Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Lorax 2

The Lorax Sequel By Georgia and Maddie So apprehend c anys the once-ler He allows something fall Its a truffula seeded player Its the exsert one of all Youre in charge of the last of the truffula seeds And truffula trees argon what everyone needs Plant a new truffula, treat it with care add it clean water and feed it fresh air Grow a forest protect it from axes that hack Then the lorax And all of his friends May ascend back. So off ted went with the seed in his hand An idea in his head, and no greed in his planHe left for a place where the chuck out is blue With a small patch of sunlight That leaves the green discover new The clouds that filled the sky were a crisp white A place where the Swomee-Swans could take flight And the humming seek hummed in the rippulous consortium While the Brown Bar- ba- loots played And sung in the shade vindicate me Excuse me Ted cried out I need your help without a single(a) doubt, To plant this Truffula seed to help it grow We can work un neurotic its essential you knowWe could live in peace and learn to keep a balance Between the Truffula trees but also the Thneeds I am a man of my word and a man of my deeds So let me help you and speak for the trees Slowly but surely the brown Bar-ba-loots peeked expose at this Ted that had made a loud squeak The humming fish glanced as the Swomee- Swans shrieked Well help you dear Ted plant your niggling Truffula seed As the Truffula tree slowly grew, More and more animals returned tooTo help little Ted and his crew Mature a forest creating a new human for me and you So let the word know, call them in Well live all together as kin In little huts up in those truffula tufts Where thneeds are still made And no trees will be slayed By taking those tufts a little And using nothing but pare down Leaving the tufts to restore In their glory and awe To create a balance that no one can flaw Up in the clouds The lorax did grin The place we created that is our greatest win

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