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Discuss The Notion Presented By Conflict Theorists That Certain Groups Of People Are Unfarily Targeted In The `war On Drugs`

Conflict hypothesis was developed from the concern that the structural functionalism possibility neglected conflict in federation and was politically conservative . This conflict theory also addressed the perceived bankruptcy of structural functionalism to account for change in society (Ritzer 1992 ,. 61 . This theory has evolved to acknowledge elements of structural functionalism and traditional Marxist discipline on dominant and subordinate sorts . Conflict theory a great deal depicts a : polarization of the forces of law and on the one gift and left wing political activists and nonage group members reacting to what they forefinger saw as excessive patrol repression of political protests and urban riots on the other (Giffen et al , 1991 , pp . 8-9This picture of conflict theory assumes , moreover , that the domi nant and subordinate groups are more or less(prenominal) homogenous in nature . almost research in the field of drug policy lately , however , deals with big businessman being located in institutional structures in society such as economic governmental and religious institutions (Giffen , et al , 1991 ,. 10 that do not presuppose homogenous groups . An specimen of this would be the comment of Riley aft(prenominal) attending a company on drug issues in the United States , where he remarked that some(prenominal) researchers felt the real reason for the warfare on drugs in that country was that it helped to suppress blacks and minorities (Riley 1994bOne of the failings of conflict theory becomes apparent when researchers in the history of this polity find pocket-sized in the positive discussion of the laws that pertains to race . Giffen , et al (1991 ) bring out that the early legislation s principle proponents had the altruistic aims of supporting the supranational anti -opium movement disrespect the anti-Chines! e conception of the times (p . 525 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The fact that the laws were utilise solely against the Chinese at first is indicative of this anti-Chinese sentiment , and not the founding of the laws themselves Later legislation was driven generally by enforcement officials , as there was little in the federal agency of public yell for more rigorous anti-opium legislation (p . 525Johns (1991 ) on a lower floor the heading black market : The Creation of an Enemy kinfolk writes bluntly The enforcement tactics of the warfare on Drugs are cerebrate on minority populations (p . clv . In her , Johns (1991 ) posits that the War on Dr ugs takes attention away from the factors which be the problems of drugs and trafficking , partly because the more herculean segments in society (p . cl ) do not involve attention focused the abject job they are doing to bring around the ills of society . Johns also expands the group being oppressed to include the poor , who have been grade with massive housing and health care cuts under the republican Presidencies The dichotomy between those in power and minorities and the poor is self-perpetuating , in that these groups have a curb upward mobility (and , therefore crimes the like trafficking in illegitimate drugs becomes benevolent , and when they do try to plus their wealth through illicit means , those in power see that as defense for minorities and the poor being in the position they...If you want to convey a full essay, shape it on our website:

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