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Article Review

ARTICLE REVIEWMarch 2007Sagawa and Segal (2000 , in their article Common interest , making love oil good : Creating value through rail line and genial vault of heaven partnerships provide some useful insights into the authorisation benefits of partnerships surrounded by businesses and benevolent area organizations . They theorize that cross-sector partnerships of this kind can only military abridge in gains on the part of two groups and should therefore be embraced and encouraged by all stakeholdersSagawa and Segal (2000 ) discuss the challenges that technological advances create been posing to both the business and mixer sectors since the 1980s . For businesses issue and global competitions as well up as changes inwardly the manpower ar the new challenges being faced . within the accessible sector lack of access to these technologies as a aftermath of the limit access to funds is a constraining issue . unless more(prenominal) there has been a proliferation of both for-profit and non-profit organizations offering more warlike hearty services . Additionally businesses atomic number 18 no longer finding it feasible to support such organizations just turn protrude of generosity . This reflects a go down in the heel of funds avail equal to(p) to an change magnitude number of hearty organizationsThe farm-up of partnerships , Sagawa and Segal (2000 ) suggest , is a mechanism that both sectors are now using as a kernel of coping with these challenges . The authors make a very useful note of hand here between the driving beat back behind the geologic formation of business alliances and the formation of complaisant alliances . Business to business collaborations they say , arise out of a necessity to maximize opportunity fleck within the social sector these collaborations are formed out of a need to maximize power ! . This is an important distinction curiously inclined how these two sectors head for the hills for different purposes . Businesses exist earlier for profit and this is the guiding force behind decisions made by managers to partner with other firms .
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Within the social sector the butt is to improve the provision of social services so these managers whitethorn not be pertain with direct benefits to the organization itself in the formation of partnerships with similar organizationsSagawa and Segal (2000 ) nevertheless suggest that , even though within-sector partnerships have had their place and are beneficial that business es are realizing that collaborations across sector could be as useful Partnership between businesses and social organizations means that social sector organizations are able to access help in carrying forward their mission while helping businesses meet their social obligations Businesses adopt certain social programs in collaboration with the social sector as an integral part of their operations . The authors propose out that this is essential given increasing realizations that the health of the social infrastructure affects the viability of businesses as well as economic eudaemonia impacts social welfareSagawa and Segal (2000 ) discuss an affright trend in fictitious character to complaints that the roles performed by businesses and social organizations are becoming distorted and this is posing challenges for the regulation of these sectors . Non-profit social organizations are now getting bear on in profit breeding activities while businesses are carrying out social progra ms . While acknowledging that this trend...If you de! privation to get a unspoilt essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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