Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Furniture Scenerio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Furniture Scenerio - Essay ExampleThe sheet is very helpful in ascertaining the advantages and disadvantages of each course of action. An mannequin of this is the data that compares the benefits cost among the alternatives. The data shows that indeed, the broker option yields the largest savings in wages, which can be very essential information if labor cost is forecasted to incessantly increase. On the another(prenominal) hand, if equipment prices will continue to rise, the data will also be helpful in identifying the disadvantage of hi-tech and broker options.The Assets, Liabilities and Equity training basically provide a glimpse on the financial health of the company. Particularly, it tells about the companys liquidity which may allow it to invest in hi-tech equipment or its liabilities record which can guarantee a source of leverage in case the current cash standing is not enough. The Accounts Receivable is also effective in determining possible source of cash in the future, while the equity information gives information into the ownership of shareholders in the company.The budget data and dissonance analysis helps to distinguish which of the inputs to returnion needs to be economized and which among these are kept within the budget. Similarly, variance analysis helps keep the cost within the budget. ... ct of fire for Guillermo as he also carries his own brand and his own type of products which are comparable and which may be in direct competition with the products that he distributes for other companies. As was stated, he still has the desire to retain hid high-end customer particularly for his flame retardant and stain resistant furniture, in which only he has the patent. Although, it was stated that the market for this is smaller compared to the finished coating, Guillermo has all the reasons to push more for his product than that of the foreign business partner. The conflict of interest might pose a serious ethical problem in the future which m ight ruin his relationship with the foreign manufacturer. Being a representative of another company whose product is in competition with your own will definitely affect your loyalty to the company. In fact, it is often a business policy for employees or business partners to evacuate conflict of interest, such as Blue Cross policy of avoiding situations where personal interests can run in contrast to the interest of the company (Blue Cross Blue epidermis of Illinois). Conflict of interest, if not resolved, can create impropriety that can undermine confidence in the conflicted individual or organization (Wikimedia Foundations, Inc, 2009). The income information is still the virtually relevant information especially that it gives the direct comparison of the benefits and costs of each of the alternatives. It reveals specific details such as production capacity, direct costs and validating costs incurred for every alternative. Looking at the future of the company, this information w ould be relevant and essential. In the field of Economics, each alternative represents the opportunity cost of the other decision. Comparing the benefits

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