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AcknowledgementThe completion of this line of credit was made realistic through the support and encouragements of rough important community and the root members, AlfieCajucom, Rishvert Romano, Dustin Del Rosario and maria Mayella Malang. Friends, Jenina Dela Fuente and Diane Cruz and many signifi rumpt others.The members of the conference is greatly thankful to Mam Rosalita DG..Abello for her comprehensive exploit in assisting us to lie with this affair ventureFin e very(prenominal) last(predicate)y, we argon deep grateful to our Almighty God, from whom we got the needed wisdom and inspiration.INTRODUCTIONThe lifestyle of our military personnel today is totally different from the past few classs. Big and delicate caperes began to spread out. Being young entrepreneurs the free radical members atomic number 18 leave al nonp ariling to organize the risk in putting up a traffic that can make apiece one a successful individual in the future. The pastry gramme is a bu siness of young and brave schoolchilds, who coupled the pastry manufacture in the form of a simple business. The pastry dough Yard denounces delightful produces with an affordable price. It aims to satisfy the palate of their gull market. Competitors impart al delegacys around that is wherefore the members be doing their vanquish to make the separates business successful. The Pastry Yard products has a potential in the pastry industry.I. Company OverviewA. Name of problemTHE PASTRY YARDThe root word decided to choose The Pastry Yard for its business, because YARD means the prototypic letter of the convention members first name. Y for Yella, A for Alfie, R for Rishvert and D for Dustin and summateed PASTRY to signify the concept that the business products is all about pastries.B. Description of the BusinessThe Pastry Yard is a wander type of business. The business decided to propose a business which is inter diversity butterscotch and tarts since they volition al ways be saleable in any season. Foods survey in different varieties and tastes but pastries ar all cartridge clip-favorites so the group makes sure that the products are tasty and delicious. Aside from personal selling and offering, the business conkes its target market through its affordable price that is convenient to the students, teachers, employees and take down the guardian and the parents inwardly the campus of St. bloody shames College of Baliuag.C. Name of the GroupKa BertsThe owners agreed to the name Ka Berts after the name of Rishvert magic Romano who is habituated a pet name Berto acting as the leader of the group.D. Business OwnersNameNationalityAddressRole% of OwnershipMaria Mayella T. MalangFilipinoBahay Pare, Candaba, Pampanga cosmopolitan checkmate25%Alfie G. CajucomFilipinoSulivan, Baliuag, BulacanGeneral Partner25%Rishvert John T. RomanoFilipinoMilflora Homes, Sabang, Baliuag, BulacanGeneral Partner25%Dustin Del RosarioFilipinoPoblacion, Bustos, Bulacan General Partner25%E. Business StructureType of Business Organization leagueThe owners decided to form a partnership type of business makeup for the following reasonsa. The business is easy to establish and start-up costs are low.b. The liabilities are limitedc. With much than one owner, the ability to raise funds whitethorn be increased.d. Partnerships provide moral support and will allow for more creative brainstormingF. Business LocationThe business is located at St. Marys College of Baliuag CampusG. VisionTo build up a half-size business that will offer a unique and savory pastries. cathexisTo provide the clients with the best food experience from beginning to end.GoalsTo encourage people on eating healthier foods especially the students. To introduce pastries to the people reach by the business.ObjectivesTo provide and satisfy people in producing a manikin of product that can help in utilizing resources by means of selling and gaining profit.MARKETING ANALYISA. mart Descrip tionThe Pastry Yard is a business that offers pastries. The business is an reinforcement for the students having a hard time during break time going to canteen because the product itself will find their find their way to its customers. Pastries are non sold in the school canteen that is why the group saw this as a business opportunity to sell to the students who are looking for something to eat.B. cross MarketThe groups target market are the teachers, employees and even the guardian and the parents of the St. Marys College of Baliuag.C. Target AreaThe groups target area is at St. Marys College of Baliuag Quadrangle, located at Racelis St. Baliuag, Bulacan,D. Market DemographicsThe business targets both young-begetting(prenominal) and female with age ranging from 7 age old and supra inside the SMCB Campus.E. ProductsButter scotchTartF. Market PositioningSelling the best pastries at an affordable price is the image wanted by the business.G. priceprice below competitionThe product s price is simply the same with our competitors. This dodging is working best on the groups efforts. It reduces costs and develops life-threatening marketing strategies.ProductThe Pastry YardSMTartPhp. 10.00 eachPhp. 15.00 eachButter scotchPhp. 15.00 eachPhp. 20.00 eachPricing above competitionLocation and exclusivity of product is one factor that affects the pricing quality. The group that stocks high quality of product will convey the potentials in structure a price above their competitors.ProductThe Pastry YardMarketTartPhp. 10.00 eachPhp. 8.00 eachButterscotchPhp. 15.00 eachPhp. 12.00 eachCost gain markup pricingIt is a strategy and it is usually used if there are many products being sold. The group sells tart and butterscotch. The record cost Php. 15.00 and Php. 10.00 and that Php. 15.00 and Php. 10.00. A percentage is added which also served as the profit.PRODUCTCOST selling worthMARK-UP PRICEPERCENTAGETartPhp. 7.00Php. 10.00Php. 3.0030%ButterscotchPhp. 10.00Php. 15.00Ph p. 5.0033%Multiple PricingThis is selling more than one product, with different price. The group is selling one product individually. This multiple pricing is great in markdowns and events, but some consumers tends to patronize this strategy because they can buy products in larger amounts.H.DEMAND AND turn in ANALYSIS (GAP)Consumers will purchase the product in a light price and less of good in higher prices. When it comes to supply producers will sell less of goods in lower price and more goods in higher prices. High school students and faculty members are the common customer. The group menages the demand on the total number of sales which is 210 but not all the students buys the product. The demand is low because the business is just starting and do not have permanent store.SALESPOPULATIONDEMANDsenior high school1208857.38COLLEGE901651.83SALESPOPULATIONDEMAND high1008858.85COLLEGE801652.06I. MARKETING STRATEGIES AND PLANSOur business provides a flashy and good quality of pastry products. Products are assured of its fairishliness and affordability. As a marketing strategy this is done by means of word of speak because every time people buys the products they can talk about it with their colleagues.SELLING CHANNELSThe group members are selling our product personally and it is given over directly to the customers. The group sells the product by roaming around the locality of the school.militant ANALYSISNature of the CompetitionSelling pastry products is totally in demand in the world today. Despite the presence of competitors in the market, the Pastry Yard is footsure that its products are different with a unique characteristics. acquit CompetitorsThe direct competitors of our product are the two groups (C-creations) that sells bake goodies.Strengths and WeaknessesThe pastry industry now a days is getting bigger and it became a tender trend in the market. Pastry Yard basically gives the customers a disaster to taste a delightful and different pastry products. The group flunk is the unavailability of machineries and baking tools in making and producing pastry products.Competitive advantageThe Pastry Yard advantage is selling freshly baked tarts and butterscotch which will satisfy one palate.a. prudence/PERSONNELManagement consists of the interlocking functions of creating corporeal policy and organizing, planning, controlling, and directing an organizations resources in order to pass on the objectives of that policy.b. OwnershipThe type of business is partnership, before the business starts, the proponents contributed capital and chooses their single role in running the business. The proponent agreed to divide the business profit equally.c. DUTIES AND REPONSIBILITIESCashier accountable in managing the business profitResponsible in preparing business financial statementsProduction OfficerResponsible in processing the products to be soldEnsure the product are impertinent and safe with the best qualitySales CrewResponsible fo r business promotionResponsible for selling the productResponsible for communicating with the customerPurchaserAccountable for buying quality productsEnsuring the cleanliness of the ingredientsd. BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCESFINANCE incumbent (Cashier)The Finance Officer of the business is Maria Mayella T. Malang. She is a student of bachelor-at-arms of acquisition in Hospitality Management. She is in manoeuver of budgeting and monitoring the coin that are coming from the business. She is responsible for ensuring that the financial statements of the business are complete and accurate.PRODUCTION OFFICERThe Production Officer of the business is Dustin Del Rosario. He is a student of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. He is in charge and responsible of the products that are ready for selling. Ensure the cleanliness and the safety of the product.MANAGEMENT OFFICERThe Management Officer of the business is Alfie G. Cajucom. He is a student of Bachelor of Science in Hospitali ty Management. He is in charge for business promotions and responsible in selling the product.MARKETING OFFICERThe market Officer of the business is Rishvert Romano. He is a student of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. He is responsible for buying quality pastry products. He is also responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of the products.e. PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTSCashier must(prenominal) be a graduate of any 4 year course experience in managing budgetMust be at least 18 years oldProduction OfficerMust be a graduate of any 4 year courseOutstanding communicator skillsfantabulous in quality controlSales CrewMust be a graduate of any 4 year courseMust possess excellent customer service skillsMust be at least 18 years oldPurchaserStrong and confident communicatorMust be a graduate of any 4 year courseMust be at least 18 years old and aboveWEAKNESSThe business do not have its own store for which the buyer can visit and order their favourite(a) goods.Another weakness is that the business buys the product that they offer and just add a little mark ups to earn profit. STRENGTHCustomers want novelty of products thats why the business provides customers options to buy either tart or butterscotch. The Products are affordable and will surely satisfy the customer tummies.IV. bank line OPERATIONSA. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA Tart is a baked dish consisting of a filling over a pastry base with an open top not covered with pasty. The pastry is usually rook crust pastry, the filling may be sweet or savory, though modern tarts are usually with yema fillings. A Butterscotch is a chewy flour based pastry like brownies that is baked with peanut toppings.B. PROCESS ascendPastry Yard ordered the product from a source and delivered to the groupready for selling. The group walks around the school to sell the product to the customers who are usually students and teachers.C. INVENTORIESThe raw materials that are used in the business are not owned by our group. Because we are just getting our product in a manufacturer of pastries.PRODUCT DISTRIBUTORBUTTERSCOTCHRONALD TADEOTARTRONALD TADEOE. ready SITEThe Pastry Yard is located inside the school vicinity of St. Marys College of Baliuag Quadrangle.F. PLANT LAY OUTWe usually sell our product at Sacred Heart Building.G. WASTE AND WASTE government activityThe group maintains the cleanliness in the designated area inside the school campus. Separate containers are used to prevent food contamination. Members of the group are obliged to clean and pick up the trash that came from selling tarts and butterscotch.VI. Socio DesirabilityBusiness believes that change starts from within. It is the main reason why the business are built and ceremonious the community, and help individuals in their lives. It increases and promote an economic friendly environment.1. EmployeeThe Pastry Yard owners are also the crew or service staff of the business. The group didnt hire crews because the business is just starting and s till manageable.2. federationThe Pastry Yard wants to shout out the dread for the community and the environment. A ten percent donation will be given to HRM HARMONIES for the debut activities of the said club.3. GovernmentSuccess in business requires a very crucial part in our government. The Pastry Yard pay the obligation amount of taxes when is continue to succeed.4. EnvironmentThe Pastry Yard inspires the community in living in a healthy and clean lifestyles, and how to value and care to our environment. Unlike other businesses that sells pastries, The Pastry Yard knows how to retain and produce a green community. The Pastry Yard promotes the use of reduce, reuse and recycle. pecuniary Assumptions1. The sales of Tart per day are 30 and sales of Butterscotch per day are 25. 2. Purchases of Tart per day are 30 and purchases of Butterscotch per day are 25. 3. The mark up price for tart is 30% while 33% for butterscotch.

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