Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Stand By Me Story Essay Example for Free

Stand By Me Story EssayStand By Me is the theme of four twelve course of study olds living in a small townspeople in the family 1959, whose lives were changed by a lot put on the line that they embarked on at the end of an indolent summer. The four boys were Gordie Lachance, Chris house Teddy Duchamp, and Vern Tessio. The boys had their own tree house with its special club rules, including a secret knock, and spent their cartridge holder in meaningless arguments, playing games, or just hanging out. Although on the surface they are representative pre-adolescent boys, you soon find out that underneath their normal bravado and enthusiasm, each of them have problems at photographic plate to deal with. Gordies older sidekick Denny was recently killed in an auto accident, and his parents have not handled it well. They mope virtually their house and continually ask Gordie (who is an aspiring writer) why he isnt more like his blood brother, who was a ordinary athlete in to wn. Gordies best friend, Chris, who is in set upigent, brave, and the natural leader of the group, has an alcoholic father, who constantly beats him, and an older brother who is a delinquent.Everyone in town figures that Chris will follow in their footsteps, so he is very often afraid of what his future will be. Teddy is the son of an emotionally disturbed war veteran who has ill-use him all his life. In his mind Teddy cannot accept his situation, so he has created a fantasy human world in which his father is an All American war hero instead of an inmate in a mental hospital. Vern is on the chubby side, somewhat uncoordinated, and is constantly the butt of jokes. Verns older brother likes to push him just about when he is there, and so Vern spends a fair amount of time hiding out. Yet Vern ends up being the catalyst of the theme. He accidentally overhears his older brother describe the location where he is pretty trus tworthy that the dead body of a missing boy from the town that everyone had been looking for actually lies. This gives him a chance to be important in the pecking order of the club, and he brings this information to the other boys.Intrigued by the thought of comprehend a real dead body and excited at the prospect of becoming heroes in the town for finding it, the boys decide to walk the twenty miles, which will take them two days to complete. They each tell their parents that they are spending the night at their friends house, but given their home situations, its not really a problem for them to take off. The journey starts off well enough, peppered with the bickering chattertypical of twelve year olds, but soon they realize how unprepared they are. No one remembered to bring along any food and they have very little money.Read moreDescription of a fantasy city.This leads to their first adventure along the way as Gordie is elected to buy food at a store, but must(prenominal) sneak through the junkyard to do so. They end up being discover ed by the junkyard owner who sics his frankfurter on them for trespassing on his property. Later they out-run a train on a bridge, tell stories by the campfire, and have a traumatic experience with leeches when they take a shortcut through a swamp. Meanwhile, admirer Merrill leader of an older gang of town kids finds out about the location of the body from Verns older brother and decides to go find the body also, for basically the same reasons. The story comes to its climax point as the two groups square off at the site of the dead body.While Stand By Me seems to be another(prenominal) coming of age film, its meaning and interest really exists on two levels. The entire story is told in a series of flashbacks, narrated by the adult Gordie who is now a successful writer, and is lamenting a parole clipping about the death of his childhood buddy Chris, who had succeeded in overcoming his self doubts and dysfunctional family situation to run low a lawyer. Chris was killed because of the way he had lived, bravely intervening during an altercation in a restaurant, and suffering a knife wound for his efforts. You enter the mind of the writer throughout this film, in the way that the story is told, how the flashbacks tend around in time when necessary, and especially in the hilarious story within a story told by Gordie at the campfire about Lardass Hogan and the pie eating contest. While the boys characters are quite believable, well acted, and superbly cast, the psychotherapeutic revelations of the boys innermost feelings, fears, and self-doubts almost on cue show the sure hand of writer Stephen King more than a sense of total reality.

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