Sunday, February 3, 2019

Essay --

When the Europeans discovered the New World, endless conflicts and issues were placed against the Indians who originally resided there. Their lands in America were taken away little by little by the settlers who were hungry for more territory. Their cultures were drastically changed and ruined because of the invading settlers who kept flood tide from different parts of the world. The first encounter between the Indians and Europeans was during the expedition conduct by the Spanish explorer, Hernando de Soto. He captured a majority of them and used them as slaves. The natives were abused and harassed because they were depicted as savages. On account of this harassment, the Europeans excessively brought deadly diseases that spread through the natives villages, decreasing Indian population. Proclamation of 1763The french and Indian War also called the Seven Years War reason out with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The British victory led to the want of land of not only the F rench but to the Native Americans as well. Conflicts arose between the British and the Native Americans over the fight...

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