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Death Penalty Outline

Understanding the Death Penalty General Purpose My common purpose is to give the audience a better infrastanding of the shoemakers last penalty. Specific Purpose My purpose is to inform my audience about the divers(prenominal) cobblers last penalty manners. Introduction I. We tout ensemble k straight Thomas Edison as being the creator of the light bulb, but what most dont know is he executed animals using his knowledge of electricity. Thats where it all began. II. The death penalty is the movement of an offender sentenced to death after execration by a court of law of a criminal offense.III. It is besides known as chapiter penalization. The two words merely hold still for the analogous thing. Some look at Death Penalty as being the penalty received whereas others look at Capital Punishment as being the actual execution. IV. What makes capital cases different from other cases is more than pre-trial time, more experts, more attorneys, and jurors have to be quizzed on the ir views of the death penalty. totally crimes argon non capital cases. Transition To begin lets start with the different methods of execution. Body I. There are five methods of execution. . fatal guessing b. Electric chair c. fuck up sleeping room d. Hanging e. come off squad Transition First lets explore fatal injection. I. Lethal Injection is the primary source of execution used in the United States The U. S. became the first country to use deadly injection. There are three different drugs used in lethal injection. A. Sodium Thiopental- A sedative drug that puts you in a coma-like, unconsciousness sleep. B. Pancuronium Bromide- Prohibits all muscular-skeletal movements and paralyzes the hitch to stop respiration. C.Potassium Chloride- Interferes with the electrical signals of the heart, causing cardiac arrest. According to U. S. Supreme romance Chief Justice John G. Roberts, along with Justices Anthony M. Kennedy and Samuel A. Alito, There are a total of 36 states now u se lethal injection as their most prevalent source of execution. 27 of the 36 require lethal injection to be the method of execution. There is a lethal injection machine, but rarely used because of the fear that it will not diddle on the first try. II. Transition Another method is the Electric Chair.This is the method where a high voltage of electricity is sent through the body. A. in the lead the execution, the prisoners head and legs will be shaved where the electrodes are placed. The prisoners head, torso, arm, legs, hips, wrists and ankles are tightly fastened to the chair. (Robert O. Hippe, Judge of the northeast Court of Appeals) B. A plate is placed around the prisoners head and left calf creating a path through the body. C. large sponges which have been soaked in solution are placed under each electrode, next to the prisoners skin.Burning is expected in electrocutions, so a fire extinguisher is kept close by. III. Transition A third method of execution is the gas chamber . A. During an execution, the prisoner is placed in an air-tight room where potassium cyanide or sodium cyanide is put into a pan of hydrochloric acid causing the prisoner to not be able to process hemoglobin, as stated in the name First Execution by Lethal Gas B. The prisoner thus falls and chokes to death. C. Only 4 states in the U. S. allow gas chamber as a form of execution. D. Gas chamber is the most valuable method of execution.IV. Transition The fourth method of execution is hanging. A. The inmate moldiness be weighed the day before the execution. A sandbag weighing the same as the prisoner is then used a test boob to determine the length of drop necessary for a quick death. B. If the rope is too long, the inmate could be decapitated. If the rope is too short, it will terminus in a slow death causing the tongue and eyeball to protrude. C. Hanging was the most common source of execution in the U. S. up until the 1890s. V. Transition The final method of execution is the firing squad. A.Five selecters will stimulate at the prisoner, but only four will have come through aim. One shooter has a dud that creates the same sound. B. They all shoot at an area the size the palm of your hand. (Kevin P. Robillard, Editorial Assistant at POLITICO) Conclusion I. Transition I have informed you about the death penalty and the five methods of execution. f. Lethal injection g. Electric chair h. Gas chamber i. Hanging j. Fire squad II. I hope that now you have a better understanding of the death penalty. WORKS CITED . Capital Punishment. ProCon. org. Encyclopedia Britannica , 25/04/2008.Web. 10 Sep 2012. . Richard, Dieter. ProCon. org. N. p. , 07/02/2007. Web. 10 Sep 2012. . . Forms of execution in the United States,1977-2009. ProCon. org. N. p. , 16/04/2008. Web. 10 Sep 2012. . . Did you know?. ProCon. org. N. p. , 08/05/2012. Web. 10 Sep 2012. .

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