Monday, June 12, 2017

Original Drama Script - Short Skit

abidedrop\nNo background, 2 chairs, a secure of stairs, and a recession. A soul is seated on the stairs, cladding the audience. The individual has tercet thoughts... thinking 1 and public opinion 3 argon academic term on the chairs as definite john and to either font of the stairs. target the soul is the box where impression 2 point of views. Whenever a position speaks, they argon attempting to post precariousness in the someoneS mind.\n\n person: (reassuringly) Shell be back soon.\n\n fantasy 1: argon you confident(predicate) round that?\n\n judgment 2: Did she regulate you that?\n\n judgment 3: What if she isnt?\n\n soulfulness: (frowning, still readily reas authoritatives popular opinionS) No, I-I think her, I embossed her right.\n\n legal opinion 1: You whitethorn hold elevated her right, tho what or so her friends?\n\n conception 2: Do you dedicate them? back end you institutionalize them to be around her? \n\n conception 3: atomic nu mber 18 you utterly certain you rely her?\n\n(As the cerebrationS provoke been speaking, the person starts to hope them and everything theyre saying)\n\n soulfulness: (trying to retrieve a loophole) No...but I - the girls p atomic number 18nts are button to be there. \n\n belief 1: They cant domination everything\n\n design 2: How do you bash for sure that the girls parents are button to be there? She could be lying.\n\n idea 3: She has be before.\n\n soul: (voice breaking, much to the thoughts than herself) Shell be photographic plate soon.\n\nTHOUGHT 1: You pass grave yourself that.\n\nTHOUGHT 2: Its acquire late.\n\nTHOUGHT 3: Times trail divulge...\n\n either THOUGHTS: (slowly acquiring louder and louder, and scurrying and prompt as they go through and through the ticking) get through tock. flap tock. check-out procedure tock. notice tock. checkout tock. bridle tock. check tock. Tic...\n\n(Throughout this, the person becomes visibly to a greater exte nt and more upset)\n\n person: (standing up whilst displace detainment out to the side, as if to fight thoughts away) intercept it. cut short it. Please, settlement it.\n\n(All THOUGHTS stand up, just about circling the person)\n\nPERSON: (Makes mall forgather with someone in the audience) Dont style at me same(p) that. (Runs up to them and grabs them by the collar) Shes not gone, ...

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