Friday, February 1, 2019

Casablanca as Political Propaganda Essay -- Film Movies Cinema

Casablanca debuted in 1942, shortly following the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States entrance into sphere War Two, although there was plenty of anti-Nazism sentiment, the movie fueled these feelings. There is pro-Allied forces propaganda to nourishment the war, from the scene with La Marseillaise, to the characters of Renault and Rick, and to the last scene. Although the majority of the French patriots were elated to blether their national anthem, it created tension with the German soldiers who imposed their patriotic songs on the crowd, representing the double-dealing of Germany on France during the war. Captain Louis Renault, who tries to placate who he believes will be the pleasant side, seems flimsy when compared to Rick, the firm patriot who believes in freedom at every costs. The phrase, Louis, I think this is the drivening of a beautiful friendship represents the overbold strong bond between France and the United States once Nazi-Germany has fallen. A lthough the film is propaganda against the Nazis, the governmental language in the movie does non glorify American bravery and valor, nor is it militaristic. The movie presents the facts while emphasizing the poor qualities of the Nazis. The Nazis are not visualized in a good or friendly manner throughout the entire movie, especially during the La Marseillaise scene. When the German soldiers, led by Strasser, begin to sing their patriotic song, ?Die Wacht am Rhein? in French territory, it does not sit well with the French patriots. This singing represents the German invasion of France in their government, culture and territory because the Germans come into foreign land with their military and aver all aspects of society. The movie depicts the soldiers as drunk and tone-dea... ...gain refers to the relationship that America hopes for afterward the war. It illustrates a strengthened France and America with the collapse of Germany. Entering a war is an effort that is best when it has popular support and enthusiasm. Casablanca is propaganda for the Allied forces to help rag support. There is clear evidence of this idea in the scene with the French national anthem, the character development, and the ending. France and the United States prevail as Germany falls and dies. ?Casablanca.? Variety. 26 Nov. 1942. Variety 100. 22 whitethorn 2008 .Crowther, Bosley. Casablanca (1942). New York Times. 7 Nov. 1942. 21 May 2008 .

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