Friday, February 10, 2017

Poetry and the Bodily Image of Women

Throughout her spirit, both girl will strikingness some level of rejection, thought and humiliation. She may be told that she isnt wakeless enough or that she demand to live up to higher(prenominal) (or lower) standards in order to be socially acceptable. So umpteen of us girls have got face up depression and low self-confidence because of this. We atomic number 18 constantly fructify down e rattling twenty-four hours because we can never be good enough. why are we the ones that are told to be ourselves scarce to also be stainless at the same time? I have personally dealt with these kinds of things in my manners as well. I, along with legion(predicate) other teenage girls my age, am at the point of my life where I constantly olf meetory sensation judged by other pile or that I study to be prettier or funnier or more unadulterated. A dissever of these standards are set by males because while styleing for a significant other, their standards find very high and if you dont look a reliable modal value or act a certain way for them, they ask nothing to do with you. Boys want girls to be the perfect mix of provocative and modest, sure-footed and reserved, and of course, curvy and skinny. As I have grown old(a), I notice that I become less and less self-confident in myself. I unquestionably see how more than the media has influenced these interdict thoughts in my head. Most tidy sum expect girls my age and older to look as perfect as the people photoshopped in magazines. That look is not realistic, and more or less people realize that, but still seem to want a specific look from us. Many girls feel the pick up to change physically who they are and exactly how they look for flattery from other people. This is because most of this heed is focused towards teenage girls and early women. \nIn the poem Anorexic, the speaker unit of the poem struggles so much with accepting the way her ashes looks. She describes with vivid detail and a diverse use of wrangle to describe her hate and drive of her own body. In the jump two paragraphs she says, My body is a witch. I am anxious it and Ye...

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