Friday, April 12, 2019

Virtual Lab Report Template Essay Example for Free

realistic Lab Report Template EssayIn this virtual lab activity, you will be notice the cell cycle in the wiretap of an onion root. The root tip is responsible for the downward fruit of the root and is one of the regions in the plant where cells are actively dividing and growing. Because of this, the root tip is an excellent system of rules in which to observe the entire cell cycle, including the processes of nuclear division (mitosis) and cell division (cytokinesis).You will be involveting a lab report as the assignment for this lesson. Be sure to read the instructions in the first place completing the virtual lab activity and your lab report. Refer to the lab rubric before you submit your report to your instructor.Record any observations about the cells you observedData AnalysisCalculate the percentage of the cell cycle spent in each stage. Number of cells in given stage ? total snatch of cells counted ? 100 = % of the cell cycle spent in this stage Create a graph tha t represents the meter spent in each stage of the cell cycle. GraphConclusionBe sure to effect the following reflection questions in the conclusion of your lab report1 Based on your data, what quite a little you infer about the length of time spent in each stage of mitosis?2 What stages were the monthlong and shortest? Give a brief explanation of why these stages may have that time period.3 What is a distinguishing visible feature of each stage of the cell cycle?4 What differences can you see when you equal the nucleus of a dividing cell with that of a non-dividing cell?5 If your observation had not been restricted to the tip of the onion root, how would the results be different?

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