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History and Comparison of Windows, Linux, and Apple Essay

An operating(a) musical arrangement is a set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among schooling processing dodging hardw be resources. Most operating governances perform similar functions that take on startle and shutting down a calculating machine, providing a phthisisr interface, managing programs, managing memory, coordinating tasks, configuring devices, establishing an profit connection, monitoring performance, providing file management and other utilities, and automatically updating itself and trusted utility programs (Shelly p. 398). There argon terzetto major operating systems that subsist today that are going to be compared to decide which operating system could be best for different user purposes. The iii operating systems are learndows, Linux, and Apple.Windows operating system is developed and maintained by Microsoft in Seattle, WA. The Microsoft community was developed by Bill Gates. The first version of the Windows operating system was released in 1985, and has been the leading operating system utilise by 90% of users (Satyam). It is used by the Server 2008 R2 (Satyam). Windows is a Graphical User interface (GUI) which allows its users to manage files and run software programs easily on desktop and laptop computers (Satyam). On the desktop, icons are used to represent programs that are easy to describe and can be clicked to easily access and run the program of choice. Windows is withal very hot because of its user interface programs such as Microsoft Office, which include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Office Outlook. Windows also has a great reputation for its exalted and high-octane security. Some popular Windows editions are Win 98, Win 2000, Win Me, Windows NT, Windows CE, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista and Windows 7 (Satyam). Windows 8 is direct the bracing successor of Windows 7 and is now available.Linux (Linus Unix) is a leading horde operating system, and is used for running the top 10 fastest supercomputers in the world (Satyam). Linus Torwalds created Linux, and is the current owner of the Linux Trademark (Satyam). LIndows, Lycoris, inflamed Hat, SuSe, Mandrake, Knopping, Slackware are the assorted companies that distri howevere the Linux operating system (Satyam). NASlite is a version of the Linux operating system that runs off of a single floppy disk and converts an old computer into a file server (Satyam). Some popular versions of Linux include Debian, Fedora, and Red Hat. This operating system is ranked just below Windows operating system, but is quickly becoming popular and is predicted to give future Windows some arduous competition.Since 1984, mac OS 9 had been Apples primary operating system, but has been recently succeeded by Mac OS X. Mac OS X is a sequence of Unix-based operating systems and GUIs developed, marketed and interchange by Apple (Satyam). Mac OS X is user friendly, and is popular for its pl ug-and-play support, which means the operating system automatically configures new devices as they are installed (Shelly p. 408).As stated in the beginning of this paper, Windows, Linux, and Apple are the three most popular operating systems with Windows as the most popular of the three with 85% to 90% of personal computers victimisation this operating system (Satyam). Compared to Windows, Mac is used by fewer people, but is more reliable and little likely to fail than Windows OS because of Mac regularly monitoring and the software and hardware add-ons. Linux is the least popular of the three and is based on UNIX, which has been used for more than three decades that now powers about 90% of Web sites (Satyam). Compared to twain Mac and Windows, Linux is an open source project, meaning anyone can modify the Linux polity (Satyam). Linux offers great security and flexibility compared to Windows and Mac, but it takes a great stool of knowledge to install and operate the Linux operat ing system. Linux is also very more less expensive or even free compared to Windows operating system.When using a server, Linux is much cheaper compared to Windows because Microsoft only allows only a single imitation to be used on one computer. However, once Linux is purchased, it can be used on any number of computers at no special charge (Satyam). Windows can make it difficult for users to store user information and settings and switch to a new computer, but Linux stores the users selective information in the home directory, making it easier to transfer from an old to a new computer (Satyam). In conclusion, Linux is much more secure, reliable, flexible, and more cost efficient than Windows or Mac, but much more difficult to install, understand and operate, it is specimen for industry sectors. Windows and Mac operating systems are much easier for personal use and require less knowledge than Linux operating system. Windows and Mac, however, are more expensive, but are more wide ly used than Linux, with Windows leading the three in popularity.ReferencesShelly, G. B., & Vermaat, M. E. (2011). Discovering Computers 2011 Living in a Digital World, Complete (pp. 398-408). Boston, MA variety Technology, Cengage Learning. Satyam. (2011, June 29). Windows, Linux or Mac OS A Comparison. In HackDigital. Retrieved September 26, 2012, from Google.

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