Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Participants: ------------- ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????, ? full cousin =) Messages: --------- ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: ?????·???«»??-??? L¤ur€N???z¤ -???»??» ???? ™.jpg ?(15.31 KB)? ? first cousin =): Went a day without pot:]Y ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: :| omg!!!!!! This is passage in my book of wonders=)) ? cousin =): Hahahaha=)) ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: I cant swear this=)) I smoked for you dont worry;) ?cousin-german =): Shhhh!!!!! ?cousin-german =): :]x Im expiry for one ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: Nigga pls>:/ I smoked for you ok.. Hope you understand. ? cousin =): Im coming ur house tomorrow ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: Okay cousin.. You going discipline? ?CouSin =): yeah after school Ill try I need to dala my graaf ?CouSin =): Do me a favour? wait on me rejoinder to a wall post? ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: Oh oki Ill support you.. What induce you got?:) ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: Oki no problem, whose wall post? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
?CouSin =): Eng essay,one female child that I like ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: Okie whats the topic? ?CouSin =): ?munch_2012_01_30_151333.png ?(20.40 KB)? ?CouSin =): You must(prenominal) choose 1 from 6 :) ? ????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤Â! ·????????·???»??-????????: okay exceed me the topics. ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: You gotta reply to that. ?CouSin =): Yea?what must I say? ?CouSin =): Ill show you tomorrow ?????-???»??·????????·???¤«P?iyanka»¤·????????·???»??-????????: Hey sweety, Im so sorry for the late reply, I cant wait to chat to you, at least we have facebook to keep us connected? forge off you stax sonam.. Hope you had a great day pups.. Goodnight...If you insufficiency to pop off a full essay, order it on our website:

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