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Relationship Between Amir And Hassan Kite Runner

NameProfessorSubjectSeptember 10 , 2007Relationship amid ameer and HassanThe news report merely discussed the vitality of amir from his childhood up to his adulthood . The story between emir and Hassan in this novel is a form of uncover towards the relationship of brotherhood and fellowship emir do by Hassan as a confessedly friend just now Hassan treated amir as a true brother . excursion from this , the story shows the bread and butter between Shi a Muslims and Sunni Muslims . However , in spite of of the societal office of Amir and Hassan , they remained extraordinary friend especi completelyy in the field of study of Hassan where he treated Amir as a true brother that enables him to sacrifice himself just to unless Amir from all his troublesThough Amir has his negative actions , it was still a dependable look welcoming Hassan as his friend take down if Hassan is not as the same level of status as he is . disregarding of the fact that Amir used Hassan as a break ones back and did not help him in some tragic moments of Hassan s life , he remained a good friend to him . However , this intimacy did not end in a good charge because Amir became affected when he saw how Hassan was raped by Assef . Amir did not bland up up any negative towards Hassan but he pitied him . Amir also thought that it would be solemn for his family if he mentioned to his father about what happened to Hassan so the only natural endurance that he needs to do is to let Hassan go . From this scenario , the commentator can feel the torn between Hassan and Amir because they some(prenominal) know the truth behind their separation but they ar both weak to confess their feelings especially AmirAmir can be said as famous , fortunate , and rich shape up Hassan is unfortunate , poor and discriminated . These contr asting traits between the two ominous each! other to become a man with riffle because they mat each other s situation from the established companionship and brotherhood When they parted their ways , both of them used their experiences and characteristics that they flim-flam learned from one another to survive from all their situations . When Amir and his father left Afghanistan because of the political problems and went to California , he tangle the same feeling of Hassan . Though it was not that poor , Amir and his father learned to live far from their life in Afghanistan . From this part of the novel , the reader would feel that Amir felt the same pain and sorrow that Hassan felt in Afghanistan and he hated this situation because it was not his world but Hassan s braveness and lowness thought him to become strong as what he shows in the novelKite running became their expression of depression , frustrations and problems - Amir s depression for his eat s death and frustration for his father s expectations while Ha ssan s depression and problems in his life . Amir wanted to be the best kite runner during his early years , he wanted to bawl out everyone...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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