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An Analysis of Neologism Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

An Analysis of Neologism - seek Paper ExampleOn February 1, 2004, the American television station CBS aired the event which culminates every age of the National Football League (NFL), the Super Bowl. Broadcast to 90 million people, the Super Bowl has a nationwide audience of viewers of all ages and backgrounds. During this game, the halftime exhibit entertainment featured a duet among pop music entertainers Justin Timberlake and Janet capital of Mississippi. At the end of their song, Timberlake completed a choreographed move where he tore at Jacksons clothes. This motion caused an unexpected and actual tear of her costume thus causing a few seconds where her breast was exposed to the audience. Nearly instantly, public outrage ensued over the broadcast nudity, which resulted in Jackson now famously blaming the mishap on a wardrobe malfunction. As Joe Flint of the LA time wrote, this example of neologism represents a phrase that became part of the lexicon almost instantly. Upon Jacksons description of this incident of a wardrobe malfunction, this phrase has infused into all aspects of common usage as it now describes any clothing slip-up. The latest example of a wardrobe malfunction in action was seen at the 2011 Oscars where actress and singer Jennifer Lopez apropos exposed her breast while wearing a dress with a very low cut, uncover neckline. With the background and origin of the neologism marches wardrobe malfunction established, this paper can now furtherance to discuss how the research on this topic was completed. Key Words Upon choosing the term wardrobe malfunction for this assignment, it was needed to develop a list of key fruit words for the purpose of research. Given the recent origin of this term, the key words used for this search include specific incidents as well as government regulations on the topic itself. The key words searched included - wardrobe malfunction - federal communications commission (FCC) - CBS - impropriety - broadcast regulations - Super Bowl 2004 - Janet Jackson interview - Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson duet - 2004 Super Bowl halftime show - FCC regulations With the understanding that the term wardrobe malfunction was created as a result of a pop glossiness event, it seemed most pertinent to conduct research within the scope of pop culture publications in an cause to document the reactions to this event as they happened, in a sense. In order to ensure that the research shew is from sources that are considered to be ethical and have a high sense of integrity, I searched for news sources that had cover stories which featured my key words in the topics. I chose well-known and established newspapers, government policies and court coverage. The bibliography at the end of the assignment lists the six sources used for this assignment in addition to how they are featured in the text. Directions for Future Research Along with the bibliography of references and background information on the neol ogism term of wardrobe malfunction, the survival of the fittest of sources allows for the continued monitoring of how this concept is used in popular culture. The importance of following the use of this term is to determine what the lasting effects of this example of neologism will have on society. It is also worthy nothing that

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