Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Power of Peer Pressure :: Peer Pressure Essays

IntroductionWhy is consort pressure so great to great deal especially to teenagers? Why do young people smoke cigarettes,drink alcohol or even use drugs? stack enjoy being in a pigeonholing of people who sees oculus to eye aboutthings, Whether it is kind of clothing to wear, the kind of food to eat, that bearing our own opinions whetherthey are wise or foolish appears to be reasoned for the people around you. It creates an environment of socialacceptance. It is a wonderful inquiry issuing to subject because it has significance to teenagers like me. Iwant to encounter what influence us and how to avoid them. Negative influence can interchange our lifestyle. Peerpressure is responsible for sudden social change that influences close to people to do thing theyve neverdone before in positive or ostracise way. Teenagers experience confederate pressure any day from their friends,their classmates, their coworkers, and many others. While positive influence is some(a)thing to beencouraged, negative peer pressure can cause many problems in your lady friend or sons life parents,friends and other peer separate can help you teens resist negative peer pressure by talking the time to talkwith them about it and helping them develop the tools and skills needed. Peer pressure leads to somedisturbing negative behavior in some teenagers. Almost half of teenagers were feeling pressured by theirfriend about inner activity. In a survey conducted by Survelum Public Data Bank, students feel pressuredby their friends between 35 and 49 percent of the time. Psychiatrist judge the power of peer influenceto a group particularly if the group has social status within that area. Peer Pressure can be positive. Forexample, wanting to join an athletic group of friends may compel and be forced otherwise sedentarystudent to try out for soccer team. In Survelum Public Data Bank survey on peer pressure, 51% ofteenagers felt that peer pressure or the influence was sometimes positive .The AdvantagesPeer Study GroupChildren are influenced by their group, just as adults are. It can help children do better in school. A studygroup is a functional group composed of two or more(prenominal) students. The study group atmosphere offers thestudents the opportunity to learn more broad discussions, sharing their opinions and knowledge about acertain topic or in a course. It also helps them avoid procrastination. Many students scarper to cram fortest/exams on the night before or get under ones skin projects with very limited time. When in study group scheduled geezerhood can avoid participants to procrastination. Students tend to learn efficiently within a group versus

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