their behavior. Once we seek out and establish the fundamental principle of morality a priori, then we may consult facts drawn from ex perience in order to determine how best to ease up this principle to human beings and generate particular conclusions about how we ought to act. Kants insistence on an a priorimethod to seek out and establish fundamental moral principles, however, does not always appear to be matched by his own practice. The Groundwork, for instance, makes restate appeals to confirmable facts (that our wills are determined by practical principles, that various motivations are variable in producing salutary actions, and so on). Later ethical works rely even more heavily on empirical generalizations. Kant did not take himself to be employing these assumptions in seeking out and establishing the fundamental moral principle, only in applying it to human beings. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to tell whether Kants arguments gain their plausibility only by relying on ideas established by observations of human being and the world they inhabit.Kants example of a perfect duty to others concerns a pr omise you might consider making but have no intention of keeping in order to get needed money. Naturally, being rational requires not contradicting oneself, but there is no self-contradiction in the maxim I will make lying promises when it achieves something I want. An immoral action clearly does not involve a self-contradiction in this sense (as would the maxim of finding a married bachelor). Kants bunk is that it is irrational to perform an action if that actions maxim contradicts itself once made into a universal law of nature. The maxim of lying whenever it gets what you want generates a contradiction once you try to combine it with the universalized version that all rational agents must, by a law of nature, lie when it gets what they want.Here is one way of seeing how this might work If I conceive of a world in which everyone by nature must try to cozen people any time it will get what they want, I am conceiving of a world in which no practice of giving ones newsworthiness could ever arise. So I am conceiving of a world in which no practice of giving ones news exists. My maxim, however, is to make a deceptive promise in order to get needed money. And it is a necessary means of doing this that a practice of taking the word of others exists, so that someone might take my word and I take advantage of their doing so. Thus, in nerve-wracking to conceive of my maxim in a world in which no one ever takes anyones word in such circumstances, I am trying to conceiv

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Financial Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

pecuniary Strategy - Essay ExampleValue added is only meaningful in the context of some amiable of value that a firms portfolio has that isnt immediately apparent from their stock prices or investment guide. The fact that a companionship is connected to a larger company, for example, would be relevant to investors. Managing cost centres is normally quantified on the balance canvas anyways, further even when it isnt, it is a tiny part of the value added picture. Lu, Tsai and Yen (2010) point out that impalpable assets are immensely important to valuing firms. In intimacy-based economy, the method for creating firm value transfers from traditional physical assets to intangible knowledge. As intangible assets value is an important part of firm value, valuation of intangible assets becomes a widespread topic of interest in the future of economy (Lu et al, 2010). Lu, Tsai and Yen point to six particular value-added sources that their data-mining from Chinese firms found R&D inten sity, family, participation in management, pyramids, profitability, and dividend (Lu et al, 2010). Intangible assets are clearly vital to a company Indeed, they are the company, the money being the way for those assets to be deployed. What makes a company like Microsoft move up ten-thousand fold is intangible elements like strategy, intuition, etc. The problem with these assets is manifold 1. These assets are not comfortably fungible. wit Gates would not have been worth very much before Microsofts ascension. 2. These assets are not easily measurable. Creativity, political connections, inherited knowledge from family, secret recipes... until they have been tried and tested in the market, they have no quantifiable value. 3. They are context-specific. A piece of land is worth however much it is objectively. But measure Gates and Paul Allen were a team. Split them apart and their separate value was probably far, far lower. parenthesis from the factors that Lu, Tsai and Yen (2010) i dentify, intangible assets of value include far more. Political connections are immensely valuable If person can exert political pressure to protect one from upcoming regulation or another(prenominal) important legislation, that can be worth millions to the shareholders. Families are value-added because they typically have a shared sense impression of camaraderie and loyalty with less need for monitoring and because they have special knowledge passed down a family line not accessible to those outside of it. Again, the problem is the signal-to-noise ratio The vast majority of family knowledge is not applicable to business success, but sometimes an individual piece of information in the jetsam and jetsam, like a recipe, actually is. Innovation is particularly important, especially a culture of innovation. Companies like Google, 3M, Microsoft in their heydey and Mac now are known for being innovators, which is partially created by the people they hire but also heavily determined by the organizational practices they implement. Partnerships with other firms would be another value-added investors should be awake(predicate) of. Strategic partnerships have a proven track record of raising company value. In small-to-medium surface software companies, Kennedy and Keeneys research found that strategic partnerships were initiated to take advantage of firm synergy, reputation and credibility

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NATIONAL LIBERATION, inseparable STRIFE AND INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY - Essay ExampleThe oil industry went ahead to create an industrial proletariat, scarcely the numbers remained quite low in the capital-intensive industry. When oil workers made demands on their flushed proprietor, they did not work any redress. The foreign management recycled prejudices that did not respond to the workers aspirations. W. T. Wallace, who was the vice president of Venezuela Gulf at that time, felt up that taking care of these workers did not matter much, and there was no need for listening to their demands.In the 1950s, the lands oil production doubled. Between 1948 and 1957, the oil industry managed to earn the government $7 jillion in terms of revenues (Prashad 177). This amount was the highest compared to the previous public revenues ever since the country became colonized by Spain. This specie gained from revenues and the enormous capital from foreign investment flooded the country. It was u sed in the construction boom at the Caracas city. Freeways circled the valley, enclosing European-style apartment buildings and enormous shopping arcades which included the worlds most gainful branch of Roebuck and Sears (Prashad 178).Between 1952 to1958, Venezuelas dictator Marcos Perez used the revenues gained from the oil industry for reconstructing urban Venezuela. The rich created a paradise Caracas valley while an enormous migration began to settle on the hillsides. These were not oil workers, which in most cases lived in company housing near the oil field to the west of the country. The migrants came in receipt to the great social upheaval in Venezuela, caused in large part by the rapid stinting growth which resulted from the steady growth in oil profits. The country experienced an enormous increase in its gross national product that hit 95 percent, and this was a great boost for the construction flip and the service industry for the wealthy (Prashad 178). From 1950 to 196 5, the country experienced an

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Google Case Study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Google consequence Study - Research Paper ExampleSWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis is the one of the some effective and widely used tool to conduct situational analysis. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. SWOT analysis takes into account two the internal and external environments of a firm. Internally, the framework analyses the strengths and weaknesses with respect to the ming lead key dimensions such as productivity, gay resources, finances, capacity, etc. Externally, the framework analyses the food market trends, economic conditions, regulations, technology, etc (Ferrell & Hartline, 2008). The SWOT analysis of Google can lead to a precise good understanding of the processes that are in place in Google and its positioning in terms of its competitors.StrengthsGoogle has got various strengths in the industry that makes it stand out. The basic strengths that makes Google the market leader has been described hereGoogle is the innovator and the broach in the field of search railway locomotives thereby giving it a head start over the other competitorsThe management style is open minded and Laissez Faire at its best. Thereby, the managerial decisions keep getting taken genuinely fast that leads to avoidance of lag time and increased efficiencyLarge amount of incumbent currency and steady cash flowAlthough the switch value of the product is not much or nigh nil, but the customers redeem shown immense amount of loyalty to the products of Google and Google as a brand The retention policies and the stipend policies at Google are some of the best in the world. Therefore, the attrition in Google is extremely low as compared to the general industry. This item factor translates into the tapping of the intellectual capital for them which would allow for the better leverage of market conditions. This particular feature also results in the cost efficiency as a lesser amount of bullion has to spend in the rehiring process. The other factor t hat lowers the cost is the absence of training the new hires Most of the data is translated, thereby, it can be used by a large number of the international customers The products are congenial to most of the data platforms and hardware available in the market and therefore provide the competitive march on as there are no switching costs involved in the change from an vivacious platform being used by the user There is a strong amount of accept that the company has been enjoying from the educational community making it the medium of choice as a search engine The products are considered to be extremely chic by the urbane customers that add to its appeal It has got very high profile corporate interactions with the top notch companies like insolate and Apple that make the products extremely modernistic and the user finds them easy to use. It also results in great amount of acceptance of the products aiming the corporate lines. As for example, the Sun intersperses the Google featu res with the Java runtime library(Boone & Kurtz,1995) It has already set up a number of channels in the telephone market that has only added to the market value of the product Google has been providing the service of free Wifi for the entire cities and the public areas which has led to its popularity among the various groups and the common public in general. It has led to very good public relations that have only resulted in the fostering of the growth.(Boon,2003) Google has entered

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Current Event Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Current Event - Article ExampleA number of strategic factors befool contributed towards Samsungs increased success and dominance in the technological securities industry. First is that Samsung is an ultimate fast follower. one and only(a) successful strategy devised by Samsung in achieving success is the ability to learn from the competitors, and making innovations of the products and services. From the competitors products, Samsung has understood the market demands of the products and designed improved versions of competitors products thereby, capturing unseasoned markets (Nisen).The second strategy for Samsungs success is its spending on research projects. Whenever funds are available, an organization needs to spend such cash on researching on new ideas of improving technology. As such, Samsung currently spends 5.7% of its revenue on research projects as compared to Apples 2.4%, a factor that has contributed towards its spry success (Nisen). Samsung is not only a smartphone-m aker, rather, a manufacturer and worlds largest chipmaker. Such a contribution enables flexibility in products production, and, therefore, making Samsung one of the greatest innovators in the technological

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An Analysis of Neologism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

An Analysis of Neologism - seek Paper ExampleOn February 1, 2004, the American television station CBS aired the event which culminates every age of the National Football League (NFL), the Super Bowl. Broadcast to 90 million people, the Super Bowl has a nationwide audience of viewers of all ages and backgrounds. During this game, the halftime exhibit entertainment featured a duet among pop music entertainers Justin Timberlake and Janet capital of Mississippi. At the end of their song, Timberlake completed a choreographed move where he tore at Jacksons clothes. This motion caused an unexpected and actual tear of her costume thus causing a few seconds where her breast was exposed to the audience. Nearly instantly, public outrage ensued over the broadcast nudity, which resulted in Jackson now famously blaming the mishap on a wardrobe malfunction. As Joe Flint of the LA time wrote, this example of neologism represents a phrase that became part of the lexicon almost instantly. Upon Jacksons description of this incident of a wardrobe malfunction, this phrase has infused into all aspects of common usage as it now describes any clothing slip-up. The latest example of a wardrobe malfunction in action was seen at the 2011 Oscars where actress and singer Jennifer Lopez apropos exposed her breast while wearing a dress with a very low cut, uncover neckline. With the background and origin of the neologism marches wardrobe malfunction established, this paper can now furtherance to discuss how the research on this topic was completed. Key Words Upon choosing the term wardrobe malfunction for this assignment, it was needed to develop a list of key fruit words for the purpose of research. Given the recent origin of this term, the key words used for this search include specific incidents as well as government regulations on the topic itself. The key words searched included - wardrobe malfunction - federal communications commission (FCC) - CBS - impropriety - broadcast regulations - Super Bowl 2004 - Janet Jackson interview - Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson duet - 2004 Super Bowl halftime show - FCC regulations With the understanding that the term wardrobe malfunction was created as a result of a pop glossiness event, it seemed most pertinent to conduct research within the scope of pop culture publications in an cause to document the reactions to this event as they happened, in a sense. In order to ensure that the research shew is from sources that are considered to be ethical and have a high sense of integrity, I searched for news sources that had cover stories which featured my key words in the topics. I chose well-known and established newspapers, government policies and court coverage. The bibliography at the end of the assignment lists the six sources used for this assignment in addition to how they are featured in the text. Directions for Future Research Along with the bibliography of references and background information on the neol ogism term of wardrobe malfunction, the survival of the fittest of sources allows for the continued monitoring of how this concept is used in popular culture. The importance of following the use of this term is to determine what the lasting effects of this example of neologism will have on society. It is also worthy nothing that

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The Role of the Mentor In Organising, Managing And Leading Programmes Essay

The Role of the Mentor In Organising, Managing And Leading Programmes of Learning In clinical Education - Essay ExampleIn fact, one of the most familiar adages rolls it, Experience teaches us best. This stub be further elaborated from Kolbs theory of experiential learning. Illustration 1 Kolbs unit of ammunition of experiential learning (Quinn, 2000). In this theory, Kolbs emphasised four generic adaptive abilities to reach telling learning and these involve concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation (Quinn, 2000). Furthermore, in clinical education, new(prenominal) important point in facilitating learning is just about providing strategies for effective clinical teaching (Gaberson and Oermann, 2010). However, facilitation alone does non prove to be sufficient to ensure learning at the highest level. Supervision in learning in clinical practice is a must. Aside from facilitating the school-age childs in their learning in clinical education, mentors have the graphic symbol to supervise them. This supervision is evident on the supervision cycle model of Goldhammer and his colleagues in 1980. Regarding this supervision, it is an integral plane section of educators role (a) to initiate pre-observation stage which establishes rapport, reviews plans and discusses and rehearses changes (b) the next stage is about educators actual observation of the session and taking into account noting issues for future discussion (c) the third stage is about the analysis of the data that educators gathered from observation and consequently followed by strategy preparation for feedbacks (d) finally, both educator and student should initiate individual analyses and undergo plans for modification (Rose and Best, 2005). Supervision therefore is a hands-on activity that tries not only to facilitate learning, but more so... This essay stresses that managing the mensuratement do work so that there is time for continuous feedback and identifying if the student is progressing is another important concern in students learning process. It is true that meting the challenges and difficulties presented to the mentors while tining students in practice is another important sphere of influence of concern. This is the bottom line of support system. This paper makes a conclusion that managing the situation if there argon other concerns involved is another important move in students learning success. For example, enhancing the learning of students in the hospital area requires placement area analysis. This means mentors are not only there to facilitate, supervise, assess and give their support, but they should substantially consider the remarkable strengths and weaknesses of their students in their specific placement area. Mentors therefore are expected to conduct analysis and even specific forms of research. Students prior to becoming certified professionals in the clinical practice should undergo necessary learning, but they should not acquire this by themselves. They need mentors to teach, train and to a higher place all to support them prior to achieving their individual future objectives in life. Mentors therefore are expected to put their best foot forward as leaders which have substantial ability to facilitate, supervise, assess and support learning at the highest level as possible.

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Medicare Background Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Medicare Background - Term Paper ExampleThe purpose provided health care to a special group of people, the seniors who were above 65 years of age and to the disables ejaculate 65 years. Medicare and Medicaid bills were then signed into law and ex-president Truman was the first to register for the program. The scheme has increasingly covered up to 45 million people by 2007. It cost the federal government lots of billions of dollars to give benefit claims (Merck, 2007).Part A, of the program, covers inpatient medical services including those hospitalized and those in a nursing home in sub-cute status. This course of study of people had certified work requirement and their contribution to the plan was through payment of Medicare tax deducted instantly from the employer. Part B covers outpatient treatments. They pay monthly premiums and gets government subsidy. Part C had an array of health redress plan from through traditional to network insurance model. Part D was initiated in 20 06 and covers outpatients. The benefit here is delivered through plans from the private sector. Enrolment in this array is free just as in part C. (Star, 1982).The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services were established to control on administration and the smooth running of the healthcare program. The center was to bear out the nationwide framework to conduct effective background checks on prospective patients who were direct entrance money employees (Theodor, 2000). The employees were beneficiaries of a long-term care plan (LTC.). LTC services included perfect nursing facilities, provision of virtuoso(prenominal) nursing, home health agency, and providers of personal care services.

Left Realism Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

leave naive pragmatism Theory - Essay ExampleContribution of Left Realism in the development of criminology can help shape society in a better way.Left Realism set down a marker with the work of Lea and Young (1984). Left realism is a reaction against both lefts tendency to neglect victimisation among on the job(p) class deal and the conservatives exceedingly harsh social strategies. It is a perspective that attempts to explain and measure street crime and propose poor term policies to control it. It is an attack on left idealists who offer simplistic analyses based heavily on instrumental Marxist and feminist views of the state and law, but who ignore street crime and offer no practical proposal for change.One of the basic elements of Left Realism theory is Left realists see working class crime as a serious problem for working class. Working class people are victimised from all directions in a capitalist society. Another element is Relative lack Poverty experienced as unfair (relative depravation when compared to someone else) creates discontent and discontent when there is no political solution leads to crime. So, relative depravation equals discontent, discontent plus lack of political solution equals crime.One of left realisms approximately substantial contributions to criminology is the sq

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Nutrition programs Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nutrition computer programmes - designation Exampleion (2010), The costs associated with feeding people in poverty, combined with the costs of treating diet-related diseases, speak strongly of the request for livelihood education (p. 3). The fact that many individuals in the U.S. at once are inundated with unhealthy foods as well necessitates the need for nutrition education. In other words, nutrition education presents people with the information they need to assistance them make informed choices in regards to eating habits. It is not uncommon to find malnourished individuals in the U.S today particularly those from low income backgrounds. As noted by University of Wisconsin (2010), the incidences of malnutrition are as a result of a lesser amount of knowledge on nutrition recommendations and inaccessibility to information among low income families. In this perspective, the nutrition component is imperative in a public nutrition program.Secondly, a public nutrition program mus t include an evaluation of factors that affect eating practices (Jones, Nobles, and Larke, 2006). Eating practices, according to the World Health cheek (2015) are determined by various factors including level of income, genetics, education level, and social interactions. Understanding these factors is of signifi gagece as they form the basis for the formulation of action plans to address the scummy eating habits. For instance, evaluating individual level of income can help policy implementers devise relevant or appropriate strategies to improve peoples income level and as a result improve their eating practices correspondingly. Increased level of income, in other words, improves peoples accessibility to healthy foods. To move on explicate the importance of assessing the factors that affect eating practices, the World Health Organization (2015) asserts that holding individuals responsible for poor health is inapt as health status is shaped by other factors. Assessing these other f actors is whence a fundamental factor in achieving program success

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The Fraud Act 2006 in the UK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The tommyrot Act 2006 in the UK - Essay ExampleIn the UK, the Fraud Act 2006 came into force during January 2007, and it substituted the deception crimes included in the Theft Acts 1968-1996 with a more general disrespect of fraud, which locoweed be done in the following ways namely fraud by impuissance to divulge information, fraud by dishonesty or duperyful representation and fraud by harm of position and authority. The offence under the Frauds Act 2006 is punishable if charges are proved with a fine or with an imprisonment of ten years or with both. It is punishable by a fine not in excess of the statutory maximum or sentence for a period of not exceeding sestet months or with both. Under tort of deceit, a person may claim damages if the fraud act is resulted in injury to the affected party. On the ground of fraudulent misrepresentation, a contract may be voidable if it has been obtained by fraud. (Law & Martin 2009240). Courts in England have not yet prepared to prescribe exactly what can be regarded as fraud. It is to be noted that the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) which was formed on the tribute of the Roskill Report in 1984 had not taken into account the offence of fraud but recognised on an evocative manner, many fraud crimes which UKs Home Office employs even today. (Ramage 20054). As on date, in UK, there exists no statutory offence of fraud and the Home Office of UK has set out or so kinds criminal activities that can be regarded as offences of fraud in Counting Rules for arrangement Crime. According to a publication made by the Home Office in April 2003, describing the following as offences of forgery and fraud. Frauds by an individual include common law offence of junto to defraud, under the coming back of Crime Act 2002, fraudulent misappropriation of funds, obtaining a money transfer through credit cod or cheque fraud under section 12 of the Theft Act 1987. (Ramage 2005104).In Cronos Containers NV v Palatin, the defendants were Klamath Enterprises SA and Mr. and Mrs. Palatin. The shares of Klamath were possess by Mr. Palatin. In 1994, Mr.Palatin deceived the plaintiff by making five different payments from one of the Plaintiffs clients, and the same was credited into Barclays bank account owned by Paladins. Then, such defrauded sums were employed by the defendants to resuscitate a property held by Klamath. (Ramage 20054). Conspiracy to Defraud Under Common Law It falls under consent to divest deceitfully somebodys right or to abuse somebodys property privilege. In Scott v Metropolitan Police Commissioner2, S agreed with workers of a cinema house to take copies of cinema screened in that theatre without the approval of the owner with an objective of commercial distribution held to be a conspiracy to defraud under common law. In Wai Yu-Tsang v R3, A acted in design with bank employees to camouflage in the bank accounts the fact about dishonoring of cheques which the bank had already purchased so as to prevent a bankruptcy by the bank, and A was held for the guilty of conspiracy to fraud. According to Lord Goff, conspiracy to fraud does not restrict to the notion of divesting somebody with something of value, but it also falls under deceit and fraud and if somebody may be discriminated in any way by the deceit or fraud. (Fionda & Bryant2000154).

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The christian faith Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The christian trustfulness - Literature review fountSchleiermacher asserts that the Church isnothingrather than a spiritualunioninassociationtopiety. It is not a knowing and not even a doing rather, it is analterationof flavour, or of instant(prenominal)self-consciousness. In this case,feelingis occupiedin a scientificmannerin order toportrayaclear mentalstatewithin self-consciousness with erupt including theunconscious grades. According to Schleiermacher, a feeling that comprises of not knowing or Doing tends to be therealmeaningof piety (Schleiermacher 1928, p.10).On the other hand, knowing, and doing arerelevanttopiety, and this is aphasethat merges them with a feeling.However,pietycontinues being adistinctivefeeling,exclusiveamongst all the other feelings since it is theconsciousthat is altogetherdependent. The feeling of dependence tends to expresses aninterestthatis affectedby some exterior forces, yetmerelythefeelingof dependence tends to be complete.Schleiermacher articul ates that feelings ofcompletedependence on God are the greatestlevelofinstantaneousself-consciousness, which turns out to be a significantfactorhumannature. ... Eachcommunalpiety contains an outerunity, as well as an inward unity. According to Schleiermacher, outwardunitydefines the characteristic origin of every religion, while, on the other hand,inwardunity is theweirdtype that the religious emotions, as well as their utterancesundertakein every. Therefore, any declaration of God that is to be operational within a individual expresses the congenership between God and people, as well ashumanincompleteness in relation to God. Christianity tends to be a monotheisticorganized religiondifferentiated by the fact that everything contained in it connects to the salvation brought somewhat by Jesus of Nazareth (Schleiermacher 1928, p.52). The onlywayof gaining involvement in the Christian communion is through having faith in Jesus since he is the Redeemer. In The Christian Faith, Schleie rmacher asserts that there is no midway betweenfaithand the partaking in the Christian communion faith in this case being dependant not sound on the impulsive activity of human beings changing into believers, but also on the impulsive effect of the communion, as therootunder which thetestimonygoes ahead in the initiation of faith. The Christian Faith brings out the issue of Christian doctrines, which are descriptions of Christianreligiouslove, whichis illustratedin dialect(Schleiermacher 1928, p. 76). Schleiermacher makes a distinction between the dogmatic suggestions and Christian sermonizing, by describing the former as beliefs of moralistic kind, and the latter asprimarilythespeechandappearancethat contain adirectlyinspiringeffect. Therefore, a person turn into a professional person of Dogmatic

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Brand Positioning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Brand Positioning - stress ExampleThere is now a strong emphasis on set doing with the explicit communication of a vision in the whole organisation where strong brands are more than mere trademarks that people recognise. In the generation of a branding idea and implementation of the same to build a brand profile, organisations behind the strong brands have managed to build a brand identity element. Brand identity should help establish a relationship between the brand and the customer by generating a jimmy proposition involving functional, emotional or self-expressive benefits (Aaker 1991).While the consumers behaviour is based on a brand, and the reasons for choosing an associated intersection may depend on various factors including peer reference, peer approval, or other social factors beyond the look control of the brands investor, the brands foodstuffing mix is definitely within the investors control, and something that demands big budget investment. Therefore, investors and researchers are always implicated about the actual effects and results of marketing comp whizznts including ad, sales promotions, and company emblems - upon the consumers perception and their consequence upon brand equity. In the last decade, a lot of research has been dedicated to conceptualizing and measuring customer-based brand equity. However, apart from putting onward various influencing factors, no integrative framework has so far been developed to account for the complex mental processes underlying the formation of customer-based brand equity. In this context, this paper attempts to propose such a framework by drawing on the theory of the Elaboration Likelihood Model. (Kotler, 1997) This has been firstly discussed in the case of the Coca gage Company. A soft drink giant, the Coca Cola company shifted its strategy from mass marketing to product variety market and then to target marketing so as to cater to the growing market for soft drink products. Its strategy can be studied under the elaboration likelihood stick as it wanted to be a forerunner in the market where soft drink brands were appear with each passing day. The choice of the Elaboration likelihood Model was one that came directly from the consumer oriented characteristics of brand equity and brand knowledge. Elaboration Likelihood Model identified message relevance as one of these factors. According to this model, when message relevance is high, individuals will actively process and evaluate the information in the advertisement when forming or changing attitudes. (Aaker, 1991) When message relevance is low, individuals will not actively process the information in the advertisement, but will instead rely on peripheral message cues to form or trade attitudes. Brand Identity is that element of customer perception and awareness which has its focus in the results of a genuine kind of projection through the brand equity building measures. This calls for an integrative model which will approve the basic elements of the brand identity and brand equity concepts so as to create a program for the effective discussion of the Elaboration Likelihood Model. This has been of special relevance for the Coca Cola company as far as its foray into target market and product variation is concerned. (Kotler, 1997) An integrative mode

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Pattern Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Pattern - Essay spokespersonThat mea surelyment is needed to be considered so it bequeath create the like. There are lots of techniques and surgerys on how to have an exact work of putting anatomy on a fabric. Pattern serves as the putrefy for a complete figure of the planned dress in a fabric.Preparing to Draft the pattern on a fabric is not an easy thing to do. Since fabrics are not hard enough to take over the marks that a sewer will do. We use to design a pattern on a fabric by first making a draft from a musical composition, the known draft provide be produced. From this draft a pattern will taken from which the cloth shall be cut. In which the paper should be strong, firm and white or light, colored if pencil or graphite is to be used. If tailors sparkler is to be used, a dark paper or rough texture is preferable.A squaring tool or set square is also necessary, usually made of box-wood with brass ends. It is more convenient to use if one side of the square is about(p redicate) 60 cm long and the other shorter, about 30 cm long. It should be marked off in centimeters on both sides with zero at the angle.To start making the pattern on a fabric, first lay the fabric with strong ends and corners so that the marks will be made on its right plane or position. To start drafting the pattern this is the procedure that First, mark a point on the paper on the top right-hand corner about 10cm from the edges and the top ring it so O with a dot in the circle. Just make sure the squaring is accurate and the measurements are applied with care. Keep the drawing neat and tidy. It will be found that rattling soon the drafting procedure will become quite easy.When the draft is complete a pattern must be made from which the cloth will be cut. The principle of pattern cutting is to likeness of the draft on to another piece of paper, but instead of an identical copy it is made in separate pieces according to how many parts the garments contents. The draft

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Critical Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

circumstantial Evaluation - Essay ExampleMcCullin has always depicted the unemployed, the impoverished and the downtrodden. NGC director and CEO Marc Mayer reported to live said, McCullins photographs belong in an art gallery because they consistently bring clarity and compositional grace to their compel subject matter. These pictures are both hard to look at and hard not to (Mallet para 2). However, his new-fangled encounter of Syria has not been displayed in the gallery, as Sobey Curatorial Assistant Katherine Stauble writes, Likely (these images) were not meant to hang on a gallery wall, but rather, to communicate information, to reveal truths and to mobilize action. Now that McCullin has escaped the battlefield and for the foregone twenty years has been focusing his lens on landscape and still life, one might forebode the artist moniker to sit more comfortably with him (para 5).According to McCullin, Photography for me is not looking, its sense of smelling. If you keistert feel what youre looking at, then youre never going to procure others to feel anything when they look at your pictures (para 2). This is what has been the most predominant feature of McCullins photography as shown in Figure. 1. There has been embed in his pictures the feelings of people rather than focusing on the other artistic values (figure 1). He, through his images, has move to get the sympathetic feelings for the affected people. By capturing a childs picture, he is making use of emotions and feelings of people to get attention. As Susan Sontag writes in her book, Regarding the Pain of Others (2003), that sufferings and emotions sell more than any other factors (Sontag).The most effective and credible advantage of McCullins work (as shown in Figure. 2) would be his unbiased reporting. He not only showed images of the public anxious(p) and their sorrows, but he also showed the sorrows of the free Syrian army (Figure 2). Im just a carrier pigeon that brings the nitty-gritt y back home (para 18), says McCullin. Thus, effectively,

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Ambition in Your Life Essay Example for Free

intake in Your Life EssayAmbition a passion that never fails you and will never let you fail it, and this is why it will in the long run cause the downfall of the individual. In the novel Frankenstein and in the Play Macbeth, intake is the main theme in these two pieces. Both captain and Macbeth had great moons of accomplishing certain things that defy a higher order. Ambition bevy two of them to strive for what they want and never give up on their dreams. Ambition without doubt admirer or even single handling brought Macbeth and Victor to their dreams. Ambition is the best quality that a somebody can have, it allowed Victor and Macbeth to achieve what they always wanted. W dislikever can tally you to the top, overly has the power to entertain you fall harder then you fell before, being everyplacely ambitious can also destroy a person and people that surrounds this individual. Victor and Macbeth succeeded in accomplishing their deepest desire but this does not mean t hey have succeeded in achieving happiness. E genuinelyone dreams about achieving goals and dreams in bearing that is nearly impossible to grasp due to certain circumstances.Why do some individuals still try in chasing their dreams even though they know that the chances of succeeding ar very slim? In the novel Frankenstein and the play Macbeth, Victor and Macbeth had dreams of achieving goals that defy a high order which promises host consequences. Victor and Macbeth are examples of the individual that were driven by aspiration, this ambition was so strong and relentless that it truly allowed both Victor and Macbeth achieved their impossible dreams.In Victors case he succeeded in creating life and Macbeth succeeded in becoming poove and this was all due to being ambitious and placed. Yes Victor and Macbeth did achieved what they wanted but both paid great prices in doing so. Was it worth it? Ambition is the best quality anyone can have, until we go through the office of cha sing a dream and just being ghost. No one is born with the ambition that makes you obsessed with your goals and dreams in life. Certain incidents must occur to push this person to let ambition make you plump obsessed with the goals and dreams in life.Victor and Macbeth both experience this incident that allow their ambitious take heeds to take over. Victor experienced the lost of a love one, which was his induce. This shock was too great for Victor to handle, this caused victor to hate the fact of death and suffering in life. The chance and luck of being able to bring his mother back, and to end all suffering was to captivating. He had the knowledge and power to do so. This caused his ambitious mind to come and start to take over. The same line of events occurred to Macbeth as well.Macbeth had no intention in betraying his king and pickings the throne. Until the three witches implanted the seed of betrayal in Macbeth, he started to think of the opportunities that being the king would bring to him. Betrayal thoughts started to occur in his mind. Macbeth was never sure of what to do until he talked to his lovely wife, she convinced him in taking this opportunity in becoming king. Macbeth kept his ambitious mind under control until the factual first deed of betrayal was attached which was the killing of Duncan, the current king of Scotland.After this incident, ambition took over Macbeth and caused in to do everything in his power to secure his throne. A determined and overly ambitious mind is a blind one. You may spend your whole life striving for a dream or goal that you have. You work so hard in getting what you think you really want, but when you rattling achieved and accomplished you goal or dream. You realized that youre not happy and lost certain things that are so much more important to you then your so called dream or goal. Macbeth and Victor both experienced this in their lives.Victor tried to create life and he succeeded in doing so, but in the c ourse of creating The giant he abandoned what was really important to him, which is his family, his friends, most importantly his life. His creation in reality destroyed everything that Victor loved and cared for. The monster should not be blamed because victor crossed the line of trying to better human kind and playing God. He created this hideous and ugly monster that no one can possibly love and abandoned it and left it to die.The actions of victor can also explain the actions of the monster. If victor actually took the time in thinking of what he was doing, he wouldve realized the mistake he was making. He make another mistake right after making the first one. He gave this monster life and limitless power and intelligent, obviously this monster can survive and cause great trauma to him and his love ones. If he actually stayed with the monster and taught him how to live and act towards other beings, things wouldve of turned out all in all various.Macbeth experienced the same exact lines of events and feelings that victor did in his life. If Macbeth thought of the acts that he was committing, he wouldve of realized that the lonesome(prenominal) thing he is accomplishing in killing the king, is damning himself, his only loved ones. It is obvious that if he committed this act of betrayal and defiance of a higher order, only bad can occur from this. He didnt realize this right after this act just like victor. He continued to do wrong because of his ambitious mind, which Victor also experienced.He continued acting on his relentless ambition to secure his throne and his undying passion to seek happiness which at the time was being king for him. Which was completely wrong. Knowledge is power and power can corrupt any human being. Victor and Macbeth had the opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals. This thought corrupted both their minds. As both Victor and Macbeth succeeded in achieving their dreams, they experienced different feelings. When Victor was successful in creating life, it totally scared him that he actually create life and it caused him to flee.This at last caused the downfall and death of Victor. In Macbeths case when he became king, it made him a more determined and stronger person. It made him paranoid and trusted no one, which caused him to make more mistakes, such as killing any one that stood a threat. Victor and Macbeth both were not happy even though they achieved their dream. This is because they acted on thirst which caused them to do whatever it takes to succeed, which caused them to make mistakes that they regretted towards the end of their lives.All of this and every mistake that both Victor and Macbeth made were because they let their ambitious mind blind them of their senses and conscious of what is really important to them and what truly makes them happy. Chasing a dream is good, until the mind is obsessed and is poisoned with the ambition that will change you to a whole new person. You can also order a custom term paper, research paper, thesis, dissertation or essay on ambition from our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with high-quality custom written papers at an affordable cost.

Stand By Me Story Essay Example for Free

Stand By Me Story EssayStand By Me is the theme of four twelve course of study olds living in a small townspeople in the family 1959, whose lives were changed by a lot put on the line that they embarked on at the end of an indolent summer. The four boys were Gordie Lachance, Chris house Teddy Duchamp, and Vern Tessio. The boys had their own tree house with its special club rules, including a secret knock, and spent their cartridge holder in meaningless arguments, playing games, or just hanging out. Although on the surface they are representative pre-adolescent boys, you soon find out that underneath their normal bravado and enthusiasm, each of them have problems at photographic plate to deal with. Gordies older sidekick Denny was recently killed in an auto accident, and his parents have not handled it well. They mope virtually their house and continually ask Gordie (who is an aspiring writer) why he isnt more like his blood brother, who was a ordinary athlete in to wn. Gordies best friend, Chris, who is in set upigent, brave, and the natural leader of the group, has an alcoholic father, who constantly beats him, and an older brother who is a delinquent.Everyone in town figures that Chris will follow in their footsteps, so he is very often afraid of what his future will be. Teddy is the son of an emotionally disturbed war veteran who has ill-use him all his life. In his mind Teddy cannot accept his situation, so he has created a fantasy human world in which his father is an All American war hero instead of an inmate in a mental hospital. Vern is on the chubby side, somewhat uncoordinated, and is constantly the butt of jokes. Verns older brother likes to push him just about when he is there, and so Vern spends a fair amount of time hiding out. Yet Vern ends up being the catalyst of the theme. He accidentally overhears his older brother describe the location where he is pretty trus tworthy that the dead body of a missing boy from the town that everyone had been looking for actually lies. This gives him a chance to be important in the pecking order of the club, and he brings this information to the other boys.Intrigued by the thought of comprehend a real dead body and excited at the prospect of becoming heroes in the town for finding it, the boys decide to walk the twenty miles, which will take them two days to complete. They each tell their parents that they are spending the night at their friends house, but given their home situations, its not really a problem for them to take off. The journey starts off well enough, peppered with the bickering chattertypical of twelve year olds, but soon they realize how unprepared they are. No one remembered to bring along any food and they have very little money.Read moreDescription of a fantasy city.This leads to their first adventure along the way as Gordie is elected to buy food at a store, but must(prenominal) sneak through the junkyard to do so. They end up being discover ed by the junkyard owner who sics his frankfurter on them for trespassing on his property. Later they out-run a train on a bridge, tell stories by the campfire, and have a traumatic experience with leeches when they take a shortcut through a swamp. Meanwhile, admirer Merrill leader of an older gang of town kids finds out about the location of the body from Verns older brother and decides to go find the body also, for basically the same reasons. The story comes to its climax point as the two groups square off at the site of the dead body.While Stand By Me seems to be another(prenominal) coming of age film, its meaning and interest really exists on two levels. The entire story is told in a series of flashbacks, narrated by the adult Gordie who is now a successful writer, and is lamenting a parole clipping about the death of his childhood buddy Chris, who had succeeded in overcoming his self doubts and dysfunctional family situation to run low a lawyer. Chris was killed because of the way he had lived, bravely intervening during an altercation in a restaurant, and suffering a knife wound for his efforts. You enter the mind of the writer throughout this film, in the way that the story is told, how the flashbacks tend around in time when necessary, and especially in the hilarious story within a story told by Gordie at the campfire about Lardass Hogan and the pie eating contest. While the boys characters are quite believable, well acted, and superbly cast, the psychotherapeutic revelations of the boys innermost feelings, fears, and self-doubts almost on cue show the sure hand of writer Stephen King more than a sense of total reality.

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Human vs. Other Organisms Essay Example for Free

Human vs. Other Organisms EssayHorse3 Valine, Glutamine, AlanineDonkey3 Valine, Glutamine, AlanineCommon zebra3 Valine, Glutamine, AlaninePig, cow, sheep3 Valine, Glutamine, AlanineDog3 Valine, Glutamine, AlanineGray whale3 Valine, Glutamine, AlanineRabbit3 Valine, Glutamine, AlanineKangaroo3 Valine, Glutamine, AlanineChicken, turkey3 Isoleucine, Valine, GlutaminePenguin4 Isoleucine, Valine, Glutamine, 0Pekin duck2 Valine, GlutamineSnapping turtle3 Valine, Glutamine, AlanineRattlesnake4 Serine, Glycine, ThreonineBullfrog4 Valine, Glutamine, Alanine, CysteineTuna4 Alanine, Valine, Glutamine, AsparagineScrewfly fly5 Valine, Glutamine, Arginine, AlanineSilkworm moth8 Asparagine, Alanine, Asparagine, Valine, Glutamine, Arginine, Alanine, Alanine Tomato motor horn worm9 Asparagine, Alanine, Aspartic acid, Asparagine, Valine, Glutamine, Arginine, Alanine, Alanine Wheat10 Asparagine, Proline, Aspartic acid, Alanine, Alanine, Lysine, Threonine, Alanine, Aspartic acid, Alanine Rice9 Asparag ine, Proline, Lysine, Alanine, Glutamic acid, Lysine, Threonine, Alanine, Aspartic acid Bakers Yeast11 Serine, Alanine, Lysine, Alanine, Threonine, Leucine, Lysine, Threonine, Arginine, Glutamic acid, Leucine Candida Yeast13 Serine, Alanine, Lysine, Alanine, Threonine, Leucine, Lysine, Threonine, Arginine, Alanine, Glutamic acid, Isoleucine, Alanine Neurospora14 Serine, Lysine, Alanine, Asparagine, Leucine, Lysine, Threonine, Arginine, Alanine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, GlycineReflection QuestionsSummarize your amino acid comparison in paragraph form. To guide your summary, reflect on the following questions.1.What does it mean when scientists say that living organisms share a universal transmittable code? It means that all extinct organisms have all the same genetic code. 2.How does a universal genetic code relate to the hypotheses about the strain of life on reality? The near-universal genetic code is that all extant things share some type of common anc estor. 3.How are self-replicating molecules, much(prenominal) as RNA molecules in the RNA World hypothesis, essential to the most popular hypotheses about the origin of life on Earth? They reproduce, and could have been formed through abiotic chemistry on the early Earth. 4.How qualification similarities and differences in genetic codes, or the proteins built as a result of these codes, be used to determine how closely cogitate polar species are? The more alike the letters are in a species, the more recent the ancestor was. If the ancestor was recent then the more alike the two different species will be. 5.Based on the amino acid sequence data for the Cytochome-C protein, chimpanzees and humans share an identical cryptology sequence. What other species identified on the chart has a coding sequence that is most closely related to the humans and chimpanzees and most distantly related? Explain your answer

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Jane Eyre in the Opening 3 Chapters Essay Example for Free

J unmatchable Eyre in the Opening 3 Chapters analyseCharlotte Bronte is the author of the novel Jane Eyre about an orphaned girl struggling throughout the novel to achieve comparability and to overcome oppression. In the opening 3 chapters, Bronte emphasizes Janes loneliness, lack of familial affection and emphasizes her sensitive character and inner effectivity. As we witness Jane being punished and neglected at the hands of her unfeeling aunts and leftfield feeling isolated and out of place in her society. Firstly, we are introduced to Jane, hiding reading a book. This establishes her comic and lonely place at Gateshead hall. As not only is she separated from the rest of the reed family solely Bronte explains that she is happy and feared nothing except interruption. To feel safe and content only from being excluded from her family signifies janes neglected and troubled childhood.This is indicated as a child should want to be surrounded by family and love. for Jane to be l iving in despair by the sense of this seclusion to be obstructed implies her inner strength of independence as shes willing to find a book and read educating herself instead of moping and self-aggrandising up. And shes joyful when emphasises her independence and drive to find a book and read rather than mope. ane sitting and reading by herself, not allowed to play with her cousins, establishes her odd and lonely position at Gateshead Hall. tho her willingness to find a book to read, rather than just moping, establishes her independence.

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Virtual Lab Report Template Essay Example for Free

realistic Lab Report Template EssayIn this virtual lab activity, you will be notice the cell cycle in the wiretap of an onion root. The root tip is responsible for the downward fruit of the root and is one of the regions in the plant where cells are actively dividing and growing. Because of this, the root tip is an excellent system of rules in which to observe the entire cell cycle, including the processes of nuclear division (mitosis) and cell division (cytokinesis).You will be involveting a lab report as the assignment for this lesson. Be sure to read the instructions in the first place completing the virtual lab activity and your lab report. Refer to the lab rubric before you submit your report to your instructor.Record any observations about the cells you observedData AnalysisCalculate the percentage of the cell cycle spent in each stage. Number of cells in given stage ? total snatch of cells counted ? 100 = % of the cell cycle spent in this stage Create a graph tha t represents the meter spent in each stage of the cell cycle. GraphConclusionBe sure to effect the following reflection questions in the conclusion of your lab report1 Based on your data, what quite a little you infer about the length of time spent in each stage of mitosis?2 What stages were the monthlong and shortest? Give a brief explanation of why these stages may have that time period.3 What is a distinguishing visible feature of each stage of the cell cycle?4 What differences can you see when you equal the nucleus of a dividing cell with that of a non-dividing cell?5 If your observation had not been restricted to the tip of the onion root, how would the results be different?

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The role of music and other sound Essay Example for Free

The role of music and separate sound EssayOften when in assemblage with another person a generally meaningless comment can have a abstruse ability to offend someone more than a deliberately vulgar outburst this is due to the tad in which the person delivers his remake. Tone as described in the Oxford Dictionary is the sound of a persons voice, expressing a feeling or mood, and is an essential tool in the way people communicate with each other to express at that place feelings and experiences.In author Tennessee Williams A Street Car Named desire a shoo-in about two childs from the south living out there separate lives, meet again in New Orleans during a pivotal second base in each of there journeys tone is a vital tool in expressing there emotional trials and tribulations at heart the hold in. As while reading the book it is not possible to hear the tones in which the characters use to express themselves, it is done through the stage directions. idea the stage directi ons do not only evoke the tones of the reanimate, they also foreshadow events ahead through describing exemplary happenings such as music and sound effects.Tennessee Williams use of stage directions is one of the many keys to the great advantage of this play even the first paragraph is a tribute to that. The first paragraph describes a imperturbable ensure, Two women, one white the other coloured talking, which for its time would have seen as being proscribed in most areas of the country. The passage continues to describe a peaceful setting where summer seems to be go slowly and how people of different colours mingle amongst each other. This sense of tranquility is suddenly halted by the playing of a grubby Piano simultaneously as the men come back for there bowling match.This indicates that the sullen cushy is a foreshadow to trouble in the future and when ever it plays it symbolizes a problematic situation arising. This is confirmed further on within the act as when ever the piano is described, a conflict emerges. Whilst Stella and Blanche are reacquainting they start to talk about what happened to there old home the Belle Reve, when the blue piano starts playing again. In this situation the piano indicate the emotional climax of this scene, when Blanche vividly describes what trials and tribulations she has suffered whilst her sister has been away, and how badly she has come off from them.The tone of the spoken language is very much linked to the colour of the piano, intending the speech to portray a time of sorrow of Blanches life. The last and probably the most symbolic aspect the image of the blue piano withholds is the forthcoming of Stella and Stanleys new baby. The arrival of the baby mentioned in unison with the play of the blue piano foreshadows that the birth or even just the babies being with strike up conflict within the characters in the book and may lead to a rift in there relationships.Another melodious effect portraying tone is th e song of the Polka. The song features at the end scene one during a conversation where Blanche and Stanly were flirting. The trip the light fantastic song is meant to symbolize the death of Blanches economize ambiguously the line The music of the polka rises up, zonk out in the distance refers to her husband in a literal sense, as to Blanche, her husbands memory is faint in the distance, from a time long past, but still it faintly lives on within her.The reminder of her husband through song is a reaction of the guilt she feels, guilt for flirting with another man, i. e. her sisters husband Stanly. This guilt uncovers her underlying feelings still for her husband and how she is still trying to grasp hold to her life that she had forward her life went into turmoil. The song also foreshadows the starting of a relationship with Stanly will only lead to a negative end for Blanche and potentially suffering a similar downfall as when her husband died.The final effect of sound apply to disclose tone is laughter. Regularly in plays laughter would be used by the author to denote a light hearted or humors moment within the performance and the appearance of laughter in A Streetcar Named Desire marks a moment or presence of tenseness between characters. Not the first occurrence of laughter used to break strain but probably the most prominent is when Stanley first offers Blanche a drink and uses a sexual parable to refer to her drinking.This not only reveals Stanleys nature as a womanizer but exposes sexual tension between Blanche and her brother in law. The laugh therefore predicts a sexual entwinement between the two characters after on in the book ensuring conflicts to follow. The second important period where a laugh emoting tension occurs is during collection between Stanly and Stella when they are arguing over whether Blanche is telling the truth about Belle Reve. This is a pivotal moment within the opening scenes for it reveals three things.Firstly that Stella is uncomfortable with her husbands over eagerness to pursue issues that do not relate to him. This makes her insecure for it means she is unable to with hold her own secrets, for if Stanly new she held them he would interrogate her until she told him or worse. The is related to the first, in that Stella feels she has no control over her life for she is forced to do what Stanly wants, which is portrayed in that he does not listen to what Stella want and interrogates Blanche which against Stella wishes.Thirdly Stella feels Stanly is far to curious of Blanche and feels slightly threatened by her sister as she feels Blanche may steal Stanley away from her. A Streetcar Named Desire is a play driven upon an emotional rollercoaster colliding with opposing personalities ensuring for furious confrontations. Tennessee Williams use of stage directions to provoke the tone of the characters allows for vivid imaginativeness and powerfully tense moments.

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Literature review Essay Example for Free

Lit timeture surveil EssayAbstract Supply chain Management has assumed a squ ar role in firms motion and has attracted serious research attention over the last few years. A literature palingenesis reveals a considerable spurt in research in theory and practice of SCM. Combining and inform on features of Supply Management and distribution Management. This integration has resulted in the concept of extended enterprise and the bring home the bacon chain is now manifest as the collaborative supply chain across intercompany borders to maximize the nurture across the entire supply chain. A large progeny of research papers have been create in confused journals in last two decades. In this paper an attempt is made to analyse the status of literature on Supply range Management.A literature classification scheme is proposed. A total of 588 articles from 13 refereed academic journals are classified into articles in five methodologies i.e. Exploratory, Normative, Methodology, Li terature Review and scheme testing. This literature review finds that exploratory type of research is intimatelyly preferred it is expected that with the maturity of SCM the scheme testing method allow for pick up. The articles are further categorized in fifteen categories on the basis of content analysis. Based on this review, some possible research issues are identified.Keywords SCM, Supply Chain strategy, Literature Review. those with average performance.1. INTRODUCTIONTraditionally, Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been a melting pot of various aspects, with influences from logistics and transportation, operations management and materials anddistribution management, marketing, as well as buy and reading technology (IT). Ideally, the allencompassing philosophy of SCM embraces separately of these functions to produce an overall supply chain strategy that ultimately enhances firm performance (Croom et al. 2000Wisner and Tan 2000).In actuality, the literature is still very f ragmented and although several studies purport to discuss supply chain issues, most of the existing research only examines one link of the chain, or most importantly only focuses on one ingredient in the supply chain performance mix. Six major movements can be observed in the evolution of supply chain management studies. Creation, Integration, Globalization, Specialization Phases One and Two, and SCM 2.0 These phases are prone in Table 1.In the current competitive scenario supply chain management assumes a significant importance and calls for serious research attention, as companies are challenged with finding ways to meet ever-rising customer expectations at a manageable approach. To do so, businesses must search out which parts of their supply-chain process are non competitive, understand which customer needs are not being met, establish improvement goals, and rapidly action necessary improvements. Previously manufacturers were the drivers of the supply chain managing the pac e at which products were manufactured and distributed. Today, customers are calling the shots, and manufacturers are scrambling to meet customer demands for options/styles/ features, quick order fulfillment, and fast delivery. Manufacturing quality a long-time competitive differentiator is advent parity across the board, so meeting customers specific demands for product delivery has emerged as the next critical opportunity for competitive advantage.Companies that learn how to improve management of their supply chain will become the new success stories in the global market place. Study on Benchmarking shows significant cost differences between organizations that exhibit best-in-class performance and Copyright 2010 HyperSciences_Publisher. All rights reserved The six stage evolutionary era depicts that in a particular era which strategy was emphasized. For instance in the sixth era information Technology was given priority and IT enabled supply chain was the burning issue.In the 1 990s industries began to focus on core competencies and adopted a specialization model. Companies abandoned vertical integration, sold off non-core operations, and outsourced those functions to other companies. vane 2. 0 is defined as a trend in the use of the World Wide vane that is meant to increase creativity, information sharing, and collaboration among users.The term supply chain management was first coined by an American industry consultant in the early 1980s. However the concept of supply chain in management, was of striking importance long before in the early 20th century, especially by the creation of the prevarication line.This era of supply chain management studies was highlighted with the development of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems in the mid-sixties and developed through the 1990s by the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.This era is characterized by the globalization of supply chain management in organizations with the goal of in creasing competitive advantage, creating more value-added, and decrease costs through global sourcingSpecialization within the supply chain began in the 1980s with the root of transportation brokerages, warehouse management, and non asset based carriers and has matured beyond transportation and logistics into aspects of supply planning, collaboration, execution and performance management.presents various connotations given by various researchers then a literature classification scheme is explained and a research agenda is suggested after identifying the gaps between theory and practice of SCM.SCM research has included a number of literature reviews and historical studies published in the top scholarly journals in the fields of logistics, logistic management, purchasing and SCM (Croom et al. 2000 Carter and Ellram 2003 Rungtusanatham et al. 2003). SCM literature reviews have also been done in the past. However, for the most part these reviews have been descriptive (offering sancti oned frequencies for topics covered etc.) or normative. Given the increasing focus on SCM in both academic and practitioner literature streams, a review of the concepts, topics, analysis methods and levels of analysis across thirteen academic journals was undertaken. This research investigates the news report of the SCM literature looking at the various trends and developments in the field

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Far from the madding crowd Essay Example for Free

furthest from the madding crowd EssayRoles of women in the tight-laced times were truly limited comp bed to now. They were expect to be fellowship wives, and never expected to draw an opinion or point of view. They were never in control of anything and e precisething was firm by men. They were usually expected to take cargon of everything in the house including looking after children. They were very much expected to be women whose life revolved around the domestic sphere of the home and family. However, this reference was challenged by Queen VictoriaIn the novel Far From the Madding Crowd you see Bathsheba and Fanny severance the norms expected from women in Victorian times. Sometimes these norm-breaking actions would result in a sever consequence depending on how bad the norm-breaking was. However, sometimes these limits which exist were ignored, but no penalty was paid. In chapter 42 Bathsheba heart-to-hearts the coffin in which Fanny and her baby lay. Here you can se e an example of a wo human beings crossing the breastwork of what was expected from her, but no penalty being paid. She is very insecure as weather to open the coffin or leave it closed.If I could only look in upon you for one little chip I should know all She finally does open the coffin and is slightly relieved that her tension and indecision has come to an end. It was best to know the worst, and I know it now. She is in a lot of pain, because she now knows that it was the women that troy weight love. She realises that it is his baby and is shocked when Troy says to her that he will never love her like he loved Fanny. Bathsheba withal realises that Troy has slept with Fanny out of marriage, which was a very unacceptable action in Victorian times.She does not wish to pursue or debate with Troy about what he has done, because there ar risks of other people finding out and this would bring shame to her self-image. The consequences of Troys actions would mean that people would l ook at them badly and want energy to do with them. In a way, Fanny paid the price for a highly thought sinful act, and through death. Many Victorian readers wouldve been shocked at Bathshebas actions when she opens the coffin and also with Troys actions. Bathsheba is obviously troubled and disturbed otherwise she would never cod opened the coffin.You can see that she is show her true emotions and in Victorian times women never showed their true emotions. Bathshebas actions for opening the coffin would not have been a very severe punishment but would be frowned upon by many Victorians. In chapter 13, the expected roles of women are transgressed when Bathsheba and Liddy play the spunky of the Bible and key. Did you ever find out, miss, who you are going to marry by means of the Bible and key? Many Victorian women would think it a very foolish game to play, therefore, not expected from women.This chapter is an example of a woman crossing the barrier of her expected role, but nothi ng happening and therefore no consequence. In chapter 11, fanny pays a visit to Troy however, she travels a very long distance to do this. It was very unusual in Victorian times and nowadays that a woman should travel for miles and miles by foot to visit their loved ones. This wasnt considered very lady-like, and was looked as desperate. It could also have been seen as chasing him around, therefore not being a proper Lady.To make matters worse, Troy dismisses her abruptly which shows a lot of disrespect for Fanny. But Fanny doesnt acknowledge this and we can see that she is a weak character. on that point was a tone in the woman which is not that of the wife, and there was a manner in the man which is rarely a husband. Fannys actions may also have come down to her social class. Her ways of opinion may have also been completely different to that of an upper class. However, the boundaries of what was expected from women was the same throughout social class. But some may have broken these boundaries with no consequence.You can see now that if the boundaries are taken too far the consequences are drastic and sever. However, sometimes they are ignored or they are hidden. Fanny ignored these boundaries and paid the penalty. Bathsheba did step over the line, but never did ignore the extreme limitations. The women in the novel are defined by how they are seen to everyone else. Some Victorian women would not abide by the rules that were set for them, and some would, either out of fear of what would happen to them if they didnt or they didnt want to feel sinful.

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History Germany Essay Essay Example for Free

bill Germany Essay EssayHow far do you agree that the new Weimar majority rule was seriously threatened by semipolitical extremists in the years 1919-24? (30 marks)Between the years 1919 and 1924 the Weimar body politic experienced many threats against its new parliamentary regime, even it could be argued that none of the threats ever truly had the ability or support required to disorder the new state, accordingly r deathering the attempts by the political extremists as non that threatening. The Weimar Republic saw the end of the Kaisers rule and the start of a new semi presidential and representative democratic ruling. level off dating back to the formation of Germany in 1870, the foundation of German Politics and power has always lain with the elites and midriff class of the population. With the new Weimar Republic these elites were supposed to lose their power and control due to the democratic regime, however this did not actually happen. Therefore any political ex tremists that threatened the musical arrangement, and in turn threatened the elites power, were dealt with in harsh manners. During the trials from the 1920 Putch over seven hundred deal went to trial however hardly one person was convicted and given five years in prison. Since the Putch would arrive at been an act of treason, and under German law, the punishment should contract been death, however the fact there was so little convictions and such lenient punishments suggests sightly how backbreaking the elites power still was and how strong the Weimar Republic would have been with the elites power backing it, but they would only do this as long as things were benefiting them.The Kapp- Lttwitz Putch of 1920 did mastermind to an exposure of the armys reluctance to support the Weimar Republic due to the fact the army was request to act by Noske, the Defence Minister, however the leaders of the military ref utilise to get involved and kind of remained neutral. This therefore would have planted a seed of doubt into peoples minds as to how good the Republic would be as not even the army were going to protect it, which then would lead some people to feel unprotected and vulnerable, andcould have led to people turning against the democratic system and instead turning back to the old ways of running the country. Yet, this was not the case therefore suggesting that the Kapp- Lttwitz Putch did not pose as being that significant of a threat.The Munich Beer Hall Putch could be argued as being blame from the start and therefore neer truly being a serious threat. From the beginning and throughout it never had the support of the German people, with only a small number of people supporting their cause. Seeckt also used his powers to command the army to resist the Putch and with the combination of the Bavarian Police and the army the Putch was crushed easily with marginal deaths.However, in the end Hitler was arrested on charges of treason (again meaning the puni shment under German law should have been death) and he only received a five year prison sentence yet he was released after just nine months. This again showed that the political power was with the elites and that the Weimar Republic was not as strong as first thought, yet the public were still willing to keep the democratic state in place and give it a chance to work. Therefore it could be argued that as long as people had a belief in the Weimar Republic and were willing to support it then any attempts by political extremists would never have been that successful and therefore they were never truly much of a threat.In conclusion, although the Weimar Republic did indeed experience many threats from political extremists, with some seemingly serious threats against it which showed the many flaws in the system such as the power of the elites and the armys standing in the new regime, yet none of the attempts had enough public support backing them to have a serious impact. They just didnt have enough public support as people, especially of the working classes, believed in their new democratic system, and cute to give it enough time to start to evoke changes that would benefit them in the long run. Therefore the attempts could not have had enough of an impact to name them as being serious threats against their new democratic state.

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Current Strategic Potential Essay Example for Free

Current Strategic Potential canvassThe strategic potential of an enterprise (SPE) depends on the ability of an enterprise to take into account and properly task both the internal and outside(a) conditions of its activities (Ginevicius et al. 2010). This delegacy to know the strategic potential of an administration, in other linguistic communication what it can do, one has to analyse how contrasting environss can be much or little rich in opportunities or hostile and how organisational capabilities ( resources and competences) can enable or constrain strategies.This essay allow for examine which information tools are necessary to assess the current strategic potential of Lufthansa. A internationally leading aviation group focusing on the core competencies of its five business areas Passenger airway Group, Logistics, MRO, Catering and IT Services. The ability to analyse and evaluate the external conditions (environment) internal conditions (capabilities) is a compl ex phenomenon and dependent of an organisations activities and usage of appropriate tools. The essay will argue that for an organisation like Lufthansa with global comportment and complex operations, to assess external environment PESTEL whereas for diagnosing strategic capabilities think of reach Value vane are the most appropriate tools.Due to the reason that Lufthansa is an multinationally operating organisation it faces international challenges. These international challenges govern as well the internal organisation as the external environment. The external environment has abundant furbish ups on the Lufthansa. To conduct external environment abstract of Lufthansa it is essential to have information about the company, its financials, operations, global electronic network, Strategy statement, Markets customer segment research studies, information about alliances classnerships,Flight Schedules/Routes, Environmental challenges / studies ( e.g. Noise pollution, zip fast ener consumption controls related information), Fleet information (type aging of fleets), Competitor comparison reports, Legislation and regulations ( e.g. preferential airdrome powerfuls if any) and Customer satisfaction studies. When it comes to select the tools for external environment compend, there are quite few tools / technique available but two major / widely employ tool / techniques are PESTEL doormans Five forces.However use of PESTEL provides a wide overview reveal threats and opportunities presented e.g. by technological changes (i.e. fuel effective engines, airframes, internet) or shift in market demographic, profound issues much(prenominal) as restriction on mergers, governmental such as security controls etc. PESTEL analysis helps to uncover issues likely to have major impact upon the upcoming of the industry, regions or markets. The identification of the key drivers in macro environment changes help focus on what is most important and can be used to cons truct scenarios of alternative possible future. PESTLE-analysis tries to make the future more comprehensible and predictable though we have to take into account that future is something which cannot be forecasted, as unpredictable events might occur.Porters five forces framework which helps identify the attractiveness of an industry in ground of five competitive forces is another option to analyse external environment.However to be used cautiously as not necessarily complete even at the industrial level for example, * Defining the right industry, most industries can be analysed at different levels e.g. different markets and even different segments within them e.g. air lane industry has different geographical markets (Europe, Middle East, China etc.) with different segments (leisure, business freight). The competitive forces are different for each of these markets so must be analysed separately * Converging industries, definition of industry is too laborious because of continuous change of boundaries e.g. high tech area is converging. * Complementary organisation, analysts argue that industry analyses needs to admit sixth force due to the organisation that are complementary rather than competitors. An example is Microsoft Windows software and McAfee each is better because of others. Complementarity implies a significance shift in perspective. While Porters five forces sees organisations as battling against other for share of industry value, whereascomplementors may cooperate to increase the total value available.Others tools / techniques for external environment analysis such as Strategic group analysis, market segment analysis and the strategy canvases. These tools / techniques covers exactly the inner layer of the environment and help identify strategic gaps or opportunities thus misses the wider view of external environment for a company such as Lufthansa, thus may not be considered for analysis of Lufthansa.Strategic capabilities of an organisation con tribute to its long term survival or competitive advantage. Two components of Strategic energy are resources (what an organisation has) which includes physical, financial and humans resources and competence (what it does well) how well these resources are deployed. The tools / techniques available to diagnose organisational capabilities includes, * Benchmarking, means to understand the relative performance of organisation * The Value chain and Value network, to understand how value to a customer is realised and can be developed * Activity mapping, means of identifying more detailed activities which underpin strategic capabilities * SWOT, summarises the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats likely to impact on strategy festeringTo diagnose Lufthansas capabilities (Resources competencies) the Value chain Value network is more appropriate tool/ technique.As it helps to understand the Lufthansas primary and secondary activities and how company give to achieve competitive advantage by delivering value to the customer. The value chain can be used to diagnose and create competitive advantages on both cost and differentiation. The value chain is as well as expert to understand the strategic position as generic description of activities help managers understand if there is a cluster of activities providing benefit to customer located within particular area of value chain. It also take for analyzing competitive position of the organisation using VRIN ( Value, Rarity, inimitability, Non substitutability) criteria, advertise value chain helps to anaylse the cost and value of the of the activities. Since Lufthansa is part of wider value network (i.e. inter-organizational links relationship to create a product or services) it will further helps to understand the strategic position of the organisation.Other tools / techniques available to assess the capabilities of Lufthansa / organisation may not be able to stand simply because the value chain can be use d to diagnose and createcompetitive advantages on both cost and differentiation. Whereas Benchmarking is limited to comparing input output or outcomes and process not identify the reason for relative performance in terms of underlying capabilities. Benchmarking may also lead to measurement distortions which mean you get what you measure. Activity mapping useful it is the danger is that, in desire to explain capabilities underpinning their strategy managers may identify capabilities as too abstract a level. SWOT on the other hand may produce long list of strength weakness opportunities and threat so prioritization remains an issue, it may be used as a summary not as a substitute of analysis, it also lacks of specificity thus making value chain value network analysis more authentic to produce the needed analysis.To understand what kind of information is essential to conduct such analysis its important to draw a value chain map of the organisation. Below table is a representation o f the value chain of an airline and give fair idea of the information needed for such an analysis. Conclusion,To assess the strategic potential PESTEL (for external environment), Value chain Value network (to diagnose strategic capabilities) tools / techniques are the most appropriate. With PESTEL broad macro environment of the organisation in terms of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factor is analysed.This leads to identification of key drivers in macro-environment which are used to construct alternative scenarios with regard to environmental changes. The strategic capabilities which provide competitive advantage on the basis of their value, rarity, inimitability and non-substitutability (VRIN) are diagnosed through Value chain Value network analysis. Thus considering international nature of Lufthansa operations and global presence both tools (PESTEL Value chain Value network) to be used to assess its strategic potential.References,Johnson, G , Whittington, R, Scholes, Kevan 2011, Exploring Strategy,9th edn, Pearson Education Limited, EnglandRichard J. Speed, 1989Oh Mr Porter A Re-Appraisal of combative Strategy, Marketing Intelligence Planning, Vol. 7 Iss 5 pp. 8 11Permanent link to this documenthttp//dx.doi.org/10.1108/EUM0000000001043Rainer Feurer, Kazem Chaharbaghi, (1997),Strategy development past, present and future, raining for Quality, Vol. 5 Iss 2 pp. 58 70Permanent link to this documenthttp//dx.doi.org/10.1108/09684879710167647Joan Magretta, (2012),Michael Porter answers managers FAQs, Strategy Leadership, Vol. 40 Iss 2 pp.11 15Permanent link to this documenthttp//dx.doi.org/10.1108/10878571211209305G. Anand, Rambabu Kodali, (2008),Benchmarking the benchmarking models, Benchmarking An International Journal, Vol. 15 Iss 3 pp. 257 291Permanent link to this documenthttp//dx.doi.org/10.1108/14635770810876593Brian Leavy, (2003),Assessing your strategic alternatives from both a market position and core competen ce perspective, Strategy Leadership, Vol. 31 Iss 6 pp. 29 35Permanent link to this documenthttp//dx.doi.org/10.1108/10878570310505578Ginevicius, R, Podvezko, V, Nototny, M Komka, A, 2012, plenary quantitative evaluation of the strategic potential of an enterprize, Economic Computation Economic Cybernetics Studies Research, vol.46, no.1, pp. 65-84Kavanah, P Hisrich, RD, 2010, The relationship betwixt the quality ofthe idea and the strategic potential of a new venture a longitudinal conduct of five Irish campus companies, Managing Global transitions International research Journal, vol.8, no. 3, pp. 261-284Steven T. Walsh Jonathan D. Linton (2001) The Competence Pyramid A poser for Identifying and Analysing Firm and Industry Competence, Technology Analysis Strategic Management, 132,165-177

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How Has Social Networking Affected Society Media Essay

How Has amicable Networking stir Society Media EssayThe net income has revolutionized the way in which mass communicate. The pro spiritration of this medium of communication and data murder has made it difficult to believe that all a few decades back, plenty had to wait for days and some ms weeks for a letter to r all(prenominal) them. straightaway communication is a real quick process and it is the mesh that has made it affirmable. The latest byproduct of the internet is what is c everyed hygienic-disposed networking. There argon numerous web puts alike Orkut, Facebook and MySpace that are commitd by individuals to find their friends and stay in contact with them. It is impossible to ignore the impact that accessible networking has had on human family. This paper will study the different ways by which well-disposed networking sites prevail influenced society. The positive and negative do of this cyber phenomenon will as well as be delved upon.The popularity of the internet among the masses was made possible mainly collectable to email. hatful could send emails to any part of the world and could receive emails instantaneously. Subsequently in that location were websites that integrated audio and visual elements to make internet browsing a substance abuser friendly experience. Today, hand-held devices utilize the internet for various purposes. This means that the internet and related applications can be made easy to any person who knows how to use a compatible handheld device. For many citizenry the internet has begin an absolute necessity that they can non do without in their daily lives. Even though in the beginning internet services were utilized by commercial establishments to further their business interests, techno lumberically inclined entrepreneurs brought together junction Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), photo share, instant messaging, ecommerce, multiplayer gaming and so on and created websites that were aimed at tran sport people together (Ishak, n.d).This initiative guide to the growth of the social networking revolution. People found out that they could use the internet to connect with other people. It was also possible to rekindle old births and stay in touch with long lost relatives or those who were living in other countries. Social networking sites forthwith are the close highly valued internet companies. This is because almost anyone who uses the internet is a process on at least(prenominal) one of these sites. Some may also read memberships in various social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook and MySpace. This general adoption of social networking sites has definitely impacted the way human beings socialize. There are hundreds of social networking sites today that connect people across the world. Some target people who piddle common interests and some do not make any such criteria and are open to all (Ishak, n.d).Online social networks focus on building and reflecting socia l relationships among people who share interests and/or activities (Ishak, n.d). Social networks enable a person to maintain a profile where he/she is able to include info to the highest degree him/her and also include friends. individual(prenominal) experiences are shared by way of messages, photos, videos and other media. A few of the most popular social networking sites that yield millions of members are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut etc. Socializing on the internet was not pioneered by these websites. Email and messengers like ICQ have always enabled people to do so nearly a decade ago. But these websites have made it possible to include a large number of people in groups and stay in touch with them effortlessly (Ishak, n.d).The social web and mobile technologies have accelerated the rate at which relationships develop, information is shared and influence takes hold (Benioff, 2012). Social technology is employ to shape the notwithstandingts of the world. Websites like Facebook have attached a new way to communicate and reach out with the overhaul of groups and friends. Portable devices like tablets and smart shout outs have applications that help people access their friends regardless of their location. The impact of social media has been seen in peoples movements like the Arab Spring and the interest movement. People who are connected to each other with these means have managed to rally crowds and gather an sense of hearing that helped them in toppling political regimes (Benioff, 2012).Social networking has made it easier for people to meet other people. Not all people are outgoing luxuriant to take the initiative and meet others. Con firingional opportunities to make friends were during social gatherings when people had an opportunity to meet other people. Since some people are introverts they find it difficult to muster enough courage to meet someone and strike up a conversation. Social networking ensures that everybody has a level play ing field. Even people who do not have an impressive personality per se can have hundreds of friends on their profile and also interacts with each other on a daily basis. Not all friends on a social networking profile penury to be close friends. Some may be brief acquaintances but in due course of time a relationship could be certain (Parrack, 2012).People of x spend a very long time on social networking sites. This is because of the sharing of experiences that takes place between people. People on a friends list tend to listen and respond to messages and even dispel any concerns that are voiced by other friends. Since modern lifestyle does not relent people enough time to communicate, communication systems need to be extremely fast. Social networks are very fast and it is possible to send a message and get a reply to that within a matter of seconds. There is also a sense of equality despite the locations that people may be in and hence social networking sites have made the world a much smaller place. It is also possible for people with similar interests to interact. By sharing likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies etc, people tend to move closer to each other despite the physical distance between them (Parrack, 2012).Every individual will feel the need to maintain certain frail ties. These could be with people whom one meets during the course of the day. Asking for a phone number may not be possible due to the nature of the relationship. Potential benefits of keeping in touch with certain people might be for arranging play dates or demonstrateing a hobby. These are interactions that do not require a very close relationship. Social networking is a very utilitarian tool for such people. Interaction will be possible during that particular time and also in the future when it is necessary. Bonding with friends and family is different from associating oneself with the weak ties. Social networking sites allow individuals to manage a wider network of weak ties and thus increase bridging social capital (Ellison, Lampe, Steinfield, 2009).When a persons social network is improved it will help them to increase the information that is available to them and also to improve the opportunities that they have. In a study that was conducted among undergraduates it was found that but using the internet did not increase the social capital. Only intensive use of websites like Facebook led to higher levels of social capital. Before the advent of these sites people used communication strategies like newsletters and gossip to discuss about their past and present acquaintances. Social networking sites have enabled status messages and regular updates that enable people to take on in lightweight social surveillance. It is true that most of the status messages are about seemingly visionary matters. A friend may have got a new dog, an old colleague may have changed his job and knowing about these may not make any change in ones life but it is the awareness of ones social network that provides a continuous link to the acquaintances (Ellison, Lampe, Steinfield, 2009).Social networking sites can service in coordinating and mobilizing social action (Ellison, Lampe, Steinfield, 2009). There are several organizations that have managed to mobilize the society and influenced it. Political figures, organizations and advocacy groups can find supporters very easily with the help of such websites. For any network to have value it needs support from as many numbers of people as possible. focused networking sites like for instance MyChurch.com unites Christian churches and the website Care2.com unites environmental activists. There is also a social networking site that unites activists called Change.org. This site has been used in the past to elevate protests and boycotts in an efficient manner. This has only been made possible due to the number of members who follow such websites and the messages that are posted regularly (Ellison, Lampe, Stei nfield, 2009).Social networking has also had several untoward make on the society. agree to Sherry Turkle, a clinical psychologist, a social network not only changes what an individual does but also changes the person that he/she is. People tend to befriend people on Facebook but tend to keep people in their lives at a distance. Today it is possible for a person to tweet a message to a thousand followers at the same time but the same person fails to pick up a telephone which is a much more efficient mode of communication and jaw to someone. According to Turkle, the relationships that are forged in this way fling the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship (Strachan, 2012). In other words we are only getting used to a way of being alone together (Strachan, 2012).Social networking sites have also had an impact on the communication styles that are adopted by people. Writing has produce more concise due to little blogging sites like Twitter. Several abbreviati ons like LOL for laughing out loud, BRB for be right back, ROTLR for rolling on the al-Qaida laughing are being used. This is not considered to be a very good trend by people because it corrupts the English language. Apart from abbreviations words are also shortened as the necessity may be. Before becomes b4, to becomes 2and so on. The main problem with this is that it is the younger generation that is using this kind of communication in front even becoming proficient with the language. Even if it is assumed that this is only a trend that will come about then those who use this kind of language will face problems when they grow up are anticipate to use formal English language (Sherman, 2010).While it is true that social networking sites enable us to organize our real world relationships it also unfavorablely affects a persons ability to socialize. People nowadays are haunt about composing a perfect tweet or a good Facebook status update that they forget to enjoy the important e vents in their lives. For instance in a survey that was conducted about this put forward it was revealed that 24% of the respondents missed out on enjoying special moments because they were busy trying to document the occasion for their friends on social networking sites (Laird, 2012). People who are not mature about their real world relationships tend to vent out their relationship woes on social networking sites. This could have a disastrous consequence on their relationship itself (Kaiser, 2012).Americans in particular have become less participant-oriented. They prefer to remain only as reference members. In the past in that respect used to be a propensity to tie in sports teams, and civic groups. Today people tend to live an isolated life. Such an existence will only lead to lesser empathy and fewer social skills. People are so used to dealing with people online that they cannot bring themselves to talk with their neighbors. It is the real life social networks that are being destroyed by virtual social networks. In the United States, suburban streets have started to look deserted. People no longer gather to communicate or just have a good time. Children are addicted to their computer screens and video games. Neighbors who might be burning up the social media pages inside their homes barely know each other outside (Robinson, 2011).According to a recent study, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are supposedly more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol. This addiction is due to the fact that checking updates on these sites is neither expensive nor does it have any adverse effects on ones health. Desires for media may be comparatively harder to resist because of their high availability and also because it feels like it does not cost much to engage in these activities, even though one wants to resist (Epstein, 2012). However there is a psychological explanation to this addiction. Receiving or answering a notification results in a lay down of Dopamine which is a chemical neurotransmitter that is associated with reward responses in the human brain. Dopamine is also released while consume drugs or indulging in sexual activity. This is why social networking can be addictive (Franceschi-Bicchierai, 2012).In an online poll that was conducted among a thousand teenagers, it was revealed that four out of five experienced negative side effects when they were not allowed to access their social networking accounts. Sites like Twitter and Facebook made them have negative feelings like depression, insecurity, panic attack and dependence (Dungan, 2012). Yet another problem that is seen on social networking site is bullying. The internet seems to give people a sense of anonymity that brings out the mean streak in them. According to a look study by the Pew Research Center, where 800 teenagers were surveyed, it was seen that incidents of mean and cruel behavior transcended all ages and backgrounds on social networks. (Kang, 2011).Bull ying in schools and colleges is common but the ease of communication on the internet makes it possible for peers to join forces and gang up on an individual. Of those who had seen such cruelty online 21% joined in the harassment. Out of ten girls aged twelve to thirteen, three admitted to having experienced unkind treatment. Teenagers assumed a different personality online that was markedly different from that of their real personality. Some of them approached their online friends with more bravado than they had in real life conversations. Facebook is a website that requires its members to use real names to prevent anonymous bullying. But it has not stopped bullying altogether. The online peer groups become meaner when the child is of a younger age (Kang, 2011).Social networking encourages people to be more public about their lives. Intimate details of a persons personal life may be available to other people in the form of posts, status updates, photos and videos. These will stay in the public domain even after(prenominal) the accounts are deleted by the user. It is also possible that someone might have downloaded them to their computers. These can then be altered to malign the reputation of a person. For instance a picture of a person doing shots at a party may look absolutely fine to their friends. But when a prospective employer is doing a background check, the very same photo may land the person in trouble (Jung, 2012). This bolshy of privacy is a very serious issue that can affect people in a society.Social networking is a very influential mode of communication. Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace make it possible for member to communicate with ease with their friends and family. It has become easier to enter into relationships with such websites. Hand held devices like tablets and smartphones have applications that enable users to log in to the social network from their devices and stay in touch with their friends. However social networki ng also has its adverse effects on the society. People have started to get addicted to networking sites. This addiction to updating ones status on a networking site has made people incapable to engage in real life interactions with people. People are also developing a different identity online that makes then indulge in bullying. Social networking therefore has profound influences on human society that are both beneficial as well as detrimental.