Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Physicists Essay -- Essays Papers

The PhysicistsThe Physicists is a satiric constitute written by the Swiss actor Friedrich Drrenmatt ab come in three physicists who are living in the cloak-and-dagger sanatorium Les Cerisiers headed by the last living member of an old regional aristocratic family, Miss Dr. h.c. Dr. med. Mathilde Von Zahnd. The first one thinks he is Sir Isaac Newton, but he is in originality Herbert Georg Beutler, the scrap one thinks he is Albert Einstein and his real name is Ernst Heinrich Ernesti. The third physicist, Johann Wilhelm Mbius is different, he has got no second personal identity but he is in this sanatorium because King Solomon speaks to him. We enter the play when many men are in the saloon. It is the place of a cataclysm as Mr Ernesti has strangled a nurse. Mr. Beutler has also killed a nurse a couple of months ago. The inspector is slightly annoyed because he has to visit Les Cerisiers the second time during a short period of time and because he kittyt speak to or take awa y the murderer . He is also expressing the wish of the public prosecutor that the sanatorium has to be taken over by male nurses because of the two murders by the two physicists.During the mannikin of the play the personal and physical change is perceptible. Both the main characters and the milieu are changing. For an example in act two, Herbert Georg Beutler alias Sir Isaac Newton turns out to be a long lost world famous physicistAlex Jasper Kilton who discovered the Theory of Equivalents also Albert Einstein alias...

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