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College Success Essay Example for Free

College Success Es placeSome people may think that, the most un- liable person can perish a successful college student in today world but with push through personal responsibility you score no self-meaning because everyone is responsible for the actions and decisions they make. Personal responsibility to me is the initial step in becoming successful and without personal responsibility you ar condition yourself up for failure in college and life. Lorii (2013) once said that The power backside taking responsibility for your actions lies in putting an end to negative thought patterns. You no longer dwell on what went wrong or focus on whom you are termination to blame. You dont waste time building roadblocks to your success. Instead, you are set free and can now focus on succeeding. (p . 1) Personal obligation, relates to study skills, is taking charge of ones own learning. It implies completing appointments on time, studying for tests, taking the responsibility for ones own learning mistakes or failures, and playacting to the best of ones ability.Personal responsibility recognizes the importance of parents and teachers as learning partners but puts the student in charge. (Personal responsibility, n. d). Without personal responsibility you will non have success. Becoming a successful college student, there are many personal responsibilities that you have to be accountable for. If you are non a responsible student in college, you are not going to be successful. The most valuable responsibility is attendance.If you do not show up to class , you are missing out on important information that is discussed in the class and now you have to take on an extra responsibility of seting out what went on in class and when you are going to find time to make up the work. After being responsible for attendance, now you have to be responsible for completing your work, and then participation. As you can see personal responsibility and being a successful college stud ent comes hand to hand. That is why you have to have personal responsibility and be liable for them to arrive successful in life.Devoid of personal responsibility you are setting yourself up for failure. he Personal responsibility (n. d) website stated that being responsible is a learned behavior. It is not an accident and it requires patience and effort. If you want to be more responsible and behave the skills that will help you, you can become more responsible There are a lot of things that can be referred to as personal responsibility. For drill a plan is a part of personal responsibility. It is you responsibility to make a plan for yourself regarding things you want to accomplish in life.No one else is going to take time out of their day or go out of their way to make a plan for you on how to become successful in college or while looking for a job, while they have their own personal responsibilities to handle. As a college student I want to be successful, so in order for me to be successful I came up with not only 1 plan but 2 plans that can back me up just in case one fails. My plans for becoming successful as a college student include my duties as I am being personally responsible.Some of those duties include planning certain days and times I would be able to complete school work, study times, and major projects. My plan excessively includes planning ahead, doing assignments or overlooking assignments before they are due so that I know which ones I should work on first depending on which assignment I find more challenging. My second plan just includes my second approach to finding time in my schedule to do my work and to find time to study. Another one of my plans is making a schedule of things I have to complete when Im not in school.These tasks are important to complete on time because if I am backed up in my personal life, then I would be backed up in my school work as well. Personal responsibility is so important for anyone who wants to be succ essful because without it you would be lost and confused this is why I say without personal responsibility you are setting yourself up for failure. In conclusion, although some people may think that, the most irresponsible person can become a successful college student in todays world, without personal responsibility for two main reasons.First, lacking personal responsibility you are setting yourself up for failure. Furthermost importantly, everyone is responsible for the actions and decisions they make. Personal responsibility to me is the first step in becoming successful college student. What kind of introduction did you write for your expository evidence? What other types of introductions might be appropriate for this kind of move? What makes your introduction type more trenchant than another introduction type for your particular essay? What kind of conclusion did you write for your expository essay?What other types of conclusions might be appropriate for this kind of essay? What makes your conclusion type more effective than another conclusion type for your particular essay? The type of introduction I used to write for my expository essay was a quotation introduction. I could have also started my essay with a question or fact. The reason I chose this type of introduction was because I feel that an interesting quote would match the reader attention and make them wonder where I am going with this essay.The type of conclusion that I picked to finish my essay was a simple synopsis of my main points. I could have ended my essay with more facts or questions to give the reader something to think about. The reason for me choosing a summary conclusion was because I felt that I had enough information in my essay for the reader to take away and to think twice about my main points and facts. I did not want to add any more information at the end because then I would have to provide evidence, which would turn my conclusion into another remains paragraph.

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