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In What Ways Do The Catholic Social Teachings Of Vatican Ii Contradict The Values Of Our Current Society? Explain How Following The Catholic Social Teachings Of Vatican Ii Could Allow One To Accomplish The Mission Of Xavier University Of New Orleans.

In what ways do the Catholic social teachings of Vatican II contradict set of our current fraternity ? Explain how under workforceti angiotensin-converting enzymed the Catholic social teaching of Vatican II could tout ensembleow one to set up the commission of Xavier University of New OrleansThe church at the clock of Vatican II faced huge challenges as result of changes in the mankind in the atomic number 18as of politics , technology , sociology and political economy . At the beginning of the second session the aims were outlined as to a greater extent fully defining the temper of the church , renewal , an run to restore unity among all rescuerians and the beginning of a communion with the modern worldThe university s mission as stated on its substructure page is the promotion of a more just and for gift societyThe un iversity , if it is to carry out its avow mission should begin with psyche renewal . People of religious belief should examine themselves and their relationship with theology , putting things right where this is need Then they would be gybe and able to deal with the implications of the actors line of Pope Paul VI in December 1965 :-The joys and the hopes , the griefs and the anxieties of the men of this age , especially those who are poor or in any way upset , these are the joys and hopes , the griefs and anxieties of the followers of ChristThe retort should be both individualistic and group ones . What can I , can we , do to turn the world a cleanse place ? And so members of the university could peradventure go on oblivious term mission in poor areas or in times of disaster , giving aid and support in the name of Christ . For both(prenominal) this will become their whole liveliness s tend . They could work on such things as rendition programs in local schools an d other such schemesHow does this contradict! the values of modern society ? Well society is more an dmore geared to the satisfaction of the individual - materially sexually and so on . This is the opposite of Christ s words in Matthew 25 v 35 `I was hungry and you fed me , thirsty and you gave me a drinkWorks CitedGood News countersign The Bible Societies , London 1976Electronic SourcesPastoral Constitution of the church building in the ultramodern World 10th December 2007HYPERLINK hypertext carry-over protocol /network .vatican .va / collect /hist_councils /ii_vatican_council /document s /vat-ii_cons__gaudium-et-spes_en .html http /www .vatican .va /archive /hist_councils /ii_vatican_council /documents /vat-ii_cons__gaudium-et-spes_en .htmlThe commissioning of Xavier University 10th December 2007 HYPERLINK http /www .xula .edu /mission http /www .xula .edu /missionPAGEPAGE 2...If you want to get a full essay, bon long ton it on our website:

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