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Sam Lorenzo Period C 5/2/12 The Avignon Papacy. The Avignon Papacy was started by Pope Clement V in the year 1309. This is when he bleedd the episcopal headquarter to the south of France, to the town of Avignon. He appointed all young cardinals and changed several church service policies to withstand the French kings liking. Clements twitch decided to make Avignon his pontificates permanent urban center by moving on that point all the officials mandatory to top the church government. In all, s scour French pontiffs lived at Avignon from 1309 to 1377, and by and large they were concerted servants of the French king. Furtherto a greater extent, the pontiffs of the period formal a luxurious, defame papal court. Such a carry of wealthiness and vice scandalized many Christians across Europe. Some even interpret the devastating ravage as a signalize of beau ideals displeasure with the papacy. Besides organism concerned some this lavish, corrupt lifestyle of the Avignon pope, Christians in Europe, specially outside of France, had different reasons to turn over that the pope should be in capital of Italy. For one, in the proto(prenominal) church Peter had been bishop of Rome, and it was fitting that his successor should live there too. Also, during the hundred Years War mingled with England and France, it seemed politically inexpedient and virtuously unjust to have the pope allied with the French Cause. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The concomitant was aggravated by the fact that the Avignon popes asked the dioceses for increased taxes, as healthful as donations for indulgences and for spiritual services. alimentation away from the papal States, the popes could not collect the usual revenues from the territory. The store of Roman popes stayed alive, and the trend for the outcome to Rome increased. Gregory XI, the seventh Avignon pope, had been idea about Rome for quin years or more when, in 1376, an unforeseen visitant came to see him. She was Catherine of Siena, a cardinal year hoary piece of a Dominican position smart set. She wrote letters to the pope trying to convince him to move back to Rome. Not coarse after the papacy...If you want to give a full essay, crop it on our website:

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