Thursday, January 17, 2019

Stefan’s Diaries: The Craving Chapter 26

What ar you doing here? I demanded.Lexi raised a supercilium at me. Same thing you are. Looking forward to a long, torturing eternity together.No, I mean why didnt you run? I asked, resisting the determinestrict to take her by the shoulders and shake her.Of course I ran, you idiot she snapped. however I guess he expected I would. I never even saw him come after me. I could feel her handclasp in the dark. He appeared proscribed of nowhere. Her voice grew grim. I wonder if thats how piece feel when they meet us. If we ever get out of this, I drift I am going to be nicer to them in the future. Humans, I mean. That vampire now him I want to kill.I put my hand on her forearm, softening. I just pray we get that chance.Come, lets get out of here. She turn and swung her leg, putting the heel of her boot smack into the middle of the doors.There was a resounding thud, but nothing budged.She delivered another roundhouse kick to the doors. And another. And another.Again, nothing hap concert she insisted. On the count of three we both kicked.Maybe theres vervain in the stone ? I suggested. Lexi looked grim. Vervain doesnt make things indestructible. notwithstanding there are other things that can be done to lock something up. Permanently. What about the w eachs?For the succeeding(prenominal) hour we ran our fingers over the white walls, ceilings, and floors, our highly sensitive skin woof out even the most minute gaps. We ripped open sarcophagi, ransacked the corpses for tools.No knives, no diamond crosses, no silver-plate Bibles, no pennies for Charon, no fortunate stone, no nothing, I growled, throwing my hands up in frustration.This doesnt look replete(p), was all Lexi said.Twenty-four hours later there was a service in the chapel. We could read it with our Powers. It was a memorial to the Sutherlands, to the two brides who were killed, to the proud parents along with a harsh invective against the young men who did it, running off with the dow ry money. Murderers, thugs, con men, robbersThe only accusation that didnt make the list was demon. moreover none of the insults halt us from screaming.Help I yelled. In here Were in hereLexi added her voice to mine, screeching in different high-pitched tones that nearly blew out my eardrums. At one point I could hear a hollow-voiced Hilda whisper, Do you hear something? And our hopes were raised.And then nothing. The service ended, people filed out, and once again we were completely, perfectly alone.With sigh, Lexi gave me my ring back.Many thanks for its loan, she said quietly, slipping it on my finger. But I dont think it will do me or you much good now.I hugged her tight. Dont give up yet, I whispered in her ear.But the words echoed hollowly within the crypt, having nowhere else to go.

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