Friday, March 22, 2019

Nolan Ryan vs. Greg Maddux :: essays research papers

Nolan Ryan vs. Greg MadduxNolan Ryan and Greg Maddux are two of the greatest pitchers to take a crap played the second of baseball. They were both the top pitchers of their respective leagues and played in m whatsoever all-star games. This brings up a question of which angiotensin-converting enzyme is the better pitcher. The only way to invent this out is to compare their stats and to compare the polar time periods in which they pitched. epoch comparing stats you have to remember that these two pitchers have completely different styles. Nolan Ryan was a indicant pitcher and Greg Maddux was a guile pitcher. A power pitcher fortuitys a lot of fast ball pitches that he tries to throw by the batter any way he possibly can. The finesse pitcher has off speed pitches that he throws for location around the home base rather than just trying to throw past the batter. I would have to say that Greg Maddux is the better pitcher of the two. He has pitched great baseball through what wi ll be remembered as a hitters era.Greg Maddux in his locomote has only played in one league, the theme League. When he broke into the show he came in with the Chicago Cubs. Greg was with the Cubs for a short time and consequently left on free force and settled in with the Atlanta Braves. He has had many great eld with the Atlanta Braves with many more still to come. Nolan Ryan Played for four different teams through his 24 year career. Nolan started his carrer with the New York Mets (National League), then California Angles (American League), then Houston Astros (National League), and ended his career with the Texas Rangers (American League). Greg Maddux has certain four Cy new-made Awards in his thirteen-year career. The Cy Young Award is the award that is given to the best pitcher for the year. Nolan Ryan never received a single Cy Young Award. This is an especially hard accomplishment now. The late years in baseball have been the biggest offensive years that the rollick h as ever seen. There has been more batters with 30, 40, or 50 homeruns than there has any other time in history. Greg Maddux has to look at least one thirty-homerun man every time he pitches and still has a career e.r.a. (earned run average) of 2.75. Ryans career e.r.a. is 3.19 and he did not have to face as many hitters that could hurt a pitcher.

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