Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Use of Force Essay -- Health Care

The Use of Force, written by William Carlos Williams is a floor ab aside a conflicted unnamed fasten using physical force to determine a diagnosis. The interview that is brought up is whether or not the doctors role of force was one of ethical duty or infuriating violence. The doctor makes it his duty to save the patient, Mathilda as she does not cooperate he makes a choice to go on and use force to open her m come outh to determine her diagnosis. The choice of using force isnt necessarily the confutative part, the motive on using physical force is debatable. The ultimate heading that the short story, the Use of Force asks is whether or not the doctors motives become one of dutiful compassion or desirable violence. As the story begins, the unnamed doctor is introduced as one who appears to be rigorously professional. Aas often, in such cases, they werent demonstrateing me more than they had to, it was up to me to tell them thats why they were spending three dollars on me. (par. 3) The doctor leaves the head start impression that he is one that keeps his attention about the job and zippo out of the ordinary besides stating his impressions on the mother, father and the patient, Mathilda. Though he does manage to note that Mathilda has a fever. The doctor takes what he considers a ladder shot and point of departure by inquiring what he suspects is a harebrained throat (par. 6). This point in the story, nothing remains out of the ordinary or questionable about the doctors methods, until the story further develops. The doctor contains his professionalism, but as it goes on, pieces of frustrated irregularities begin to surface. As the doctor learns that the parents say no, that the girl says she doesnt have a sore throat, he purs... ...der what motive? He had to justify his motives, perhaps to add nearly morality to ensure what he was doing was ethical. He would flip that thought, perhaps to evidence and downplay his desire to unleash his violent frustration onto the girl. He in the long run saved Mathildas life in a sense, but on a lower floor which motive? I believe the this is the question William Carlos Williams The Use of Force has the contributor ask themselves. Under a emergency situation the human correspond can be torn between a code of morality or a dominance of dark desire. No doubt in The Use of Force, the end of the situation turned out rise as the girl could be saved, but the method to find out was ambiguous. How well would the case between doing the right thing and doing what you desire turn out in any other situation? I believe this is the question that William Carlos Williams wanted the reader to think about.

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