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Psychology Biological psychology, including examine, factors affecting extend, manage with stress and managing stress Social psychology, including conformity, obedience and independent behaviour Individual differences, including definitions of abnormality, approaches and therapies. charge: 50% of total AS 25% of total A Level marks Biological Psychology: including stress, factors affecting stress, heading with stress and managing stress What is stress? Alternatively certain keep events, such as physical injury or the devastation of someone close to you, can be considered stressful. This is a stimulus-based medical checkup prognosis of stress, where certain events or stimuli by their nature atomic number 18 be as stressful. Acute time-limited stressor: usually studied on a lower floor science laboratory conditions and overwhelm experiences such as human race speaking or doing mental arithmetic. They usually last for amid 5 and atomic num ber 6 minutes. Brief realistic stressor: everyday stressors of limited duration. The situation almost a effective deal studied is that of students taking examination. Chronic stressor: long-lasting stressors. They take caring for dementia patients, coping with long term distemper or disability, or long term unemployment. The body’s response to stress: The nervous system Neurons: basic on the whole of the nervous system. Neurons as cells specialised to conduct electrical impulses. Dendrites: see of the neuron, dendrites are short extremityes connecting to the cell body. Nerve impulses are lots triggered on dendrites. Axon: part of the neuron, the axon is an elongated butt running from the cell body. Axons can have up to 1,000 branches connecting via synapses to other than neurons. Nerve impulses begin on the dendrites and then travel cross-sectional the cell body along the axon. These nerve impulses are the brotherly unit of information p rocessing in the nervous system. all(prenom! inal) aspects of man behaviour are coded by patterns of nerve impulses in different parts of the nervous system....If you want to get a skilful essay, order it on our website:

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