Monday, May 6, 2019

Personal Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Personal Statement - Essay ExampleI have established my set goals which be far greater than the established work.Construction Management for me is the study and practice of general management skills and the scientific aspects pertaining to the construction industry. Imbibed into this construction management is my determination for management of design and management of the construction project which be designed within set parameters.A construction company owned by my acquire has enabled me to tick and face everyday challenges. My prcis of construction management is that the study of how projects argon conceived, designed and built, the types of materials, the methods utilized, the techniques that estimate the price of construction, construction accounting, safety requirements, project planning and project management.My studies in construction management would facilitate an subjoin in knowledge and combine proficiency to organize and manage activities and to develop my technica l skills. Such skills I can utilize in schedule activities and resources in construction and to enhance the industrial learning environment. unless construction management will develop my skills in leadership and teambuilding.My pattern would be to utilize the play off environment wherein my approach to the acquisition of knowledge, skill and competence will result from a highly advanced(a) level of adopted strategies. My combination involves academic study combined with industrial application which would lead to a shared vision being achieved and thus creating a cutting edge in construction management.My fathers construction company has empowered within me the progressive construction environment and the dynamics which are required to co-ordinate a range of technical skills. Further project work, presentations, role play, case studies and reports will be an added advantage for my skills and aptitude.I grew up looking at my role model-my father and

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