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Hydroelectricity Hydroelectricity is a renewable resource. It advantages is that the water from the dam up does not overhaul out. It disadvantages be however that it kills aquatic animals especially slim fish. straight off Washington has the largest amount of power plants. The behavior a hydroelectricity dam works is first the capability add of the water turns into energising faculty as it goes down. Second as the energising capability of water moves it also moves the turbine. Next when the turbine spins, the energising zilch of the turbine turns the generator. so the kinetic cypher of the generator turns into electricity. in the end the electricity is distributed finished the wires to homes. Arizit Pal 621 POTENTIAL AND KINETIC Did you be intimate that an object that is still and an object that is contemptible have strength? They are called potential and kinetic efficacy. authority energy and kinetic energy are two diverse things. Potent ial energy is the amount of energy an object has payable to its position. Potential energy is measured as lot x height. energising energy is the opposite. It is the energy of an object in motion. Kinetic energy shag be measured as mass x speed. gamey BALL Kinetic and potential energy are the closely common energy we use.
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We use it so more than that it exists on eitherthing and that we fag repeat it in a cycle. acknowledge a ball for an example. When you hold the ball and not let it go it has potential energy. When you let go and bounce it has kinetic energy. This can also repeat. After the ball has som e kinetic from using it, you can leave it o! r hold it so it is still. Since it is still, it has potential energy and then into kinetic energy. This way it can be repeated in a cycle. THE LAW OF CONSERVATION Do you know the Law of Conservation? Well it is a rule. It states that energy no matter what cant be undo or created. It can only be transformed and transferred. every time an energy transformation occurs, the Law of Conservation has a part to play. Each time it...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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