Monday, March 18, 2019

Universal Health Care :: Medical Insuance Health

now with the advanced progress of medical science and the health system capacity, the races health care seeking behavior is much to a greater extent improved. However the fact that peoples access to good health care should or should not depend on social factors such(prenominal) as their level of income or social status has so cold aroused much concerns. As far as I concerned, only people should be allowed to access health care services heedless of their social backgrounds. First of all, good health care access is considered as one of the essential human rights. This matter has become far more(prenominal) pressing in this modern society. People day by day suffer from inevitable new threats that strongly affect their length of feeling such as terminal illness, accidents, epidemics and other emerging diseases like show or hurry sicknesshealth care service is thereof very important to ensure peoples survival for the commencement exercise and then step by step improve people s quality of life. In the second place, getting accessed to health system for all people is one of the effective solutions to narrow down the gap mingled with the rich and the poor. As the poor are offered chances to improve both fleshly and mental health, they are more likely to get jobs and work more efficiently. In this way, they are able to escape the daunting poverty and explore their potential capacity.However, some broad(prenominal)-income people suggest that it is unfair for them to pay high taxes in order to cover the health care expenses for the poor. To my mind, are they so selfish? Whether or not they realize the fact that the poors cheap source of labor partly contributes to their affluence. Moreover, the lower-class are those who sternly suffered from negative affects caused by the higher-class accumulation such as environment pollution, inflation, secretion and so on.

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