Thursday, June 20, 2019

Female Bloggers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Female Bloggers - Assignment ExampleShe has been on the blog since August 2004 and has had oer 50, 000 profile views but the blog entries stop in September 2010. The blogger writes about her personal experiences and expresses her thoughts, views, and concerns about her family, friends and constantly gives an update about the situation in Iraq. This is a traditional blog as opposed to a news blog. Her journey begins as a new wife of an Iraki man and she takes us through the changes she experiences over the course of six years. She also writes about her experiences of being a mother and gives detailed accounts of her visits to her motherland i.e. Iraq. In her last entry, she has thanked all her fans and discloses her permanent free to the United States. She says that the new beginning of her life in the United States would not allow her to communicate via the blog and thus breaks the news of stopping any gain ground blog entries (Neurotic Iraqi wife).She has a good writing style an d articulates her thoughts well. It is very informal and there is no use of technical jargon which makes it easy to read. Her ideas argon consistent, while her writing is coherent and fluent. Often when telling a story, she makes use of anadiplosis. This is when the same word or words are used at the end of a sentence and the beginning of a new one. She makes good use of this technique when she wants to grab the attention of the reader and overemphasize something. This example tin can be found in the following sentence where she writes Today after all these years I stopped asking. I stopped asking .. (Neurotic Iraqi wife).The blog has a background image of a woman standing in a mosque. The subtle brown color of the blog coupled with the sprightly gold imprints of the writings gives it a very surreal touch. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

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