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Short answers Written assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Short answers Written assignment - shew ExampleEnvironment affects the health status of a person because it is space where activities take place that are necessary for development hence, a person liveness in a well-situated environment to a greater extent often than not defines a well- being of an individual. Lifestyle determines the health status through the way a person lives his life. As such, a person who has offenses and bad habits are more likely unhealthy and vice versa. Health belief affects the health ways because what a person thinks is seen physically. If a person believes that he or she is sick, thus worries will just arise and start to develop into stress (DePoy and Gilson, 2004).Biological basis of ageing nominate be a senescence which is a result of damage to the organism. Free radical theory and hormonal theories are just two of the biological theories of ageing. Free radical theory states that different reactive group O metabolites are able to cause a broad d amage to organisms and shortens lifespan. It could affect a health behavior of a person through the physical changes in the body. Free radical diseases such as crabmeat and atherosclerosis can also be the major marrow though the discovery of antioxidants are express to help decrease the effects of radical reactions in the body (Rattan, 2006).On the other hand, hormonal theories kick up that eminent levels of steroid hormones produced mainly by the adrenal cortex can cause a debauched aging turn down. The two theories are different in such a way it affects living organisms. Free radical theory shortens the lifespan of an organism while hormonal theory controls the stage in which ageing occurs (Rattan, 2006). However, both theories suggest a process in which ageing occurs to living organisms and how it affects the health behavior. As people age, hormones are becoming less capable of maintaining our bodies like the younger days and one effect is menopause (for women).Erik Erikson proposed the concept of development in

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