Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Training Session Reflective Write-up Coursework

Training Session broody Write-up - Coursework Exampleupportive and positive attitude during the entire didactics academic term successfully attained high train of satisfaction whereas the one with negative attitude during this whole training sitting did not gain sufficient effective knowledge. Many of the managers present in the training session were also adapted to successfully set out a personal connection with the me, and were also seen effectively communicating few times with me and as a result they are not only received guidance from me but they also received acclamation rather than criticism and in this brief session end up developing a unsuspecting relationship mingled with me and the audience that was the result of developing positive learning environment.The objective of the training session was to be able to differentiate between perceive and hearing and to implement it in the professional as well as personal life. The objective also included gaining knowledge ab out different listening techniques. For example it was important to make the participants understand that when they are multitasking during a lecture, they may not be able to gain enough knowledge from it as their attention may not be fully given up towards the speaker. The aim of this training session is to understand the importance of listening. The aim of this training session for me as a trainer also included the development of effective communication and interaction with the audience to achieves the goal of the session i.e. helping the manger to learn and develop effective listening technique, learn about difference between listening and hearing, etc. (Cavanaugh, 2001).The chosen training method for the session was lecture, it is considered to be a transmittal training technique is a method that is widely being used all around the world for learn adults. An effective lecture should be based on a 10-15 minute information session followed by a learning activity for energizing t he participants. It is an effective tool for summarizing information collected

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