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Lord Of The Flies: Our Society Suppresses The Evil That Is Presented I :: essays research papers

Lord of the Flies Our Society Suppresses the Evil That Is Presented In All of UsIn this novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding shows how our societysuppresses the plague that is presented in all of us. Throughout this adventureJack changes from a puff up mannered choir bo, who was scared to veil a pig, to a criminal hunter who leads his band of hunters to kill everything in site. Jackwas a elongate and strick choir leader and always seemed as if he would do anythingto be leader, while Ralph was not severe or even very load, just now he always wantedwhat was best for the group. Ralph uses the conch as a image of order and itis opposite to the pigs head (the lord of the flies) which attributes to thekilling and sheer brutality of the hunters.Jack is the perfect example of a boy whose dark status took over when hewas no longer bound down to a civil environment. After being unable to bearkilling a pig due to the horrific blood, he became eager to gain respect, closelyredeem h imself, by becoming a hunter. He was remarkably impatient abouthunting. He painted his face and got spears. He eventually cared no more forbeing rescued, because all he wanted to do was kill pigs. The number of hunterskept on growing and he began to get opposite kids to hunt with him. They soon hada routine (the dance) and whenever they did thad they had to kill, because theygot so pumped up when they did it. Jack then began killing as if it were aluxury. They became savage hunters as villainy took over they killed almost as ifit were a sexual execution for them.As this adventure began, Jack was the leader of the choir. He was a punk who always wanted to be the leader and be looked upon with the utmostresopect. When Ralph came on as a mild and sensible boy, and was chosenahaed of Jack as the leader, Jack was furious. Jack wanted more than anythingto bring to pass leader and he began an amoral reign as he let the evil within wincontrol. He became a hunter and a bold dictator smell bot for order, but forfun. Ralph was searching for order, yet Jacks overpowering will to succeedRalph as the leader led him to compleat madness. He now was an killer and hadlet his evil half take over. By the end of the story he had become so evil,

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