Monday, May 13, 2019

Hospitality Marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

hospitality Marketing - Case Study ExampleThis case study examines Hilton hotels aim of refinement, quality and efficiency in customer service delivery and tackling the challenge of competition from other players in the hotel industry. Increasing profits and expansion is always the aim of any company and as such strategies are needed in accomplishing these goals. From the analytic thinking of the case study it can be bloomed out that Hilton hotel has laid plans to achieve these objectives. For instance, the Hotel has introduced Customer Mater schema (CRM) and Hilton OnQ that is a comprehensive, integrated infrastructure (Kumar, 2010).The most important point that the case study highlights is the Hilton hotel incorporation of the ii systems in improving their service delivery and expanding the customer base. With the dynamism of the hotel industry, Hilton stands out as it has a relative advantage compared to other players. Despite the cost involved in its application, Customer M ater strategy (CRM) is a way to employ modern technology to give the company ability to solidify relationships with its best customers. Hilton focused in the hospitality industry is has been enhancing the value of the companys portfolio and warranting consistency of delivery of every greases promise. These are critical issues that require deliberate strategies and Customer Mater strategy (CRM) has g superstar a long way in ensuring this goal is a reality (Hudson, 2008). Another major important point that case study explores is the importance of integrating information and technology in its operation. It has been insinuated that Hilton hotel had been experiencing a lot of challenges in customer delivery owing to delays and system failures. For example, the case study points out that in the past, very one of the Hilton hotel customer touch points experienced barriers to good client service since information was never

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