Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Historical Aspects of Mark Making

beholding into my artwork is like dismission on a in truth dangerous journey, cardinal that requires the participants to allow go of their security and preconceive mindset, and must be automatic to experiences doubt and suffering. From the beginning of my nice career, I was deeply in love with the past Chinese calligraphy, not because of my affinity as an Asian person, only when because of the essence. In my point of view, the essence is the denotation that is closer to the truth. Ancient Chinese language is elusive, it can postulate multi-meanings and multi-levels of understanding depend on severally individuals cultivation. See the figure downstairs for example.\n\nFig.1 Ding Shimei. River. 2008 http://www.skyren-art.com/en/dingshimei/calligraphy-/210-xijingyue.html\n\nThe Ancient Chinese character for river, one wriggly line in the middle and a fewer lines on four corners. corporation you get the belief? From this bulge out off point, I formulate an eye for mark m akings. I learning that to make tag is the first step in deconstructing an idea or conceit of a two-dimensional artwork. Historically, I was influenced heavily from Rembrandts paintings. I dont esteem he is a hotshot painter, exclusively I care for the quality of minimal and simple, thunder of paints that he puts on the opinion poll to show the subtlety of light. here(predicate) I am not talking about the chiaroscuro, but the part that is in the darkest flying field of most of his painting. It seems like zero point, but it is e trulything! See the figure below.\n\nFig.2. Rembrandt. http://www.artpaper.me/wallpaper/archives/2202/rembrandt-wallpaper-painting\n\nWhen carefully travel along Rembrandt painting, I discover that each brushstroke is direct and right to the point, nothing is wasting. Analytically, I adapt the idea of simplify my marks, thus is able to conserve might, and at the alike(p) time, using the reserve energy to do more. Which bring up another key artist , turkey cock Freidman, that I found very intriguing and able to fascinate some...

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