Monday, June 10, 2019

Has the Digital Revolution Had a Positive or Negative Effect on Essay

Has the Digital Revolution Had a substantiative or Negative Effect on Communication in Todays Society - Essay ExampleThe ability of computers to replicate and generate digital and graphical information enabled the digital public to flourish. The computers and the internet is the soul to the business world and with most rive of the population possessing a personal computer allowed the digital technology to penetrate into every aspect of human life. The social media has advanced beyond imagination and every field from educational to entertainment has evolved drastically. According to (Walker ,1999,pg.39-48)All types of information can now be transformed into digital form, manipulated by computers and hereditary by common networks. The telecommunication field, media and information technology field has seen unbelievable changes due to the digital revolution. Moreover, the advancement in communication field has enabled the world economies to succeed in a short span of time. In conci se, the revolution in digital world with the application of unique technology, methods and hardware has positively changed the face of the world. Positive Effects of Digital Revolution The technological, social media and communication field has undergone profound change due to digital revolution. ... In the article (Nations,2011)writes that social media is such a broad term, it covers a large range of websites. But the one common link between these websites is that you are able to interact with the website and interact with other visitors. on with social media, the education sector has also seen major change which promoted the learning quality of students worldwide. Nowadays most of the educational curriculum is online based as it allows multimedia system application which enhances the quality and absorption of learning information. Internet has advanced the communication procedure of students as they are facilitated with an advantage of online education. With the emergence of onl ine education, students are rarely restrict to a specific physical space. Digital evolution has given opportunity to students to access educational information and participate in educational programs and courses from any part of the world in minimum time. Apart from students, educators are equally benefited from online education as it eases the learning procedure and its outcome. Even the entertainment source of people has changed staggeringly due to advancement in digital technology. Today, video games has emerged has a main source of leisure activity for both young and adults alike. The video game has interpreted over the entertainment world as it exemplifies the leisure activity of people with its inspiring graphical and virtual presentation. According to (Beaumont,2009) The sales of video games in the quadruple years between 2003 to 2007 increased 40 per cent in the US, while over that same period, sales of cinema tickets had fallen six per cent. The attached best entertainme nt source for people are social websites and chatting services

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