Sunday, June 9, 2019

Internal Environment of Tesco Literature review

Internal Environment of Tesco - Literature review Example quite an understandably, there is a bright typeface to the picture and as well as a darker side which goes hand in hand, however, when talked about the corporate world, markets and industries, the darker side is more dark to offset the brightness of so-called bright side of the picture. The golden days for the business were when they could operate with monopolies and lesser competition. Consumer awareness was virtually zero in and thus their bargaining power was extremely low (Senge, pp. 189-196, 1991).However, with this revolution of information technology, the mart has changed into something, which no one could have imagined in his or her wildest dreams, some decades back. Statistics strike that out of the Fortune 100 companies of 1900, only four of those corporations have been surviving and the rest is history. Furthermore, only General Electric (GE) is the only company, which still exists out of the top of the inning 1 2 companies that appeared on the Dow Jones Index in 1900. Quite clearly, the marketplace is now a brutal and ruthless place, which has no place for companies that fail to adapt, change, innovate, learn, and compete. In fact, the marketplace today is a bloody red ocean since all that companies do today, is make their competitors lose so that they can win.For most companies, the pie is not growing or expanding and the only way to increase your share of the pie is to decrease the share of their competitors. More importantly, the companies that have failed to adopt proactive, calculated, informed approaches and have tried to remain mere spectators, the environmental forces have not forgiven them for the same and they are history. That explains why Nokia, which started it business as lumber company that made equipment needed to cut down the forests diversified, adapted, changed, and innovated to become the biggest vender of mobile phones in the world.

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