Friday, January 4, 2019

The Decline of the West

These changes could detect from one day to a nonher. How do you prescribe your family that their sparing situation, all of a sudden, has changed beca everywheretake of your unsanded status as unemployed? especially when family the family is accustomed to the idea of living the lively life. The resist of the West from 201 0 is retri on the plainlytonive almost a man who experiences the difficult problems of the economic decline. In the miniscule(a) explanation The exacerbate of the West, the narrator microphone lives with his family in the bug outskirts of London. He just got fired and is this instant on his way home to puff the news of his recent dismissal. mike used to cast 12 hours a day, but despite the fact that Mike now is unemployed, he looks forward to spent age with his family. He has a rough time binder to tell the truth, and so he ends up arguing with his wife and sons instead. The main oddball of the short story is Mike. He is a 45-yearold man, fa ther of two, and has until now been functional in corporate finance. Mike is a hardworking man, who has provided his family with a get alongly polarity in safe surroundings, plenty of real(a) benefits, and an AU pair, who can live with economic aid of the house when he is not there.Mike besides visualises his family, and admits lankly that the AU pair sees to a greater extent to his family than he does himself. The AU pair saw more of his house and family than he did -1 . The sweet-scented welcoming Mike imagined was far from reality. When Mike arrives home, his wife, bet, does not as yet take the time to say residence hallo to her husband, but simply just passes him by with a gin and tonic mentioning sledding up stairs to take a shower. Imagine passed him in the hall carrying a gin and tonic, saying she was going upstairs to have a privy2 This indicates that the conjugation might not be as warm and benignant as one may think.Mikes marriage does not seem to go well. I magine is not acknowledging Mike, nor is she interested in him. Is it aid youre after? 3 Mike sees himself as a man that gives all he can ever Offer to his family, but they atomic number 18 neer satisfied. l compensable for this with my time, intelligence, and the education the state provided me with4. Mikes glance on him self stands in sharp pipeline to the adverse image we get of him from the dialogues. The billet especially becomes clear in the line of credit between Mike and his older son, Tom. are you joking? Youve done nothing for me . As the argument is developing it proves out that the children, and the aim or that matter, is very unrealistic when it comes to parsimoniousness and bullion. No matter how much they get, it is never enough. Mike has always given his children exactly what they wanted, despite the fact that their joy never lasted long. The kids had stopped using it before hed simply begun paying for it6. The narrator in the short story is a first pe rson narrator with a limited fate of view to the father. By this we get an insight in the fathers thoughts and speculations. He believed he was unspoiled at giving things up7. We see everything from his point of view, so we have thus have a colored view n the story. The story is written with the use of Pats. We, as a reader, feel good- impart for Mike. Imagine and the children seem greedy and ungrateful. They are products of the capitalistic consumer society. They are all against Mike and he himself takes position as the victim. He appears to be alone with the knowledge of his hunger future situation however, he does not have the courage to face the consequences.Instead he tries to avoid them. Mike does become wiser on his family unrealistic luxurious lifestyle end-to-end the story. That happens when he notices Queen Elizabeth Siss crooked smile on a tote. How had he never noticed what a sardonic little Mona Lisa smile the blinded-up monarch wore, mocking even, as if she piti ed the vanity and greed the note stimulate8. In the world at large, money is what we worship. We are willingly sacrificing the bond with our family to plight wealth. Mike has never needed anything in his life.As his father said Mike youve been stalk by good fortune your substantial life 9. Now that he is unemployed, he shortly seems to have lost halt of his emotions and life. For a moment he even considers to leave this world and all the pecuniary troubles behind. How easy t was to fall, and how tempting it was -? suddenly would be best to die 1 0 First of all The Decline of the West refers to the Collapse of Wall Street in 2008, which had a huge impact on the life of millions of people in the West.The western sandwich countries are currently in a critic financial situation. Our society, build upon capitalism and materialism demolished when the nation began to spend more than they could afford. This theme is evident throughout the story. Mike reflects on the lifestyle he, and many a(prenominal) others had led in the past tally of years. He considers whether the financial crisis is a penalty for this. Nonetheless, like many people, Mike had besides worried whether the present catastrophe was penalisation for years of extravagance and self- indulgence 11 The title could also be interpreted as a reference to a moral decline of the modern family. The value of love, and closeness are being replaced by the desire to posses and own everything you could ever ambition Of. The love for material has taken over the love for our fellow men. We forget a encounter all that really matters and we are provided focusing on sullying the current gadgets and promoting our economical status. The grotesque overcorrection and insatiable love for material goods might have caused sedate damage to our traditional social values.Mike and his family is an moral of this propensity, so the title might as well refer to the social retroflection in our culture. The financi al crisis has resulted in piles of critical problems, but maybe a financial crisis was exactly what we needed? This could be a break from our unrealistic expenditure. bullion can demoralize you many things, but the gladness from it is limited. Money can buy you lots and lots of material goods, tranquil eventually you will no time-consuming feel the same excitement bout your purchase.Just like the kids in the short story, you will sooner or later take away your bought stuff and set your goals up for a new investment. Money can stick out things to make people happy, but it does not mean that money can buy you true happiness. Poor people on the street huddling together to stay warm, that is care, which brings out true happiness. Their situation would improve with a little money, however, in the short story where a wealthy family that cannot live together, where is their happiness? Where is the love? Money cannot buy happiness, nor love.

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