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September 28, 2009 Essay TRUTH AND MYTHS: Urban Legends Urban legends truth or just made up stories to teach a lesson or verbalise a report to sc atomic number 18 someone? plenty have unlike views on this, some say they argon non real just others have truth place it. What is the real connection behind, urban legend? Mostly all urban legend concord to Tom Harris from his denomination in College Reading & amp; make-up titled How Urban Legends build ar made up stories. Harris states, Urban legends are a fictional paper, told as truth, that reaches a wide audience by being afforded down from somebody to person. Have you really constantly heard a story ab disclose someone cleanup position off teenagers because they drive nice cars? I highly doubtfulness it but of hang your parents or friend may put forward you a story they heard from someone else like this. These are moments when those tribe whether it is your parents or friends are move to dull you into n ot doing something. Urban legends are commonly used tricks parents use to ask their children do what they call for them to do. James M. Henslin also from College Reading & Writing wrote an article titled Urban Legends describes these stories as warnings. The real story called The quirkiness is a perfect example of what Henslin is trying to tell us. The incorrupt or warning of this story was to reprimand young people that they should be careful ab verboten where they go, with whom they go with, and what they do. Parents ask their kids these questions both single time they go out. whatever parents may still tell their child this story to scare them into driving or even going out or being out so late. Also some parents head on tell their kids this story to do exactly what it was meant for to warn them the dangers that squeeze out occur at anytime. There are times in life when urban legends are just told to be told. It plug be as Harris states, A person might pas s on non-cautionary information simply becau! se it is funny or interesting. face pack like to tell these stories...If you want to get a stand up essay, order it on our website:

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