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The impact to the London from the preparative for Olympic Gme in Essay

The impact to the London from the preparative for Olympic Gme in London 2012 - Essay Example There are several parameters which will come across direct impact of the 2012 London Olympics. The impacts of preparation of London Olympics are described as follows: The London Olympics and Paralympics 2012 will use both the existing facilities as well as the latest new architectural wonders such as 'Olympic park' and 'Olympic stadium' (Construct UK, 2005). The whole process is developed keeping in mind that no 'white elephants' are created while carrying out 2012 Olympics projects. This is also called as '2012 legacy'. The Olympic park(Newman, P. 2007) is being developed on a wasteland near Stratford, which is claimed to be the biggest engineering and construction project in Europe. Significant cleaning up of the 2.5 sq. km contaminated land is already in progress. After the Olympiad is over , the Olympic park will be transformed into an urban park which will be the largest in Europe. The other venues such as aquatics centre, hockey centre and the multi sports arena will lead to the overall development of sports infrastructure in UK. Some of the sports facilities like ExCeL in Newham (which will host Weightlifting, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Tae Kwondo and Table Tennis competitions), O2 in Greenwich (Gymnastics); Greenwich Arena (will host Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics), Horse Guards' Parade (Beach Volleyball) and Wimbledon (Tennis) already exists and need only some renovation. While developing the new venues and infrastructure it was necessary to purchase and demolish some business and private sites and properties. This has led to some controversy as the proprietors complained of inadequate compensation. Thus the overall infrastructure development taken place is really beneficial in the long run for the development of UK Impact on transport: The need to get the entire Olympic family as well as the spectators safely and on time to the venue has led to the proposal of improvement in the existing transport system. The main aim is to complete the games related transport improvement work well before 2012 so that people can enjoy the benefits before, during and after the Olympics. The Lower Lea Valley will be transformed into one of the best connected areas in the capital, in accordance with the transport improvement plans, thus bringing economic and social benefits. East London will see long term benefits as a result of this. Rail lines, stations and platforms are being upgraded which will serve the public interest in the long run even after the games are over. The London Underground's East London Line is being expanded; the Docklands Light Railway and the North London Line are being upgraded. The new "Javelin" high-speed rail service, using Hitachi 'bullet' trains is being introduced for the fastest surface transit. Buses: The 'iBus' with automated vehicle control systems and a comprehensive communication system will be introduced by end 2008. These buses are particularly helpful to aged, disabled and foreign tourists who have language problems as these are equipped with audio visual systems for information on upcoming bus stop, live information on board the buses. River transport: The inland

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Woodlands & forests Essay Example for Free

Woodlands forests Essay Forests and woodlands provide many social, economic, and environmental benefits. In addition to timber and paper products, forests provide a wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities, prevent soil erosion and flooding, help provide clean air and water, and contain tremendous biodiversity. Forests are also an important defence against global climate change. However, huge areas of the richest forests in the world have been cleared for wood fuel, timber products, agriculture, and livestock. This is why we must take extreme measures to conserve these natural resources. We can conserve forests and woodlands by careful management of the woodlands and forests, also by limiting deforestation and by adapting good forestry practices and to encourage woodland owners to help sustain their land. New by-laws have been implemented in which if a heavy fine and/or prison sentence may follow if a person breaches their conservation agreement. Britain is a good example of an industrialised country that is adapting strong conservation methods to help retain their native woodland. This involves special areas being designated National Parks or ESA’s etc. National Parks allow total protection of an area under law and is cared for by the National Trust aswell as the private landowners. Environmentally Sensitive Area’s (ESA’s) are to maintain areas of natural beauty and to allow habitats to be protected from destruction. Brazil in the developing world is home to the Amazon rainforest which is under constant exposure to deforestation. The cause of this large scale destruction is purely for economic reasons for timber and minerals etc. An estimated 3 hectares of forest is destroyed every minute and this must stop. The developing world must take action and adapt new ways of ensuring they protect their forest from exploitation. There are many ethical and aesthetical reasons for why we should conserve woodlands and forests is because everything has the right to live including trees. The environment is also the target of pleasure seekers and therefore it is needed to continue as a source of pleasure for people to enjoy and appreciate. Example: People like to escape the cities at the weekends or for holiday breaks to feel escape and to enjoy beautiful scenery aswell as watching wildlife. Ecotourism will be benefited by tighter conservation laws and will allow more people to be able to enjoy the natural environment without spoiling/ruining it in the process. There are many other ecological reasons of why we must conserve forests and woodlands. Plants are essential for regulating the atmosphere, the water cycle and is also a vital part of both the the nitrogen and carbon cycles. They form the soil and are a source of dependency for many plants, animals, birds and insects. One of the most important reasons to conserve is the potential for discovering wonderful new medicines that could hold the cures to the worlds worst diseases, this would also have enormous economic benefits for the country where discovered. E. g. a discovery in the developing world could bring billions of investment into the country and could help eliminate poverty. The conservation of forests and woodland is essential as the world’s forest contain great biodiversity and is a major habitat to millions of species. The threats of logging and urban expansion are jeopardising the world most valuable resource. Discuss the ways in which â€Å"afforestation† may influence: Climate, Soil, Water Cycle Afforestation can bring great benefits to the world. The effect on the climate can be dramatically greater when compared to deforestation. Afforestation has had many success stories throughout the world. E. g. in Finland during the 1960’s a massive area of 200,000hectares was planted. The results showed that after a scenic beauty assessment all the areas afforested now had a higher scenic beauty rating. And many animals returned to a new habitat that they had previously lost. Afforestation has many climatic impacts in relation to the greenhouse effect. The trees take in more Carbon Dioxide which is allowing negative feedback to occur, therefore resulting in a reduction in Carbon Dioxide levels. Due to the way C0 2 is an insulating gas, the removal of this gas actually lowers the temperature, so afforestation can actually help control the temperature and prevent the enhanced greenhouse effect. Afforestation can also affect winds by acting as a windbreak and can help in preventing soil erosion it acts as a saltation. The planting of more trees will help improve the humidity particularly in dry areas where the atmosphere and air is very dry and lacks moisture for further plant growth and vegetation. The gain of deep rooted plants can prevent land from being degraded. The deep roots can reach deep down to find the groundwater and will transport its up from the ground and up into the atmosphere as part of the hydrological cycle. The roots help bind the soil. It also affects salinity by transpiring water it helps keep the water table well below the surface and prevents salinisation from occurring. Trees also intercept some rainfall from reaching the ground and this helps prevent the soil from becoming waterlogged. Other climatic factors are influenced by forest cover. An article in New Scientist magazine shows that new climate models have found that forests help cool the atmosphere as the water evaporating from leaves absorbs heat, it also stated that the location chosen to afforest is important as if you chose to plant a forest to take in C0 2 it could actually lead to warming if it was planted in a region where snow falls, as this would change the lands albedo value and would reflect less sunlight. The forest has major influences on the hydrologic and carbon cycles, regulating the conversion of precipitation to runoff, CO 2 fixation, and evapotranspiration. It also influences the hydrologic cycle on the ground surface and maintains the production of biomass and vegetation. Areas of large forest cover will have high precipitation levels and high humidity related to the amount of water present in its local atmosphere due to the forests water holding system. Afforestation will affect the water cycle in a positive way by helping areas with low rainfall have more precipitation for its local crops etc.

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Student Uniforms :: essays research papers

Students are always complaining about the dress codes at their school, and totally rejecting the idea of school uniforms, but I feel there are many benefits to this proposal. These days everyone is so concerned about being attractive and popular that they forget the real reason for going to school. The increase in academic performance and school spirit, along with the decrease in violence, is more important than looking cool for your friends. South Carolina school systems have the lowest test scores in the nation. Our students are not daft; they just do not consider schoolwork a top priority. With uniforms for every student, there would be less focus on fashion and more emphasis on education. Our report cards would be posted on the refrigerators for everyone to see, rather than stuffing them in the bottom of our backpacks. The students would be rewarded for their efforts, therefore their self esteem would also rise. Teen violence has reached its peak in our schools. Last year, numerous killings took place at schools around the country, largely due to taunting amongst the students. Uniforms would prohibit the wearing of chains, large pockets for hiding weapons, and gang colors worn to incite fights. Less students would be teased for their attire, and sexual harassment caused by provocative clothing would come to an end. Our schools would provide a more secure environment in which we all could learn. School spirit in South Carolina is extremely lacking, and it shows. Our athletic teams have very limited support, and it affects their performance greatly. A student could be missing on a field trip, and they would not be located for hours because they simply â€Å"blended† with the crowds from other schools. If we were obligated to wear uniforms, we would be more recognizable in public surroundings, and our sense of school pride would blossom. To quote Henry David Thoreau, â€Å"take the earth at your feet, and paint your house that color.† School spirit should shine eminently in all students’ lives; not fizzle out like a dampened fuse. Many students argue about the restrictions on their personal freedom. They do not realize that they could still select their own trendy accessories, and they can wear whatever they desire at home and on the weekends.

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Exploring Physical Activity and Health

Part 1: Health screening and physical activity (1200 words/60 marks)Pre-activity health screening is commonly undertaken in sport and fitness facilities. Scenario 1 (below) shows the results of a pre-activity health screening procedure for a male participant. Read Scenario 1 and then answer the questions underneath.Scenario 1Participant: GregGreg is 55 years old and runs his own company as well as managing a local women’s football team. During a routine health check, Greg was informed that he has high blood pressure and should take steps to address this. Since he stopped playing football himself Greg is currently very inactive and has therefore decided to join the gym at his local sports centre, to help to improve his health and with the intention of becoming fit enough to play in a local veterans’ football league.Health screening questionnaireGreg completed a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) and answered ‘no’ to all questions. In other wor ds, Greg had no known medical conditions that could be aggravated by exercise at the time of completing the questionnaire.Health screening – physiological measurementsAfter the PAR-Q was completed, Greg undertook a series of physiological measures. The results of these are:Resting blood pressure = 150/92 mmHgResting heart rate = 85 bpmHeight = 190 cmWeight = 105 kgBody mass index = 29.1Waist-to-hip ratio = 0.99Body fat percentage = 26% 1.Explain the reasons why pre-activity health screening is necessary. (400 words/20 marks) 2.Discuss and analyse Greg’s results. Your analysis should identify whether or not the results fall into healthy ranges and discuss the implications of this, with a particular focus on the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. (400 words/20 marks) 3.Outline how physical activity could have a positive effect on Greg’s health. (400 words/20 marks)Part 2: Health and safety legislation (800 words/40 marks)Read Scenario 2 and then answer the questions underneath.Scenario 2Bradley is a member of the gym at his local sports centre. He regularly uses the gym and has completed a gym induction and health screening. One day he brings his 13-year-old daughter, Jessica, to the health club to use the gym. The health club has a policy that under-16s are not allowed to use the gym and that no one can use the gym without first having a gym induction and health screening. Bradley and Jessica are fully aware of this policy. Although she is 13, Jessica looks much older and could easily be mistaken for being aged over 16. Jessica avoids completing a gym induction by telling the reception staff that she will just be using the swimming pool.While using a piece of gym equipment inappropriately, Jessica falls and breaks her wrist. The gym was supervised by one instructor at the time, whose response to the accident was immediate and appropriate. 1.What legislation governs health and safety in a sports and fitness facility, and how might th ese relate to this incident? (250 words/13 marks) 2.Discuss whether or not Bradley and his 13-year-old daughter, Jessica, would have a case for a claim for negligence against the facility. Explain the reasons for your answer. (550 words/27 marks)

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Literacy: Mrs. Fleming Essay

There are few fundamental skills in life that are of greater importance than the ability to read and understand the written word. It can take a person of any background as far as they can dream. This is truly evident in the essay, â€Å"Superman and Me†, by Sherman Alexie which tells of the author’s struggle growing up poor on a Native American reservation in Washington State. From a young age, his literacy became Alexie’s saving grace, thanks to his father who inspired him to begin reading. This inspiration changed the path of his life. I, too, was inspired and encouraged at a young age to be a great reader by my Mother and a special teacher. I am thankful to my Mother for starting me on my path to literacy. I grew up in a house full of books, music and loud women. My Mom was never without a book in her hand, my middle sister loved to sing and write poetry and my oldest sister always had her eight tracks blaring. From the time that I was tiny, I wanted to be just like my Mother. She had beautiful hair, perfect makeup, and lovely flowing dresses. Since I was too young for these things, I latched on to something else that my mother loved; books. Alexie felt much the same way about his Father. Alexie writes, â€Å"My father loved books and since I loved my father with an aching devotion, I decided to love books as well† (89). My Mother and I spent many hours roaming the library aisles for our next great read. She encouraged me to try new authors and different genres. I discovered Judy Blume and even attempted Charles Dickens and Louisa Mae Alcott. My Mom challenged me each summer to read as many books as I could and she was always ready for me to tell her all about them. Mama and I still recommend books to one another and tell each other all about the characters that we meet in between the pages of our latest book. I was fortunate enough to have many fantastic teachers during my school years. One teacher In particular is my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Fleming. I was a twelve year old girl that felt awkward and self-conscience and Mrs. Fleming always found a way to boost my self-confidence. She made  it a point to compliment me every day on anything from how I read aloud in class or what I was wearing or my hair style. Mrs. Fleming’s interest in me built up my self-esteem by leaps and bounds. We also bonded over our mutual love of books. Mrs. Fleming would take the time to ask about a book I was reading and recommend others that she thought I might like. She found ways to let me know that she loved that I was so excited about reading even if it was just a sweet smile that seemed like it was just for me. Mrs. Fleming made me feel special. As an adult, I have, on occasion, run in to Mrs. Fleming and even after all these years she still remembers me as her little bookworm. I am thankful to have had the support and encouragement throughout my life to keep me reading and learning. It continues today as I show my children how fun and entertaining it can be to read a good book I love to read with my girls and the sound of their voice reading on their own is like music to my ears. As I continue my education I hope that they can see through me that a love of reading can take you anywhere you want to go. So dream big†¦and go read a book!

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The Hairy Ape essays

The Hairy Ape essays In the Play, The Hairy Ape by Eugene ONeill, there are two characters that play an important role in the play. They are Paddy and Long. Long and Paddy are firemen aboard the Ocean Liner. They both have thick accents, but express their thoughts with complexity through their dialogue as seen in the play. With their characteristics, one sees two different sides of how the Industrial Revolution had an impact on the lives of those working at that time. Although Paddy only appears in The Hairy Ape in two scenes, he is an important element of the play. Paddy is an old Irish man who likes to drink heavily, and he is known for his spouting about on subjects such as philosophy and stories of the past especially when hes intoxicated. Of the men on the ship Paddy could be considered the oldest of the men because he has been doing labor jobs longer than most of the firemen as he says when he describes his life on the Clipper Ships (pg1122). Paddys extensive monologue in Scene One details how shipping used to be aboard Clipper Ships(pg1122). Without Paddy's presence the audience would not have as much perspective about the revolution brought about by machines. Paddy has experienced life on the sea that was free, where he was empowered and valued. Paddy, unlike many of the men such as Long, knows what it is like to not do slave labor. Paddy's experiences let him have real opinions unlike the rest of the firemen with him. This is why he complains about his life as a fireman and how its a prison compared to the freedom brought about by the Clipper Ships (pg1122-23). Long, on the other hand, is alike in some ways and yet different in other ways. Long is younger than Paddy as discussed earlier. In the play, Long complains of his life being hell. He says that the ship is their home. He complains that their life was forced on them. I believe this refers to how the Industrial Revolution had enforced itself in th...

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Free Essays on The Bridle

The Bridle Throughout the story Holits’ character builds and as the story progresses you realize his life revolved around manly one thing, his horse. His horse meant a lot to him even though it was the main reason for his deteriorating life. After Holits lost his horse and farm the one thing he kept in his journey to Arizona was his horses bridle. This bridle symbolized Holits’ love for his horse and the farm life. In the beginning of the story Holits carries the bridle into his new home in Arizona. This shows Holits’ attachment to the bridle and the horse because there are no farms or horses around his new home. â€Å"There’s not much to farm around here . . .† (193). Later in the story you realize that Holits put all his effort and money into that horse, which shows how much that horse meant to him because the horse never won a race. â€Å"The fact is, whenever it ran, it lost. . . But Holits is stubborn if he’s anything. He wouldn’t give up† (199). No matter what the odds Holits would bet on his horse. Holits dedicated his life to that horse and sadly nothing came back to him in return. After Holits had lost almost everything including the horse, he was forced to start a new life in Arizona. Even after the horse made him lose everything, he still kept the memory of the horse close by, with keeping the bridle. However, Holits luck had run o ut again and he was injured forcing him and his family to move a second time and live off his wife’s sister. In the end of the story Marge finds the bridle, it had been left behind by Holits. â€Å"Back in the corner of the drawer I see the bridle he was carrying in when he first came† (208). â€Å"Maybe the man left it on purpose† Marge realizes that Holits maybe wants to start a new life free from the horse and all the troubles it has caused him (208). In conclusion the bridle symbolized Holits’ determination and love for his horse, however in the end he finally ... Free Essays on The Bridle Free Essays on The Bridle The Bridle Throughout the story Holits’ character builds and as the story progresses you realize his life revolved around manly one thing, his horse. His horse meant a lot to him even though it was the main reason for his deteriorating life. After Holits lost his horse and farm the one thing he kept in his journey to Arizona was his horses bridle. This bridle symbolized Holits’ love for his horse and the farm life. In the beginning of the story Holits carries the bridle into his new home in Arizona. This shows Holits’ attachment to the bridle and the horse because there are no farms or horses around his new home. â€Å"There’s not much to farm around here . . .† (193). Later in the story you realize that Holits put all his effort and money into that horse, which shows how much that horse meant to him because the horse never won a race. â€Å"The fact is, whenever it ran, it lost. . . But Holits is stubborn if he’s anything. He wouldn’t give up† (199). No matter what the odds Holits would bet on his horse. Holits dedicated his life to that horse and sadly nothing came back to him in return. After Holits had lost almost everything including the horse, he was forced to start a new life in Arizona. Even after the horse made him lose everything, he still kept the memory of the horse close by, with keeping the bridle. However, Holits luck had run o ut again and he was injured forcing him and his family to move a second time and live off his wife’s sister. In the end of the story Marge finds the bridle, it had been left behind by Holits. â€Å"Back in the corner of the drawer I see the bridle he was carrying in when he first came† (208). â€Å"Maybe the man left it on purpose† Marge realizes that Holits maybe wants to start a new life free from the horse and all the troubles it has caused him (208). In conclusion the bridle symbolized Holits’ determination and love for his horse, however in the end he finally ...

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Free sample - Abuse of elderly. translation missing

Abuse of elderly. Abuse of elderlyIntroduction This paper defines abuse of elderly giving its categories. It also gives risk factors of elderly abuse, the causes of the abuse and the consequences of elderly abuse. Abuse of elderly This is any act occurring in a relationship where there exist an implication of trust resulting in harm to an older person if form of financial, physical social or sexual abuse and neglect in community or institutional care (Saunders L.2008). Categories of abuse include physical, emotional, sexual, financial, neglect and abuse by system as explained hereunder. Physical abuse is the infliction of pain (injury), physical coercion, or physical or drug induced restraint to an older person. Emotional and verbal abuse is the discrimination based on the age, insults as well as hurtful words, denigration, intimidation, false accusations, psychological pain and distress. Financial abuse is extortion and control of pension money, theft of property and exploitation of older people to force them to care for grandchildren or it is the illegal or improper exploitation or use of funds or resources of the older person. Sexual abuse is incest, rape and other types of sexual coercion or it is non-consensual sexual contact of any kind with the older person. Neglect is the loss of respect for elders, withholding of affection, and lack of interest in the older person’s well-being. Accusations of witchcraft are the stigmatization and os tracization to elderly person. Abuse by systems is the dehumanizing treatment older people are liable to suffer at health clinics and pension offices, and marginalization by the government. (Abuse of elderly) The risk factors for elderly abuse Individual factors: physically aggressive abusers have personality disorders and alcohol-related problems than the general population .Cognitive and physical impairments of the abused person are strongly identified in early studies as risk factors for abuse. Relationship factors: The studies involving caregiver stress, Alzheimer disease and elder abuse suggest that the nature of the relationship between the caregiver and the care recipient before abuse begins is an important predictor of abuse. Stress is a contributing factor in cases of abuse. Community and societal factors: The systems of patrilineal and matrilineal inheritance and land rights affect the distribution of power; the societies’ view the role of women; the erosion of bonds between generations of a family, caused by rural to urban migration and the growth in formal education and the loss, through modernization, of the traditional domestic, ritual and family arbitration roles of older people. Domestic settings: ev idence from studies in developed countries show that a higher proportion of abused elderly people suffer from depression or psychological distress than do their non-abused peers. Other symptoms associated with cases of abuse include feelings of helplessness, alienation, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, denial and post-traumatic stress. This mistreatment can cause severe interpersonal stress leading to death. Institutions: various people are responsible for the abuse in institutions: a member of the staff, resident, a voluntary visitor, relatives or friends where the prevailing regime of the institution itself is abusive or negligent. (Elder mistreatment). The spectrum of abuse and neglect within institutions spans a considerable range, and are to the following: The provision of care for example, resistance to changes in geriatric medicine, erosion of individuality in the care, inadequate nutrition and deficient nursing care, problems with staffing for example, work-related stress and staff burnout, poor physical working conditions, insufficient training and psychological problems among staff, difficulties in staff ,resident interactions   for example, poor communication, aggressiveness on the part of residents and cultural differences, environment for example, a lack of basic privacy, dilapidated facilities, the use of restraints, inadequate sensory stimulation, and a proneness to accidents within the institution, organizational policies for example, those that operate for the benefit of the institution, giving residents few choices over daily living; bureaucratic or unsympathetic attitudes towards residents; staff shortages or high staff turnover; fraud involving residents’ possessions or money; and lack of a residents’ council or residents’ family council. Anecdotal evidence from India suggests that institutional abuse is often perpetuated by staff through a system of unquestioning regimentation. (Abuse of elderly). Complex factors contributing to elderly abuse include factors such as drug or alcohol problems in the abuser, negative attitude towards the older person, the history of family violence, high dependency of older person on others for their care, intergenerational family violence and stress of ill equipped and poorly supported career (Saunders L.2008). Causes of abuse Social isolation or lack of support can contribute to abuse or neglect; the sufferers of abuse in these situations are unwilling to join programs that encourage social interaction. The role of ageism, discrimination against and stigmatization of older people can cause elder abuse. The marginalization of the elderly is a contributory factor. Prevention strategies Measures that may be useful include the following:   the development and implementation of comprehensive care plans; training for staff; policies and programs to address work related stress among staff; the development of policies and programs to improve the physical and social environment of the institution. (Abuse of elderly) The consequences of elder abuse Older people are physically weaker hence more vulnerable than younger adults since their bones are more brittle and convalescence takes longer. Minor injury can cause serious and permanent damage. Many older people survive on limited incomes hence the loss of even a small sum of money can have a significant impact. They may be isolated, lonely and troubled by illness in which case they are more vulnerable as targets for the fraudulent schemes. (Catherine C. 2006). Indicator of elderly abuse Physical indicators include complaints of being physically assaulted, unexplained falls and injuries, burns and bruises while behavioral and emotional indicators are: change in eating pattern, sleep problems, fear and confusion.   The sexual indicators are complaints of being sexually assaulted, frequent complaints of abdominal pain and unexplained vaginal or anal bleeding and genital infections. (Abuse of elderly) Conclusion The problem of elder abuse cannot be properly solved if the essential needs of older people such as food, shelter, security and access to health care are not met. The nations of the world must create an environment free of abuse and exploitation to elderly people gives them opportunities to participate fully in educational cultural, spiritual and economic activities.

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International Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

International Security - Essay Example Protection is also provided by PMCs nationally and internationally. They also give their services to supplement those services given by armed forces. They provide these services in places where there are no security details that are personal are involved. This means that the state actor is not involved in this case. 1 The PMCs work in conjunction with states. This is in line with providing training in military matters and national defence issues. They tend to be located where the conflict intensity is quite low. In these places it is usually risky to deploy armed forces to them. This is in terms of economics, diplomatic and politics. At Guantamano Bay, they help in setting up camps for detention. The Afghani president has benefited by getting bodyguards supplied to him from the PMCs. Colombia has in the past been given helicopter gunships which assisted in destroying coca crops. George H. W. Bush really influenced the privatization of these enterprises. The PMCs can be grouped generally to mean contractors of defence. Tactical skills and specialised operations are provided by PMCs to their personnel. Combat experience is also included in this. This is unlike what the other contactors of defence do. The PMCs provide their services to state forces, business corporations and non-governmental organizations that are internationally based. The difference between PMCs and defence contractors is not recognized by (GCIII) The Geneva Convention. They term them as supply contractors. They are termed as war prisoners when issued with identity card that is valid. They are termed as mercenary when they engage in combat. Demand of private military companies There is a likely hood that there will be an increase in the demand for the private military companies. Governments usually employ the private military companies to help solve conflicts. This has been done by Angola. These companies are contracted to give logistical help. Most of the states that contract the private military companies cannot afford to sustain big militaries. For example private military companies were employed to do recruitment in Balkans. International organisations also highly demand the services of private military companies. The PMCs are also contracted or employed by the UN to provide security. Once a private military company is reputable and strong, it normally has very high demand. The UN usually compares the costs incurred in having armed forces and that of employing the PMCs. It is usually very cheaper to employ the PMCs than to have the armed forces in the nation. It is estimated that there are many private military companies that operating in Africa. This is even up to 100 private military companies in operation. The African countries that have benefited from this include Indonesia and Colombia. The PMCs are mostly contracted by countries that are in very remote areas. Such places are usually very dangerous. The PMCs are mostly from the UK and the United States. Recruitment Many private military corporations are recently attracting people and the entire personnel from Special Forces. This is because the private military companies pay the employees well compared to the salaries paid by Special Forces.2 UK private military companies There are many private military companies in the United Kingdom. They include Adson Holdings, registered in Guernsey. Aegis Defence Services, AKE Group and

Are we prepared Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Are we prepared - Essay Example r management programs that meet the requirements of state license bodies and the JCAHO, the main issues of concern are whether the plans fully address the requirements of the community and those of the health facility (Aguirre, &Quarantelli, 2008). In Merrillville, Indiana, where I work, there is the white code plan for disaster management. As a midnight nurse, I encounter a lot of challenges at work especially during winter where the weather gets at its worst with winter floods. Sometimes I am mandated to work during the day while waiting for relieve. Despite the plan being function on some occasions and meeting the licensing requirements, there are still loopholes and areas that need to be addressed in order to enable the plan meet the needs of the stakeholders in the facility. First, a disaster planning committee has to be established to supervise the execution of the plan. The committee should have representatives from the various departments of the facility as well as specialists in disaster management (Uscher-Pines, 2009). There is also need to acquire the latest tools and equipment to accompany the disaster plan. Finally, the plan needs to be amended to include a disaster recovery

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The Salvadoran During The Civil War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The Salvadoran During The Civil War - Essay Example The situation in El Salvador was that of a stalemate. US government backed the Salvadoran government, however, that was not enough to claim victory. There are no winners or losers in a war, only survivors: and this proved true in the case of El Salvador as well. There are eyewitnesses and journalists who gave their accounts of the state of affairs during the Salvadoran civil war. Cynthia Arnson, a commentator on the national and international affairs especially with concern to the United States and Latin America commented on the gruesome force used by the state government. The government appointed death squads to start systematic eradication of the Salvadoran opponents and not only mutilate their bodies but to use this as a means of wreaking havoc and terrorizing the general population. Such tactics would lead to permanent terror settling into the minds of the public and would disallow them to engage in anti-state affairs and activities in the future. The mid-1980s was the era when s tate-sponsored population killings were the most prominent. The civil war took a very long time despite the efforts to bring an end to the war from both parties. FMLN refused to participate in the presidential elections because they felt that the results would be unfair. Due to this reason, they boycotted the presidential elections. And when the FMLN organized the peace talks in order to settle down the conflicting issues, the Salvadoran government also refused to participate.The Salvadoran civil war would have ended a lot earlier

Company Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 8

Company Law - Essay Example Scholars denote that because a business organization is incorporated, then the assets of these people are protected from seizures by creditors of the company. That is, the owners of the business under consideration are not liable for the liabilities of the company2. It is also easy for the owners of the company to raise capital through the stock market; it is simple to transfer the ownership of this company to another individual, the tax charged on a company is lower as compared to a personal income, and finally, a company that is incorporated is able to achieve a lenient tax restriction, on losses that are carried forward. The Company’s Act of 2006 provides for the issuance of an article of incorporation once a company is incorporated. This article of incorporation is responsible for identifying the main purpose of the company, the location of the company, the number of shares issued by the company, etc. This article of incorporation will also contain the specific date of the company’s registration, and the fees paid for the incorporation. It is important to understand that majority of companies are created for the main purpose of doing business. This is an aspect that the British parliament wants to encourage, and this is because the existence of many companies in Britain will lead to an improvement in the economy of the country, and creation of jobs. However, it is important to understand that doing business is a risky affair, and a business organization might fail, or it may acquire some profits3. This acquisition of profits is the major incentive that makes people to engage in a business initiative. It is important to understand that the common law principle denotes that an individual who provides capital for a business operation, and is responsible for sharing the profits that the business makes, is also liable for any debts that the business under

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Eisenstein and the Cinema of Montage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Eisenstein and the Cinema of Montage - Essay Example re vigorous productions which reverberate through film theory to this day. However, this is not simply a paper on the history of Soviet silent film-it s an investigation into the significant innovations from this epoch. Many talented men entered this field over a short span of years and produced works deserving of attention and note, including Vsevolod Pudovkin, Fridrikh, Grigorii Kozintsev, Abram Room and Leonid Trauberg. Yet it is the development of a distinct theory of montage that still reverberates, and this theme is most apparent in the work of Sergei Eisenstein, most notably in the 1925 film Battleship Potemkin. For the Eisenstein of the silent film era, montage ... n quite startling, juxtapositions of shots'.5 His writings stress the core significance of the idea, as 'we must fully recall the characteristics of cinema's effect that we stated initially and that establishing the montage approach as the essential, meaningful and sole possible language of cinema'. 6 In this method, 'The shot is by no means an element of montage. The shot is a montage cell'. 7 As the Statement on Sound, released jointly by the formalist filmmakers Eisenstein, Pudovkin and Alexandrov in 1928 clearly states, 'The success of Soviet pictures on world screens is to a significant extent the result of a number of those concepts of montage which they first revealed and asserted'.8 Although the concept of montage was a distinctly Soviet one, that does not mean it was alternative or on the fringe in that country. The leading directors of the era openly acknowledged the importance of the technique, and were pleased that it helped distinguish a Soviet school of cinema, to the p oint that these men issued joint statements to that effect. In terms of modern scholarship, a review of the Soviet montage method typically focuses on the contribution of Eisenstein, for his was the most brazen and distinct use of the method. He propagated this method not only in his work but in his numerous writings on films. The swift cutting and visual juxtapositions read in a very distinct way from contemporary, non-Soviet cinema. In 1927, his films were referred to as 'plotless cinema' by Adrian Piotrovsky, because they relied on 'exclusively cinematic means of expression'.9 The narrative is clearly secondary to the montage. For Eisenstein, 'montage is conflict. As the basis of every art is conflict'.10 Weaving distinct cells together creates more than what could simply

Lillian Wald Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lillian Wald - Research Paper Example She began her nursing practice at the New York Juvenile Asylum. The children, who stayed there belonged to poor families and Wald began teaching their parents home nursing. She was the author of â€Å"public health nurse† term. She made an emphasis on the necessity to integrate nursing help in the public community. She took care of poor people, immigrants, their children, ethnic minorities and many other underprivileged members of the society. Wald’s contribution to nursing and humanity The results of her work can be found in the book â€Å"The House on Henry Street† (1911) and â€Å"Windows on Henry Street† (1934). Lillian Wald initiated visiting nursing and it is one of her greatest contributions to nursing and community health. Wald and nurses, who followed her managed to provide their services to 450 patients in the Henry Street. Therefore, the modern nurses should learn patience, tolerance, a great care and sympathy shown to their patients. Moreover, a need to improve public health and improve relations in the families of the community would benefit for the public health improvement for sure. Lillian Wald initiated visiting nursing and by 1933 her staff had grown to 265 nurses who made 550,000 home visits and they provided their services to 100,000 patients. In 40s there was a division of Wald’s organization and a freestanding agency of nursing services. Wald’s visiting nursing was directed on help and aid to the underprivileged families.   Her initiative to organize personal visiting resulted in the New York City.   The main goal of visiting nursing was in underlying the important role of a visiting nurse in the community was in dealing with the social problems that accompany illness. Definitely, public health of the community depends on correlation between social and health issues. Moreover, Lillian Wald was not indifferent to women’s housekeeping practices. Recreational activities for families were al so her main concerns. She was the founder of the Women's Trade Union League in 1903. Starting from 1930 she travelled in Russia, China, Japan and Hawaii in order to get better concerned about humanitarian issues. From 1915 this woman expanded her caring about the American society, public health and community activities. She was the President Roosevelt’s assistant protecting children against labor, providing them with the right to attend school, improving education of mentally handicapped people. Civil rights protection was also one of the crucial aspects of Wald’s interests. Protection of African-American rights, protection of women’s rights resulted in development of specified programs and campaigns and establishment of the Foreign Policy Organization and the American Civil Liberties Union (Daniels, 1995). Lillian Wald contributed much into public welfare and was an active citizen, a caring woman and she has shown that nursing is a way she wanted to share her c are with the community. Moreover, a visiting nurse and Wald’s living near her patients, when they had severe health conditions means that this woman was a sensitive and caring person. She struggled for human rights protection, family well-being, women and children health and felt a great sympathy for them. In the field of nursing, Wald’s contribution can be considered as the most humane attitude reflected in public health caring. Wald claimed that

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Eisenstein and the Cinema of Montage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Eisenstein and the Cinema of Montage - Essay Example re vigorous productions which reverberate through film theory to this day. However, this is not simply a paper on the history of Soviet silent film-it s an investigation into the significant innovations from this epoch. Many talented men entered this field over a short span of years and produced works deserving of attention and note, including Vsevolod Pudovkin, Fridrikh, Grigorii Kozintsev, Abram Room and Leonid Trauberg. Yet it is the development of a distinct theory of montage that still reverberates, and this theme is most apparent in the work of Sergei Eisenstein, most notably in the 1925 film Battleship Potemkin. For the Eisenstein of the silent film era, montage ... n quite startling, juxtapositions of shots'.5 His writings stress the core significance of the idea, as 'we must fully recall the characteristics of cinema's effect that we stated initially and that establishing the montage approach as the essential, meaningful and sole possible language of cinema'. 6 In this method, 'The shot is by no means an element of montage. The shot is a montage cell'. 7 As the Statement on Sound, released jointly by the formalist filmmakers Eisenstein, Pudovkin and Alexandrov in 1928 clearly states, 'The success of Soviet pictures on world screens is to a significant extent the result of a number of those concepts of montage which they first revealed and asserted'.8 Although the concept of montage was a distinctly Soviet one, that does not mean it was alternative or on the fringe in that country. The leading directors of the era openly acknowledged the importance of the technique, and were pleased that it helped distinguish a Soviet school of cinema, to the p oint that these men issued joint statements to that effect. In terms of modern scholarship, a review of the Soviet montage method typically focuses on the contribution of Eisenstein, for his was the most brazen and distinct use of the method. He propagated this method not only in his work but in his numerous writings on films. The swift cutting and visual juxtapositions read in a very distinct way from contemporary, non-Soviet cinema. In 1927, his films were referred to as 'plotless cinema' by Adrian Piotrovsky, because they relied on 'exclusively cinematic means of expression'.9 The narrative is clearly secondary to the montage. For Eisenstein, 'montage is conflict. As the basis of every art is conflict'.10 Weaving distinct cells together creates more than what could simply

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Saving the Operating Rooms Time and Cash Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Saving the Operating Rooms Time and Cash - Essay Example From this discussion it is clear tha the material for this study was examined in light of the fact that the creator was interested as to the measure of investment funds that happened when one could utilize an item that spared a couple of minutes in the working room. The investment funds was much more excellent than expected, as of now up to a normal of $ 66 for every moment in the US doctors facilities. With the climbing expense of restorative mind in the United States, a piece of the obligation to diminish expenses rests with the therapeutic suppliers in light of the fact that they influence the buying choices. Quality must be upheld, however time must be spared also. Since utilizing the working room is currently an amazingly immoderate attempt, efficient items have tackled another importance. This paper highlights that the surgeon is in an exceptional position to either raise or bring down the working room charges by picking items that offer the same solace and quality yet take les s time to utilize. Hamel investigated working room charges, including the impacts of departmental infighting, materials administration, and booking inefficiencies. Epstein and Dexter stretch the need for doctors facility material administration framework and in simply time stock. Traverso and Hargrafe propose that doctors facilities and surgeons can enhance the surgical quality bundle by utilizing disposable gear and effective "within room" time. Andrews shows that the sterile tray development rate keeps on gaining piece of the pie over reusable and to develop at a ceaseless 5 percent for every year. Wasek stresses the cash spared in work and capacity when packs and trays are utilized, showing that a multiproduct tray buy has just I receipt, I check, I buy request, and I item to accept and store.

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First Language and Learning English Essay Example for Free

First Language and Learning English Essay Language is the most dynamic form of symbolism that cultures possesses. Language is the medium in which people interact and communicate for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and feelings. Language acquisition has been one of the most intriguing aspects of human nature and had been the focus of different disciplines. For the most part, language acquisition had been theorized and conceptualized in different ways all of which was to determine where language came from and how it developed. On the other hand, the multicultural aspect and globalization of our society have made it almost a necessity to learn English as the most favored international language. Most educational curriculums in the world integrate the learning of English as a second language especially in areas where the first or native language is structurally different from English (Gitsaki, 1998). According to Krashen’s (1981) model of second language acquisition â€Å"acquired and learned languages are different†. Language acquisition is a subconscious process brought about by the meaningful interaction of the individual with the target language while learning a language is a conscious process which results in conscious knowledge about the language (Krashen, 1981, p. 103). Learning a second language is a complex process that can be affected by different factors, one of the most leading issue is that of how first language affects the teaching of English as a foreign language in the classroom. Several researches have reported that first language proficiency strongly predicts English language learning (Clay, 1993; Snow, Burns, Griffin, 1998), moreover, a strong correlation between first language fluency and learning English was also reported (Hiebert, Pearson, Taylor, Richardson, and Paris, 1998). Children who have to learn a second language generally have to use first language in comprehension and analysis of the information exchanged in the second language. Therefore the impact of first language to learning a second language can be facilitative while it can also interfere with learning a second language such as English (Bialystok, 2002). This literature review would present what has been known about the role of the first language in learning English as a second language in the context of classroom learning as well as how teachers can effectively use the first language to the teaching of English. This exercise would also discuss the theoretical framework, the research methods and the strengths and weaknesses of the presented literature. Appendix Auerbach, E. (1993). Reexamining English only in the ESL classroom. TESOL Quarterly, 27(1). Bialystok, E. (2002). Cognitive processes of L2 users. In V. Cook (Ed. ), Portrait of the L2 user (pp. 147-165). New York: Multilingual Matters. Burden, P. (2000). The use of the students mother tongue in monolingual English ‘conversation’ classes at Japanese universities. TLT Online Editor. Retrieved May 12, 2008, from http://www. jalt-publications. org/tlt/articles/2000/06/burden Clay, M. (1993). Reading Recovery in English and other Languages. Keynote address presented at the West Coast Literacy Conference, Palm Springs, CA Cummins, J. (2000). Language, power and pedagogy: Bilingual children in the crossfire. Clevedon, England: Multilingual Matters. Cummins, J. (2001). Bilingual children’s mother tongue: Why is it important for education? Retrieved May 12, 2008, from http://www. oise. utoronto. ca/MLC/MotherTongueDK. pdf Garcia, G. E. (2000). Bilingual childrens reading. In M. Kamil, P. Mosenthal, D. Pearson, R. Barr (Eds. ), Handbook of reading research Volume III (pp. 163-179). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Giacobbe, J. (1992). A cognitive view of the role of L1 in the L2 acquisition process. Second Language Research, 8; 3, 232-250. Gitsaki, C. (1998) Second Language Acquisition Theories: Overview and Evaluation. Journal of Communication and International Studies 4; 2:89-98. Hamers, J. Blanc, M. (2000). Bilinguality and bilingualism 2nd ed. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.

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Impact Of Social Networking On E Business Information Technology Essay

Impact Of Social Networking On E Business Information Technology Essay Social networks have changed the way internet users communicate, search for and share data today. For example, increasing the relations between e-businesses and social networks can improve user satisfaction. Using data from blogs, forums and online journals, the evaluated impact that social networking has on e-businesses and e-commerce sites. The results show that while the majority of users do engage in social networking, those e-businesses and e-commerce site that transact with the social networking sites generally obtain significant benefits in the form of product promotion, branding and higher user satisfaction that the ones that dont. This is clearly shown by the illustration and graphs shown in this research paper. Introduction In its early years, e-business was used for uploading basic information about products and services and now it provides corporate information on sites that sell goods and services on the internet. If compared to e-commerce, the purchases made online are unlimited. E-commerce involves online financial transactions Top social networking sites like Facebook, Hi5, Friendster and MySpace have made a significant impact on how todays internet users communicate, search and share data. Users join these social networks, publish and maintain their own profiles by using publishing tools, they also establish links to their friends. The social links are evidence that trust has been established between the connected users. The marketing strategies of social networks can have a huge impact on e-business, for example, users can become members of both the social network and e-business. For example, users who buy or sell items on Ebay can leave links of their products on their MySpace account. To guide their financial decision-making, the social networks and e-business offers users information on how they are connected to each potential transaction partner. Since majority of internet users engage in social networking sites, those who do business with friends of friends end up benefiting from higher user satisfaction. The analyzed results show that social networking has a positive impact on e-business. Outline of the paper This paper is organized as follows: Section 2: Introduces Social Networking Section 3: Introduces E-business Section 4: Introduces E-commerce Section 5: Outlines the impact of social networking on e-commerce and e-business Section 6: Conclusion Social networking Social networking has always been known for its interactive communication with online participants who are brought together electronically to share views, upload images and so many other features. Social networking is free and all it takes is commitment, it has a short learning curve and provides access to global market. TagWorld social site was the first to embrace e-business and that has revolutionized social networking, it has also given them a competitive advantage over their rivals like MySpace and Facebook. TagWorld members can post items for sale in the new classifieds section, which can be searched by tag similar to a subject or catagory, keyword or zip code radius. Multiple images of an item can be included with the ad, as well as a payment model. Sellers can choose a fixed price or mark the item negotiable which allows buyers and sellers to haggle over a price. PayPal is integrated into the site to make paying for items easier. Items appearing in the classifieds can also appear in storefronts that members can incorporate into their personal Web pages. Mello (2006) T [8]Below is the size and growth of the top social networking sites. Profiles 12 months Growth Hi5 98.9m 33.6m 51.6% Facebook 50.1m n/a n/a Friendster 50.9m 19.6m 62.5% MySpace 184.1m 82.7m 81.5% Size Growth There are two types of social networking services they are, internal and external. Internal Social Networking These are for private communities like companies, organizations or associations. Most companies want their staff to stop using external social networks since its unproductive, so they block the external social sites. [2]Their staff can communicate with each other or even with different departments. [1]External Social Networking This is a public network, where all web users can access it. Most social networking sites are used to attract advertisers. A good example is Facebook, Hi5, Friendster and MySpace. Social Networking Analysis This is the mapping and measuring of relationships between people. It is used for the analysis of social structures. A good example of a social networking analysis tool is the Sentinel Visualizer product [5]. The tool is used to measure the degree of centrality, betweenness centrality, closeness and Eigenvalue. Degree centrality This is simply the number of direct relationship that a user has. If a user has more relationship, he or she is an active player in the network as shown below. In the above illustration, Alice has the highest degree centrality, which means that she is quite active in the network. For her to get to Rafaels clique she has to go through him [5]. Betweenness Centrality This identifies a users position within a network in terms of their ability to make connections with other groups in the network. The user with a high betweeness centrality has a big influence in the network as shown below. In the example above, Rafael has the highest betweenness because he is between Alice and Aldo. Alice and Aldo have a slightly lower betweenness because they are essentially only between their own cliques. Closeness This measures how fast a user can access more users in a network. A user with a high closeness has a high visibility as to what is happening in the network. Eigenvalue This measures how close a user is to other highly close users within a network, this is measured globally. Some companies like SAS Institute have come up with a system called SASÂ ® which detects and prevents fraud on social networks [4]. The same system measures productivity and provides other information to help manage the site efficiently and effectively [4]. E-business This is basically a way of conducting business electronically. E-business involves business processes like electronic purchasing and supply chain management, processing orders electronically, handling customer service, and cooperating with business partners. E-business involves a business cycle of production, sales, procurement, distribution, payment and marketing so its not hard for it to work for any business. There are several applications that can benefit e-business, these are blogs and forums. These will show the e-business how its users like their products by viewing their comments. E-commerce This basically means conducting business electronically, mainly via the internet. E-commerce has impacted sectors in governments such as the cultural and information sector. Another industry that may have a large future growth via e-commerce is banking. With the continuity of ecommerce, there will be futuristic issues like social, economical and privacy. Most of the internet users fear buying from online businesses since they often have limited guarantee about the privacy of their information. If such problems are resolved, e-commerce can play a positive role in improving the world business. Some applications that are used in e-commerce are email, online banking, teleconferencing and newsgroup. With e-commerce, users can conduct business anytime, access the global market, allow customers self service or customer outsourcing. There are constraints of e-commerce, they are: Time for delivery of physical products, e-commerce is often used to buy goods that are not locally available thus taking time and money, this is due to the buyer and seller being from different countries. Physical product supplier delivery uncertainty, most of the time e-commerce purchases are made on trust. This is because having access to the product physically is not possible, a purchase is made on an expectation of what that product is and its condition. Another reason is that supplying businesses is conducted across the world, a user or buyer cannot be sure whether or not the supplying businesses are legitimate and are not just going to take his or her money. Perishable goods: Goods bought and sold through the internet tend to be durable and not perishable, they need to survive the trip from the supplier to the purchasing business or consumer. Limited and selected sensory information: Whatever a user buys, all they can see is the images of the product and its description. They cannot smell, weigh or even inspect it as they would if it was in a local store. Returning: Returning goods online can be difficulty since most e-commerce business has stated that in their return policy. Privacy, security, payment, identity and contract: Most of the time e-commerce businesses have issues of privacy of information, security of the same information and payment details. One would think that the availability of goods online would increase competition and lower prices, but this doesnt always occur. A good reputation may allow a seller or a retailer to control his or her area of market. [7] Below is a diagram of the complaints made by Australians e-consumers: Impact of social networking on e-commerce and e-business E-businesses and e-commerce sites cannot compete in todays market without collaborating with social networks. There are several impacts that Social networking has on e-business and e-commerce, such as economical and social impacts. These are shown below: Economical Impacts One of the main advantages social networks have is millions of users, e-businesses and e-commerce sites have come up with ways of pulling or attracting those users to their sites. For e-businesses and e-commerce sites to actually benefit from social networks, they need to use the following marketing strategies: Driving internet traffic for ad revenue Brand building Link building for traffic and Search engine optimization Promotion of goods and services Affiliate Marketing Pay Per Click Advertising Driving Internet Traffic for ad revenue Driving traffic to a site is very inexpensive. Hence, e-commerce and e-business sites have to be attractive with rich contents so as to ensure user interactivity. This strategy will benefit both the social networks and the e-business/e-commerce sites. Benefits of Driving Internet Traffic for ad revenue: It is far better than pay per click as you already direct viewers to the page If an e-commerce or e-business site uses this strategy, it will be able to view their competitors, their products, services and their current strategies Link building for traffic optimization E-businesses and e-commerce sites can place links in social networking sites which will actually boost the traffic of their websites. Benefits of Link building for traffic optimization: This strategy can help e-business or e-commerce sites build trust by having multiple one-way links to their sites. It is a cheap way of driving traffic to the e-business or e-commerce sites. Promotion of goods and services This can be done by providing information to educate clients about the products. The information can be promoted by advertising on social networking sites. Benefits of Link building for traffic optimization: Clients have a better understanding of the goods and services. Goods and services can be commented on or criticized by clients. Affiliate Marketing This is one of the most efficient methods of promoting the e-business or e-commerce sites. Affiliate marketing is risk free since its marketing costs are only paid for actual results. This method eliminates the need for having an advertising budget or employees since the cost of using the affiliate marketing method is commission based. Benefits of Affiliate Marketing: This strategy allows the e-business or e-commerce to track visitors, this helps in E-businesses and e-commerce sites have access to a wider audience thus generating more goods and services. Pay Per Click Advertising This is a type of advertising where the advertiser pays depending on the number of times the published ad is clicked on. It is a very effective way of targeting specific users and it also provides a reliable way of measuring the effectiveness of the advert. Benefits of pay per click advertising: It targets users more accurately It can show what keywords users have clicked on to view its site. It is also simpler in targeting users who live in different geographical spots. The economical impact on e-business and e-commerce helps in building credibility. It is easier for the e-business and e-commerce sites to gain clients confidence if they connect with them on a personal and professional level. Social Impacts When it comes to social impacts, this mainly refers to productivity of employees in e-business and e-commerce sites. This is the biggest concern in e-businesses since it can lead to network security risk and damage to reputation. Negative employee blogging or inappropriate posts about the workplace on social networking sites presents a new, confusing and often very daunting challenge for many smaller employers, said Jackie Breslin, director of human capital consulting for TriNet. Business owners need to stop and ask themselves some important questions regarding their employees personal online usage of this growing technology in order to safeguard the companys reputation and protect themselves from liability if legal and harassment issues arise. Justin (2008) The solution to this problem is internal and an external custom social network. These are organizational or private social networks where only staff members and clients have access. This improves teamwork, collaboration and productivity within the staff members. When it comes to clients, it will improve loyalty and retention and most of all, increase the response time for enquiries. There are several negative impacts that social networks have such as Technical threat, online scams, cyber-stalking and identity theft. Malicious users are constantly trying to post or load their contents containing [6] browser exploits and then convinces users to view their contents. They also post scripts on the social networking sites that will run inside the browser of the users that view the content. A good example of this is cross-site scripting, this is basically a security exploit in which the attacker inserts a malicious code into a link that appears to be from a trustworthy source. Once a user clicks on the link, the embedded code is submitted as part of the clients web request and it executes on the users computer thus allowing the attacker to steal information. But the technical threat has preventive methods such as filtering scripts, and updating the web applications, antivirus and antispyware. The solution that millions of internet users trust is Secure Socket Layer certificates. A social networking site has to have a Secure Socket Layer installed for it to safeguard its members. The same applies to the e-business and e-commerce since the solution will ensure that clients online payment information will be submitted securely to its payment gateway and merchant account, it will also protect the website in case payment information is compromised. Secure sockets layer has other advantages like: It encrypts important information. Each secure socket layer certificate has unique, authenticated information about the certificate owner. SSL is used only where sensitive information is exchanged in order to provide privacy/security. So its a must have for both the e-business and the e-commerce. This means that secure socket layer certificate have no negative impact or disadvantage since its only used to encrypt important or vital information. 5. Conclusion While this research paper presents an evaluation of the impact of social networking on e-business. It seems that social networks have positive impacts on e-business even though some threats have been identified, such as security and privacy. Privacy has the most negative impact since almost all users write things about themselves which they wouldnt have in a social meeting. This makes it easy for hackers and malicious attackers to target them. Even with the integration of the social and e-commerce users, this has still created a new target for hackers and malicious attackers. Since e-commerce users post links in their social network account which will redirect anyone who clicks it to the products page in their e-commerce account, you may find that fraudsters or even hackers will place links that will actually give them access to information of both the e-commerce and social network accounts of the targeted user. It would have been better if further understanding of the structural differences between social networks and e-business were made. The observed differences could be attributed to the e-businesss nature of the network transactions, a further user behavior analysis on e-business or e-commerce could be carried. The findings could better the understanding of the motivation of the users socially and business wise.

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According to the film â€Å"Too Big Too Fail† the cause of the crash was from home loanings. Which in the case banks started to give out loans to people that owned homes. Giving out loan to homeowners the banks started to gain a lot of money. Later on in the process the owners of the banks began to go overboard by giving out more loans. And since the banks were lending out more loans , homeowners thought they could afford it. Reasons why the housing market crashed according to the film was because banks gave homeowners loans even if they could not afford it. The banks had their pride set to high, because they never thought that the housing market would ever crash or go down, so they invested securities in wall street. So the banks bought insurance on consumer loans. Which consumer loan is â€Å" a loan that establishes consumer credit that is granted for personal use, usually unsecured and based on the borrowers integrity and ability to pay† (Free Dictionary). When the housing market dropped the homeowners could not pay the banks their money back. In which the insurance companies could not pay...

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Glasgow 5th March

This is a critical essay for Glasgow, 5th March, 1971†², by Edwin Morgan, which is a modern instimatic poem about a shocking crime committed upon a ‘young man and his girl' by ‘two youths' and witnessed by two annonymous expressionless drivers who pass by without even aknowledging the crime. Morgan manages to make us feel as if we are watching this incident happen and effectively conveys the incident in the form it takes, unemotional, detached and ‘formal'. This feeling is fistly shown in the title, which is simply a place and date, the title implies it isn't a poem but some kind of record or headline.In this critical essay I am going to show how the poet Edwin Morgan uses violent and anonymous themes to create a lasting impression with the help of techniques like setting, imagery and word choice. In the first stanza Morgan makes excellent use of imagery and word choice, catching our attention with the words ‘With a ragged diamond, of shattered plate glas s’ This phrase immediately makes the reader think of something sharp, sparkling and dangerously beautiful. When the words diamond and shop window are put together like this we imagine them as small sparkling diamonds.This impression is carried on later in the poem when the writer describes the setting as ‘a sharp clear night' Even though the writer has said nothing of what sort of shop it is we subconsciously imagine a jeweller's shop. This is technique effectively puts the reader at the scene of the crime. In the second verse the poet uses another technique, a metaphor that emphasises the brutality of the attack â€Å"bristling with fragments of glass† This metaphor the could be comparing bristles of hair to the bristles of glass lying on the mans face. It is an effective comparison because it helps the reader imagine all the tiny particles of glass.It shows that poet wants us to recreate the incident as we read, with as much detail as possible. Edwin Morgan als o uses clinical language to describe the injurys to the couple. A key example of that is the phrase, ‘spurts arterial blood' His word choice makes the the scene more violent but also continues to detach the reader from the young victims This successfully describes the scene without showing any emotion from the writer or the victims while still going along with the violent theme. Edwin Morgan uses onomatopoeia when he says the phrases ‘shattered plate glass', ‘bristling with fragments of glass' ‘spurts'.The continuation of the ‘sh' and ‘s' sounds throughout the poem help paint a clearer picture of the crime in the readers head. This technique is successfull as phrases add sound effects to the silent image in the readers head. The writer does not add any emotions, but he does add facial expressions of the characters. About the young man and his girl he says that, â€Å"Their faces show surprise, shock, And the beginnings of pain† This quote i s effectivly emphasises the speed of events this is evident from the writer describing the how the characters are only just beginning to feel the pain when we are reading the third stanza.The couple are also kept anonymous creating one of the main themes of the poem. This use of word choice again doesn't show any emotion while still successfuly describing to the reader what is happening to the victims. Morgan also tells us about the two youths faces with the phrase ‘Their faces show no expression. ‘ This is the main quote that tells us that the two youths have no remorse for what they have done it also leaves the two youths anonymous like the young couple they have just pushed This helps to carry on the anonymous theme through the poem.

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“A Noiseless Patient Spider”

In Whitman’s â€Å"A Noiseless Patient Spider,† the speaker uses imagery to describe how he is studying a spider explore and work hard to fill an empty space by â€Å"Launch’d forth filament out of itself, ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them† (lines 4-5) in the first stanza. In the second stanza Whitman compares how a human can also be in an empty space like the spider like the spider trying to explore and connect to something either spiritually or personally. Another outlook using a Historical perspective you can see how Whitman compares the spider to the American people during his time and the separation between two different sides.In the first stanza the speaker is observing the spider almost scrutinizing the spider. Whitman uses very descriptive words like â€Å"isolated† (line 2) and â€Å"vacant vast† (Line 3) to show how tiny and small the spider is on the promontory compared to the massive universe making it so small th at it is noiseless. Even though the spider is surrounded by immense empty space it still is a â€Å"patient spider† (line 1) exploring and filling the empty promontory with its web. Even though there is only space around the spider it still tirelessly tries to make a connection to something by shooting out that web.When Whitman says the spider â€Å"launch’d forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself† (line 4) it shows the spider is patient because you get the image of the spider repeatedly shooting out filament trying to fill the vast space of the promontory. The lesson to learn from this spider is to keep patiently moving forward and explore your life no matter how vast or insurmountable the task maybe. In the second stanza the speaker makes a connection with the spider and relates the spider to himself â€Å"and you O my soul where you stand, Surrounded, detached, in measureless oceans of space† (lines 6-7).The speaker feels like the spider in t he fact that his soul is detached from the world around him and he is searching for something to connect to. When Whitman writes â€Å"seeking the spheres to connect them† (line 8) he uses the word spheres which could symbolize either people or a higher power like god, which means the speaker is trying to make a religious connection or a social one with other people. If the speaker is trying to connect to other people the filament or web would symbolize modern day cell phones or the internet hich we use every day to make connections with our friends or family so we don’t feel isolated, but during the time this poem was written it could symbolize bridges and ships that were built to connect separated countries. After looking at it with a biological and historical prospective different idea came to mind.Learning how Whitman lived through the civil war, the soul in the poem that is â€Å"Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing, seeking the spheres to connect them† could symbolize the division and disagreement of the American people during the civil war. Till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere, O my soul. † describes how Whitman was waiting for the day that America to come together as a nation of one instead of a nation divided. Going back to how the spider used single filaments to create a web that was one. I chose this poem because I liked the idea of putting single pieces together to create something in harmony that was complete.WORKS CITED DiYanni, Robert. Literature . Sixth Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2007. Print. â€Å"Walt Whitman . † Encyclopedia of World Biography. N. p. , Tuesday, September 21, 2010. Web. 21 Sep 2010. .

Aromatherapy and Stress Reduction Essay

My patient L. T. is a 35 twelvemonth old adult female who merely late migrated from West Africa. She is a female parent of four kids. runing from two old ages of age to 12 old ages of age. and she has merely been freshly diagnosed with early cervical malignant neoplastic disease. Even though this patient has a household history of cervical malignant neoplastic disease ( her female parent died from complications of cervical malignant neoplastic disease with metastatic ) prior to her diagnosing L. T. was symptomless. so this came as a daze to both her and her hubby of 12 old ages. Due to her household history of malignant neoplastic disease and the fact that she already has kids ( one miss and three male childs ) my patients intervention of pick is to hold a extremist hysterectomy performed. Even though she understands the necessity of the surgery and is in understanding with the process. L. T. is soon sing a batch of emphasis. anxiousness and periods of depression non merely due to he r new diagnosing or inquiries of if the malignant neoplastic disease would come back after intervention. but besides about her sex life post-surgery and any malformations that accompany such a major surgery. Stress and anxiousness can be psychologically stultifying. non merely doing riotous slumber or work but besides take downing a patients’ opposition and doing an already ill individual even more susceptible to infection and unwellness. Therefore. commanding my patient’s emphasis and anxiousness degree at this point in clip is really important. ground why I choose Aromatherapy as a complementary therapy for this patient. Aromatherapy which is a signifier of alternate medical specialty can be traced back 1000s of old ages ago when the Egyptians where known to fire incense made from aromatic wood. spices and herbs in award of their Gods. The ancient Egyptians strongly believed that as the fume rose up to heaven. it would transport their supplications and wants straight to the Gods. Furthermore. the Egyptians used the technique of distillment to pull out the oils from the fragrant workss and these oils were so used for curative and decorative intents. every bit good as embal ming the dead. They besides used the kernels of the workss to execute their spiritual rites. since they believed that certain aromas arising from specific workss raised 1s mindfulness. Therefore. in due class. the advancement of aromatics as medical specialties would engender the basicss that aromatherapy was built upon. In kernel the history of aromatherapy is necessarily related to the development of aromatic medical specialty. which in the early yearss was combined with faith. thaumaturgy and mysticism ( Fontaine. 2011 ) . Aromatherapy is the pattern of utilizing volatile works oils. pure indispensable oils obtained from a broad assortment of workss which have been steamed distilled or cold-pressed from bush. flowers. fruits. seeds and roots to advance psychological and physical wellbeing ( Fontaine. 2011 ) . Aromatherapy stimulates the immune system by moving on the cardinal nervous system. finally loosen uping and uplifting 1s emotional province. cut downing emphasis. alleviating depression and anxiousness. stimulating and even calming in order to reconstruct both emotional and physical wellbeing. Additionally. the usage of appropriate oils can hold powerful effects ; aromatherapy can besides be effectual in easing a broad assortment of diseases. comforting achings. strivings and hurts and therefore alleviating the uncomfortableness of legion wellness jobs ( Schnaubelt. 2011 ) . A recent research survey has found that marjoram indispensable oil increases the production of 5-hydroxytryptamine. a neurotransmitter that is involved in the transmittal of nervus urges. Serotonin is involved in modulating temper and an instability in 5-hydroxytryptamine degrees may act upon temper in a manner that leads to depression Additionally. several surveies over the past few old ages have found that Alz heimer’s sick persons became less agitated and restless when treated with lavender and lemon balm indispensable oils. Another research has shown that ylang-ylang indispensable oil boosts the body’s production of endorphins. a endocrine that produces feelings of wellbeing and hurting decrease ( Schnaubelt. 2011 ) . Hence. I would state my patient that any clip she feels the impulse to shout at the childs out of defeat. or anytime she feels depressed. it would be a good thought to take out the lavender indispensable oil and its microscopic chemicals would instantly trip her nervous system to quiet down. thereby loosen uping her musculuss. Due to the fact that my patient is of West African heritage she is really much open to the thought of aromatherapy. She tells a narrative of how back in her native land her maternal grandma normally goes into the shrubs and picks out a clump of different foliages. bushs and the dorsum of tree short pantss to boil and either drink or usage in bathing. She mentions how her female parent had told her that it was to cleanse her organic structure and finally assist her grandma with bodily achings. L. T. is optimistic about her freshly gained cognition and greatly appreciates it. admiting that she is pretty certain it would assist her hurt during this clip of unpredictable crisis in her life. She promises to see the promenade in hunt of some aromatherapy emphasis decrease indispensable oils to buy every bit shortly as possible. I educated her on available web sites where she could buy choice indispensable oils. and besides how she can make her ain research online on different aromatherapy merchandises available for emphasis and anxiousness decrease. In decision. it is a proved fact that if used decently aromatherapy does work good with alternate medical specialty and interventions ; it is a confirmed natural redress for emphasis and anxiousness alleviation. Mentions:Fontaine. K. L. ( 2011 ) . Complementary & A ; alternate therapies for nursing pattern. ( 3rd erectile dysfunction. erectile dysfunction. ) . Upper Saddle River. New Jersey: Pearson Education. Schnaubelt. K. ( 2011 ) . The mending intelligence of indispensable oils the scientific discipline of advanced aromatherapy. Rochester. VT: Healing Arts Press.

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Social Learning Theory Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Social Learning Theory - Research Paper Example The punishment and reward systems established by society greatly influence the behaviors of individuals. â€Å"A leading proponent of social learning theory, Albert Bandura, helped to shape the conjecture by incorporating aspects of cognitive and behavioral learning† (Willhite). Owing to its huge significance to the society, SLT is frequently employed to gain an understanding of the underlying factors that convince people to land in the world of crime (Akers and Jensen 1). In terms of crime investigation, SLT asserts that â€Å"adolescents learn the techniques and attitudes of crime from close and intimate relationships with delinquent peers† (Siegel and Welsh 136). Here, delinquency is essentially considered as a learned behavior. The company an individual keeps and the people he/she spends time with influence his/her mentality and hence, the personality as a whole. Therefore, behaviors that convince individuals to commit crime can be traced back to the environment the y come from. People strive to achieve results that they deem positive while being aware of the evils associated with their actions. Works Cited: Akers, Ronald L., and Jensen, Gary F. Social Learning Theory and the Explanation of Crime. NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2003. Print.

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Apply 3 critical Perspectives to the company decision in the 1980s to Essay

Apply 3 critical Perspectives to the company decision in the 1980s to launch reformulated Coca Cola and suggest where a different approach to the loss of sales might have produced a different outcome - Essay Example Critical analysis of the essay with different aspects discussed in the perspectives section and conclusion of the essay is covering all the points of the essay. Coke was invented by Dr. Ruben Pemberton back in 1886 .Coke was a huge success over the 1980’s and a new invention achieved a very good response. There was a marketing war between two companies name Pepsi and Coke with same product nature. These two companies in a race of making their brand more popular were trying to gain and maintain their market share, on one hand Pepsi company was trying to defeat its rival coke which is far ahead from it when it comes to market share or brand power, because coke was the first company to introduce the soft drink contains flavor of coca leafs and cocoa bean so it created and maintained its product positioning successfully but when Pepsi cola came it created competition in the market and was getting closer to it through different marketing campaigns which tested the brand power of coke in the market and after intense distribution of coke when consumers had a choice they start buying Pepsi. Now Pepsi was gaining market share by target market ing and was becoming popular in the targeted market. Coke had to do something otherwise would have left behind so they thought of new product development to gain the share in doing so they failed but may be they brought they brand loyalty from their customer and unwillingly somehow succeeded in countering Pepsi and maintained their premium image of brand. Coca Cola slowly lost market shares and this was an alarming situation for the Coca Cola company and they had to something to in order to save the company’s reputation. Management of Coca cola started to look for solution or alternative way through which they could save image of the brand so re-launching of Coca Cola and by 1984 researchers came up with a new formula for Coca Cola and they

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Character Autobiography for an acting class Essay

Character Autobiography for an acting class - Essay Example Therefore, I can not work as an active, energetic and lively person. I am perceived to be someone with a lot of health problems, somebody who is worthless and who have no more desire for a romance in his life. Due to my heavy weight my movement is like a chimpanzee. Young children frequently get afraid from me at night and at the same time some children want me to make them sit at my head or shoulder so that they may enjoy the height and the cold breeze of the air at a height of six feet and five inches. My unhealthiness has made me exhausted and sardonic. Due to my heavy weight my movement is like a chimpanzee. Basically my job is to maintain the communication networks that connect people around the country or may be even around the globe. I do not work in the common workshop rather I advertise my number and people get hold of me through my contact number. I am normally hired by everyday people to fix their phones. My job is such that I have to meet a lot of people every day therefore, sometimes I get to engage myself in a fight with some people when they are not paying. On the basis of my every day experiences I am prone to blameless upright fits of righteous anger in which I tend to involve into situations impulsively. Still my expertise and skills provide me with enough money that I may lead a relaxed life with my family. I have to protect my family. For me my family is the main motivational force that constantly reminds me not to indulge myself in little fights as anger can burst out any time, in any form. I really enjoy my time playing mind games with criminals and have some deep dark sense of humour. I may also be described as someone unable to forgive and not ready to show mercy under certain circumstances. PART TWO: What Hapenned Today I have an assignment; I have to go to the Paul Bratters' home in order to fix his phone because he informed me that his house phone stopped working; no dial tone, no incoming calls, no nothing at all. Therefore I have to go to Mr. Paul Bratters' apartment in order to fix his phone. As I weigh a relatively large amount thus it is very difficult for me to move, and to climb five flights in order to reach Mr. Paul Bratters' apartment was a real challenge for me. My role of a fat, unhealthy and old-fashioned telephone repair man requires me to be more static. Somehow I managed to climb up to those five sky-high flights and reached Mr. Paul Bratters' apartment. After that I was so exhausted and tired and was trying to catch my breadth; in that struggle, I was unconsciously making a lot of sound. After few seconds the door opened and a beautiful young smart lady appeared in front of me wearing a yellow top with a bushy white fur coat. I introduced myself by saying Telephone Company. The lady in yellow top asked me to step in; I entered with my black leather telephone relay repair kit with spaced contact boards. It is a device for repairing a defective telephone relay without the necessity of disconnecting contact terminals. The contact terminals in the repair kit form part of the original relay structure. The telephone relay repair kit includes a separate replacement relay which has to be placed in place of the original relay coil. It takes a total repair time of ten minutes. I looked at my note book and confirmed by saying, "Paul Bratter. Right"(1). The lady replied,

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Critically discuss the following statement What is marketing Easy its Essay

Critically discuss the following statement What is marketing Easy its what marketers do - Essay Example A series of theories has been gradually developed aiming to help the transformation of marketing in accordance with the current market rules. Current paper focuses on the examination of the context and the role of marketing within the modern market; the specific field is evaluated using relevant theories – as published in the academic literature. Moreover, efforts are made in order to present and explain the practical implications of marketing – as these implications are understood and handled by marketers. It is concluded that the current forms of marketing are difficult to be fully explored and evaluated – being differentiated within each commercial sector; however, the theoretical explanations on marketing – as identified through the relevant literature – can help to understand the actual role of marketing in the modern market but also its potentials for further transformation in the future. 2. Marketing – Description and functions 2.1 The context of marketing - definitions One of the key characteristics of marketing is its ability to be transformed being aligned with the market trends and demands. Initially, marketing was a discipline rather foreign to academic study; it had been rather considered as a series of practices used by professionals who deal with the promotion of products/ services within a pre-arranged market (also known as target market); the above issue is highlighted in the study of Baker et al. (1998) who noted that marketing gradually entered the academic field of knowledge; however, despite the fact that a wide range of studies has been developed in regard to the content and the role of market, still there are many of its aspects that are not clear (Baker et al 1998). Probably the reason is that the changes of the market are too quick and extensive, marketing’s rules and forms are transformed - in order to be aligned with these changes - but there is no adequate time for the phases of this t ransformation to be monitored and evaluated. From a similar point of view Viardot (2004) noted that the context and the role of marketing can be differentiated when having to enter a particular sector; reference is made, for example, to the term ‘marketing for high tech firms’ (Viardot 2004, 1); it is suggested by Viardot (2004) that marketing is described as follows: ‘putting on the market’ (Viardot 2004, 2) – a description which presents the practical use of marketing as a range of tasks focusing on the achievement of a particular target. Baker et al. (2007) use a similar approach; they note that marketing is still in a period of transition from ‘a pure professional practice to an activity explained through appropriate theoretical models’ (Baker et al 2007, 3). Kotler et al. (2010) give a different, more analytical, description of marketing; in accordance with the above researchers, marketing is ‘the process of building profitabl e customer relationships by creating value for customers and capturing value in return’ (Kotler 2010, 53). In the above description marketing is presented as being closely related to customers; in this way, the main priority of marketers is set: marketers should focus on the development of the relationship between the products/ services

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Establish your Building Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Establish your Building Business - Assignment Example Without doubt, the company will have process flows representing how all of these errands and employees interact with each to produce the ultimate service or product (Gainforte, 2010) As partners, we are going to set out expectations, entrust, progress the training time, and duplicate for growth. We will also be required to have procedures documented. In some cases, we will be required to have operations manual in place. This operations manual will ensure that customers have the same experience every time they encounter with my company. Conversely the relation between complexity and planning for buildings is something we are not going to overlook. We are going to build a large a large building enterprise, where the mission is critical and the system highly distributed, the need for data architect, infrastructure architect, business architect enterprise architect and solutions architect is going to arise. To maintain the building licenses it is important that to consider having a super intendent in place (Yetton, 2010). The superintendent should be included in the hierarchy of the buildings management. It is important to should ensure that the superintendent is respected and respected by the board and management. Ideally, the job of the board is to lay down policies, while the job of the management will be implanting those policies. The superintend job is to supervise the building staff, and report back to the management. Furthermore, for board to be successful, it should keep its directives and policy decisions to a minimum to allow their subordinates, to carry out polices and procedures that not only benefit the company, but also meet the building policies. Quality and control and safety should also be major concerns for project managers. Defects in constructed facilities could lead to heavy costs. Even so, with slight defects, this could lead to re-construction and or the closer of the facility operation. Additionally, accidents either fatal or not fatal may oc cur during construction processes. It will be, therefore, paramount that I hire project managers who are highly qualified. The project managers will ensure that proper job in done, and that no accidents occur in the construction process (Yetton, 2010). In order to keep and maintain the business and building licenses, I will be required to hire inspectors and quality assurance personnel. There job will be inspecting samples of materials in specialized laboratories to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements (Gainforte, 2010). It will be my great concern that I ensure the contractors I will hire in my company, will b conscious of these standards. I will also ensure that I encourage quality control among employees, too. As a contractor, my company will be responsible for all safety site operations, in accordance with the terms of the contract. Adequate training of employees is something I will ensure is observed so that the employees can implement their particular duties property. A fter being advised by my financial advisers, I favored a business that will be owned and operated more than individual. In short, I decided to structure the business as a partnership. Even so, I settled for general partnership, whereupon the partners will manage the company and bear debt responsibilities of the company. I settled for partnership business structure because of the tax treatment associated with it. Ideally,