Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Restoration Of Ecology Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Restoration Of Ecology - Term Paper ExampleRemoval of invasive species from the wood is significant in making sure that the growth of indisputable wood species is affected by the invasive species. From the presentation, it was learned that invasive species be those that are not native to a given ecosystem but are those that are likely to cause economic, socio-cultural and environmental harm to human health. It was brought out that the species are brought about as a result of movement of products and people around the world. The species are likely to be introduced to new environments from food, wood and wood products and household goods. The invasive species that have been challenging to management are those introduced to ecosystems to provide economic, environmental and social benefits. The conundrum has become a serious concern for the environment since most of the trees that are used in agroforestry, desert control, and commercial forestry is mainly alien and not the species of the crabby area. In research, it is vital to ensure that the species that are imported serve the purposes that are intended in the area they are introduced and was implemented so that they do not cause negative effects to the ecosystem as it was observed at Riverwood Conservancy, Mississauga. There are still many debates on impacts that are caused by the invasive species, positively and negatively In the context of management of forests, the management explained that initiatives have been implemented with most focusing on the damages that are caused.

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