Monday, February 18, 2019

Recreational Center for the Handicapped :: essays research papers

The Janet Pomeroy philiaThe Recreational union for the HandicappedDescriptionsThe Janet Pomeroy Center, also known as The Recreational Center for the Handicapped has been table service the residents of the San Francisco community for over 50 years. Founded by Janet Pomeroy on November 18, 1952 it has enriched the lives of over 17,000 individuals. It is a multi service center conveniently located off of Skyline Boulevard, over looking Lake Merced and directly behind the San Francisco Zoo. With a wide range of operate offered, The Janet Pomeroy Center strives to provide recreation and vocational opportunities for the mentally and physiologicly challenged, so as to create and instill independence, personal achievement, and a means for self expression for the disabled population.Having a variety in age from the young to the elderly, RCHs clients also attain a wide range in the levels of physical and mental disability. They range from macrocosm mildly to seve verify mentally chal lenged. There atomic number 18 clients who can easily communicate verbally and others who rely on other methods to express themselves. These individuals also range in their physical disabilities. Some are in need of a wheelchair, where as others are able to easily get around. There are clients who violently chip in seizures, as well as those whose seizures are generally mild.The Recreational Center for the Handicapped is unique in the fact that it also provides serve to those who have had a head trauma. In collaboration with St. Marys hospital and the Dep prowessment of Mental Health, RCH has started SF TBI NET, which stands for San Francisco Traumatic Brain Injury Network. Imagine the marvelous impact it must be living one moment able-bodied, then(prenominal) the next moment, disabled. Imagine the impact an event like this would have on your loved ones. The individuals who benefit from the program were once able-bodied like us, still because of a brain injury, they now need help relearning their motor skills and being able to function in daily life. SF TBI NET also recognizes the line of business a traumatic event like this can have on the entire family and provides help and relief to its members.Rather than focusing on their weakness, the round focuses on their clients strengths. Through the different recreational activities and services this multi service center provides, the interests and talents these individuals have are further nurtured. For example, having access to art supplies and instruction is a great benefit to those clients who are interested in further developing their art skills.

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