Sunday, March 17, 2019

Immigration to the United States :: Immigrants Culture Cultural Essays Papers

in-migration to the United StatesImmigration has always been in existence in the United States since the beginning of American History. At the turn of the 20th century immigration has been an issue for the passel in this country. The ironic thing is that the majority of the population has evolved from some fiber of immigrant. In every journal that I was given to read or video to watch it always comes down to the same thing, people strike a problem with other people be stick they are immigrants. I hope people carry a fear when it deals with people that they cannot understand. After development the article Why Migration it made me realize that people don?t always migrate to some other country for lack of jobs or food. Migrating to another country could be the cause of persecution or no jobs that are visible(prenominal) for what the community of people know how to do. The jobs they have always performed their whole smell may have just been eliminated or moved to diffe rent areas of the world. match to the article it states that countries including Mexico and South Korea had increasing rates of Gross National mathematical product during the 70?s and yet their rate of emigration was the highest. This could be the cause of the jobs they were accustomed to where now residing in the United States or the jobs they once held were befogged to industrial machines. In the 80?s America saw an growth of Salvadorians enter the country. This was not a problem until the war escalated in 1981. intimately of the people could not work with the war going on and the chances of remainder during the war were not ignored as people fled the country. People apply for different reasons some for financial situations, persecution, jobs, and overpopulation. Laos experienced persecution after the Vietnam War. The people were tortured and murdered for their participation in resistance towards the northern Vietnamese. Americans complain a stir(predicate) the existing problem of immigration but they need to look at their own participation in the problem. The wealth of the nation that demands service such(prenominal) as house cleaning, cooks, servers, dish washers, etc.

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