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Incas vs Aztecs

Incas vs. Aztecs Prior to Cortez landing, there were many an(prenominal) purifications that held forefinger in the Americas. These groups included the Olmecs, Zapotecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Aztecs, and Incas. The two of these civilizations that had well-nigh of the near lasting effects were the Aztecs and the Incas. These two civilizations had many similarities and differences. One of the study differences mingled with the two civilizations is their location. The Aztecs lived in Central Mexico piece the Incas lived in the Andes Mountains.The location of the civilizations affected many of their customs. The Incans mummified their dead by leaving them on a mint cliff align where the winds would dry the moisture out of their skin. accordingly they would take the mummies to large dismantlets and carry them roughly. The Aztecs did non mummify their dead or harbor any customs like this. Because the Aztecs lived in Mexico which is a fairly dry area, they take a way to irrigate crops. They reinforced chinampas which were floating farms that were always irrigated by the remains of water it was floating in.The Incas utilise a form of tillage called terrace agriculture were they would build flat layers into the slope of a mountain out of specific materials so they could grow food on mountain sides. That was a nonher technique they formed because of where they lived. some other difference amid the two civilizations was the size. The Inca civilization covered over 50% of the tocopherol coast of South America and had a population of about 20 jillion passel. The Aztec civilization solely controlled Central Mexico and only had a population of 15 one thousand million flock. Because the Inca civilization was so big, they needed a way to get messages around.They developed a large messaging governance with messengers called chasquis that used a way to get messages around called quipu. The Aztecs did not encounter anything like this. Inca was so large becau se it conquered many other civilizations that had their give birth spoken languages. This make it difficult for some people to understand each other. Thats why they developed a unified language called Quechua that e genuinelyone had to learn. The Aztec civilization was more like the Persian Empire and supplyed anywhere they conquered to stay the similar and keep their language as ache as they paid their taxes and accepted that the Aztecs rule.another(prenominal) difference is the punishment that a colony would get for disobeying the Incan or Aztec civilization. The Aztecs would go into the village and burn it to the ground. They would take everyone deep tidy sum and either kill them or subject them. The Incans would go into the village and relocate them. In Inca this is just as bad as killing them because the civilization is in the mountains and it is very hard to start living in the mountains with nothing to start off with. If they sample to go back to their village the y unremarkably have to cross many mountains which was likewise very difficult.Something else that was different was the merchandiser variance of the empires. While they both had good economies, the Incas did not have a large merchandiser class and the merchant class they did have only traded locally. The Aztecs had a large merchant class that would take very ache journeys to distant lands. The Inca government controlled all hanker distance trading and they did not allow the merchants to have a lot of freedom. Also, the Incas did not have a currency system while the Aztecs used cocoa. The two civilizations in addition formed differently.The Aztecs started from three large cities forming an league and together they conquered land and people to demo their powerful civilization. The Incans started as a planetary family or clan that settled down and started a trading colony. Then more and more people came and it eventually saturnine into a civilization. Those were the many di fferences between the Aztec and Inca civilizations. The Aztec and Incan civilizations also had many similarities. One of the major similarities was that they both flourished at about the comparable time.The Aztecs flourished from 1300 A. D. to 1521 A. D. The Inca flourished from 1300 A. D. to 1533 A. D. Another similarity is that they were both control by an emperor. They also both conceit gilded was very important. Incas used atomic number 79 for everything because it was so common in the mountains. Aztecs called gilt the sweat of the insolate and their cheerfulness beau ideal was their most powerful divinity fudge so they must have thought gold was important. They were also both monotheistic, worshipping many disposition gods and goddesses. They also both thought their sun gods were very important.The Aztec sun god was named Huitzilopochtli and the Inca sun god was Inti. Inti was the most powerful god in Incan organized religion. It was thought that the people in the or iginally family that started the Inca civilization were children of Inti and they say all future rulers must be a descendant of Inti. Huitzilopochtli in the Aztec religion was the god that supposedly told the Mexica to find a place where they would see an eagle sit down on a cactus with a snake in its mouth and that was where they were to settle. This place was Lake Texcoco. two of these gods were very important to them.Another apparitional similarity was that they both perform sacrificial rituals. They also had the same style pyramids that had a wide square base that trinity to a point at the sink with stairs going up the side. Those were the similarities between the Aztec and Inca civilizations. The Aztec and Inca civilizations are still some of the most powerful civilizations that have ever existed. They had a huge impact on the countries that exist there today. The Mexican flag is even based off an Aztec myth. They had many similarities and differences which made them th e civilizations that they were.

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