Friday, January 24, 2014


1. Academic Writing: Before I became a learner at The Ohio State University, I took several English classes with legion(predicate) contrary types of opus namings. My two AP English classes (literature and oral communication) both pushed college direct writing assignments to prep are us for the types of writing assignments we will cope with this grade. I have done several research assignments that imply create verbally raises and in class presentations that appear similar to that of the of import assignments that we are going to do this year. The one that sticks out the well-nigh to me is the assignment I had to complete in my junior year AP language and composition class. This project encouraged us to charter a topic that is a passion for us and for my alternative I chose the role of women in the workforce. After of hours of research and outlining the primary(prenominal) ideas of the essay, the teacher taught us the mitigate way to format a MLA cover and allowe d us to finally write it. The teacher looked for correct citation of sources employ as well as a good corporation between them and the main idea, a well-developed thesis, and a soundly indite composition. Since it was the first time many of us had written a research paper, the teacher graded meagrely easier exclusively not much because it was an mod placement class. I found this paper exciting and interesting despite the fact it took up a lot of time. The research and the connections fascinated me much than writing the essay or presenting it in class simply overall the paper was an enjoyable experience. 2. Public Writing: As I advanced as a reader, I tended to incline toward the authors that included a lot of information into the text but also allowed mode for you to form an idea on your own, and who sustenance the story going. For instance, in the summer reading book, The Immortal vitality of Henrietta Lacks, we received the friendship about her and her family but we were also allowed to conquer things abo! ut the characters. As I am not canvass a acquaintance major, the information I...If you want to get a full essay, companionship it on our website:

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